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Severin EK 3161
2 months ago
Good product and a matter of course for those who like freshly cooked eggs. + Goes fast and requires minimal water and electricity. + Built-in timer with audio signal so you do not have to keep track. - Quite a dangerous product considering the hot steam and the loose plastic parts. Nothing for children to use.
Shepherd Magnus (Men's)
a year ago
Very nice slippers. Recommended.
Saucony Hurricane ISO 3 (Men's)
3 years ago*
Update: as others mention, the shoes break in the heel jacket. Very good running shoes. Lightweight, soft and pliable. So happy that I bought an extra pair.
*Edited a year
Adidas Ultra Boost 19 (Men's)
a year ago
I was expecting more "boost". After a lap it was gone. + Comfortable (once you have learned the lacing, see below). - The so-called boost or energy reproduction is no better than on other shoes. - The lacing is very delicate. If you tighten a little too much then the hollow foot shreds. If you tighten a little too little you get no support in the hollow foot which causes pain. - The health support seems to be a bit like that. If you have had problems with health tracking you should probably avoid these. - The model with white upper body becomes very dirty very quickly. The material absorbs all dirt. The conclusion is that Adidas has a good idea with these but they have forgotten what the buyer is looking for, ie the boost. Personally, I had to put in a gel sole to continue using them.
Brooks Ghost 11 (Men's)
a year ago
Prefer them as walking shoes rather than running shoes. + Comfortable + Good material + Good lacing - Not enough attenuation and energy reproduction
Philips MiniVac FC6150
a year ago
It didn't take long before the built-in rechargeable battery could no longer be charged.
Brut Original edt 100ml
a year ago
Philips FC8721
4 years ago*
Clear vacuum cleaner worth buying + Quiet + Good suction + Small and light - A little short cord - A little short hose As on all vacuum cleaners start by throwing the wretched supplied suction nozzle and put on a Twinner instead.
*Edited 4 years
Philips Series 5000 QT4022
8 years ago*
Updated Review: The battery is not actually a battery, it keeps for two seconds before it stops so expect to have the cord in each time. Otherwise, like many others mention, you have to think about keeping it at the right angle because there is no margin in front of comb and blades. But it is still a convenient little device that does its job. _________ Quiet, smooth, attractive and cheap. Good buy!
*Edited 6 years
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