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Corsair Gaming K68 RGB Cherry MX Red (Nordic)
2 months ago
I had a Corsair strafe keyboard before that broke, and then bought this instead thought perfectly it is ax safe to play. but this keyboard is worse a strafe keyboard in omed that it drops the buttons as now Dennis wrote should it really be so or? no put the money on another keyboard instead :-(
Benq W1060
a year ago
Have had my projector for several years now, however, it is a projector that consumes a lamp that I have now been quite afraid of bought it in 2012 and I have not yet noticed any problem with it. I do not, however, have so much demand for it more than that it should be able to show a film in bluray format it has done this with greatness.
Xiaomi Mi Note 10
a year ago*
I have already encountered problems such as running very hot, the battery is reached which I think is AoO that it should be good and the first charge held the battery about 12 hours with 1 hour screen time. I hope this is due to the first charge and not any habit. I'm sitting on a Samsung Note 10+ which has 4300mA battery and it lasts for at least 1.5 days with a screen time of over 5 hours. I also owned an Asus Zenphone5, it also has over 4000m battery and held quite the same size as the note10an. BUT This phone should have 5300m should beat these 2 phones with horse lengths. Update: the first charge after I unloaded the phone was something that scared me. I had a battery curve that dipped sharply down the phone though it was not used much then it lasted about 14 hours. Now I am in the 2nd charge of the battery and now the significantly much better 5 hour screen time holds a lot of talking in it and we are in now for 3 days. that's totally ok fact i think so i change my rating from 3 to 8a The camera is perfectly ok fact but nothing I prioritize. 6gb frame goes just as far in storage space as 117gb (after the Olympics and all built-in apps) The phone is really fast fact so a guaranteed option if you want to stop sponsoring Samsung and try something new.
*Edited a year
Asus Radeon RX 5700 XT TUF Gaming X3 OC HDMI 3xDP 8GB
a year ago
I just went through this graphics card and see what PACCC says we can hope it is not his card jga got when I bought it on the web hall. but tested and saw fairly quickly that the card's memories reached over 100 degrees. I have emailed asus and in question put their junk they are trying to sell to us consumers. and this is totally unacceptable. I do not recommend this card as long as this problem persists
Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance Starter Kit E27 10W 3-pack (Dimmable)
a year ago
The rating 2 becomes their so-called customer service. Have been trying for 1 almost 2 months for one of my lamps to die after just over a year. If I handed it in at the store I bought from, I had to submit both how the bridge and the other 2 lamps that were still whole. Felt pretty unnecessary. I chose to contact how direct but so difficult to reach that it feels like I'm not making a return. However, I have a number of lamps from those m3n jönns who because of this I will opt out of them and drive some other brand to my smart bulbs
Nanoleaf Aurora Rhythm (9L)
2 years ago*
ok this is junk. before, this worked without problems but all of a sudden the shit does not work at all. stay away from this ...... I keep you updated on this crap product
*Edited a year
Samsung UE65NU7305
a year ago*
Yes two so good that I decided to buy a Samsung UE55RU7305 also ... Why should they be called different designations such as NU O RU have made some comparisons and they seem the same anyway. The Samsung UE55RU7305 seems to have support for the blue keyboard which I will test on it. This TV can be unlocked, however, you can have bad luck and tag it something that can be quite unnecessary. As I write now it is probably an outgoing model when it was released in 2018. But for my end use I am damn satisfied
*Edited a year
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus SM-N975F/DS 512GB
2 years ago
After using this point with 512gb it is well that you should be able to use this space as any external hdd or? I've never had such a problem transferring media files. The phone stops responding or it stops completely without warning the transfer has basically taken me 3 days now to transfer a folder with 250gb media. should it be so or? otherwise, the phone is not faster a s10an is starting to be so that samsung takes overpricing like iphone. you might have to put down to buy their products :-(
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