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HP DeskJet Plus 4120
5 months ago
Setting up this printer was very straightforward. I did it using the Android app and had no issues setting it up. Once set up I added it to Google Cloud Print to allow printing from all my devices without necessarily having to use the HP app. Initially I had quite a few problems with being told the printer was offline, or weird errors such as "paper size mismatch". I did receive a printer firmware update on day 1 and after that it appeared to be OK. Not sure if it was fixed by the update or if it just took some time to work properly. After those initial teething issues it has worked flawlessly. I've been printing from my computer and my Android phone. My other half has printed from her iPad. I really like the paper feeder on top of the printer as it makes copying incredibly easy - no messing about with opening the lid and making sure to place the paper in the correct position on the glass. Instead you just put the paper in the tray, hit copy and it does the rest for you. It does not appear to support automatic duplex (copying both pages) but that is not a big issue for me. It's reasonably small for an all-in-one so should fit on most shelves. I have an IKEA floating shelf and it fits perfectly. The print quality is good. Scanned photos and documents look good as well. Apart from the initial issues, I'm very pleased with this All-in-One and would recommend it.
Jabra Elite 85h
a year ago
The Jabra 85h is a nice set of headphones. Putting them on I wished they extended slightly more than they do as the fit isn't perfect for me. The noise cancellation is very impressive as the headphones cup around your ears. Pairing is easy and they support pairing with two devices at the same time. Rather than having a power button they turn on automatically when you unfold them. I would have preferred just having a power button/switch instead as that's more intuitive. It feels like this is trying to solve something that isn't a problem. Battery life has been good for me. Sound quality is great
Huawei Watch GT 2 46mm Classic Edition
a year ago
I received this product as part of a review program in return for an unbiased review. As soon as you open the box you notice that this watch is an absolute beaut. I have the Pebble Brown version and I really like the looks of it. Setup will most likely be straightforward for most people, but for some reason Huawei Mobile Services (which is required to set the watch up) kept crashing over and over again for me. I had to install it from the Huawei app store rather than Google Play. This may have been fixed with an updated version of the app to the Play store by now so unlikely to affect others. Apart from that setup was very easy. I found the standard watch face a little busy but it's simple to change to another one. I have not found a way to change date formats from MM/YY to YY/MM which is a little frustrating. Everything (steps, activity, heart rate, sleep) is tracked in the Huawei Health app. The app has a nice, simple, layout with a couple of tiles on the home screen which give a nice overview. Notifications come through reasonably consistently but unfortunately it does not support responding to them like some other smartwatches do. The battery life is miles ahead of all the other smartwatches I've used and lasts well over a week for me, probably closer to two. Most smartwatches I've used needed charging every night so this is a huge improvement. On the rare occasions that it needs charging it unfortunately uses a proprietary connector. This should really be Qi (or USB-C) as I don't want to be carrying around a bespoke charger. Overall, a great smartwatch with some missing features but an incredible battery life.
Samsung C49HG90
2 years ago
The first thing you notice with the Samsung CHG90 is just how massive the box is - roughly the size of a medium-sized fridge freezer. Opening the box you'll see assembly instructions. These are very straightforward as you attach the stand whilst the monitor is still face-down in its box. Once it's attached you just tip the box up so the monitor is standing on its feet and assembly is effectively complete. One worry with a monitor this size might be that assembly will be awkward, but that is not the case with this monitor. The box contains all the cables you may need - HDMI, DisplayPort, Power (UK and Europe power leads). I've primarily used the monitor in PBP (Picture-By-Picture) mode which means you can have a separate input source on each half of the monitor. This could be from separate devices (two different computers, console and computer, etc.) or two sources from the same device. I've mainly used it in the latter setup which results in a traditional dual-monitor setup with zero bezel between the two monitors. This allows all the standard features, such as snapping windows, to work as expected. The resolution in this mode is 1920x1080 for each half of the monitor, so full HD for each half. It's also possible to use Samsung software to mimic this functionality without using Picture-By-Picture mode. Initially I tested the monitor during office work and this worked very well. Not having a bezel in the middle means it's easy to have three windows side-by-side as you can have one in the middle that would usually be broken up by bezel in a traditional dual monitor setup. During gaming I switched off Picture-By-Picture mode and set the resolution to a full 3840x1080. This results in a very immersive experience and is an excellent way to game. Both the width and the curve add to this effect. Pros: * Massive monitor * Curve adds to immersion when gaming * Picture quality is great * Picture-By-Picture is an excellent feature to enable a "traditional" dual monitor experience without any bezel * Did I mention the monitor is huge? Cons: * Limited vertical resolution of 1080. This is unfortunate for someone like me who moved from higher resolution monitors as you end up noticing the limited vertical space. This won't be an issue for someone moving from a 1920x1080 monitor Overall, excellent monitor for anyone who wants a seamless dual monitor setup, or wants a super-wide monitor for gaming.
HP Sprocket Plus Photo Printer
3 years ago
This is a pocket-sized little printer which prints photos quickly and easily. Setup was straightforward on my Android phone. It's surprising how small it is - it's small enough that you can't fit 3 credit cards on it which means it can easily be carried around in a pocket. Pros: * Very compact * Great concept - print pictures wherever you are (effectively like having a polaroid) * Prints quickly * No ink needed Cons: * The print quality isn't great * The paper is expensive at about 50p per sheet All in all, this is a fantastic concept let down by the poor print quality and the high cost per print.