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Palit GeForce RTX 3080 GamingPro HDMI 3xDP 10GB
2 months ago
Awesome performance just like any other RTX 3080! Good build quality with quiet and efficient cooling. A star in deduction for the high price (applies to all RTX cards) and because my copy has a bit of a flush in some scenarios.
Sensibo Sky
2 months ago
Works great! Flexible app with timer among other things.
Arctic Accelero Xtreme IV
5 months ago
Certainly a good cooler but did not fit in a Fractal Design R4. A star's deduction for being stingy with thermal pads. It takes a little more for an RTX 2080, for example, so be sure to buy extra.
Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2080 Windforce OC HDMI 3xDP 8GB
2 years ago*
Awesome performance, good cooling and no coil whine! Is around 65-70 degrees in demanding games and the fans can barely be heard. Edit: After almost two years, something has happened to the cooling capacity (not due to dust or the like) and therefore the rating is lowered. Has established RMA.
*Edited 5 months
HyperX Cloud Orbit S
a year ago
Awesome good headset that received very good criticism all around. I am very pleased with its surround sound and sound overall! This headset is based on the more expensive Audeze headphones and comes with Audeze Wave's NX 3D audio technology which controls the surround sound as you move your head.
Renkforce 4 Port Gigabit Metal Switch Mini
a year ago
Small and smooth. Uses it as a distributor in the home from the network cabinet. Two magnets come with it which holds it in place.
OnePlus 7 Pro (8GB RAM) 256GB
2 years ago
Happy with this mobile phone. Great screen, awesome performance, good cameras and good sound in both calls and speakers! Recommended!
Samsung C27HG70
2 years ago
Absolutely perfect screen! Nice colors, cruel blacks and no backlight bleed. 2.5 years ago I was looking for a new screen, tested a total of two Acer and an Asus then, all had too much backlight bleed and weird yellowish hue on white background. Instead, was a Samsung C27FG70 that was perfect right away (my first computer screen from Samsung). This time I wanted a screen with HDR. After pixel error from three copies of the same model from Acer (thought to give them a new chance and try on an IPS panel) it became Samsung again and it became this C27HG70. No problem! Recommended!
Acer Nitro XV272P (bmiiprzx)
2 years ago*
Very affordable screen with excellent image quality and approved HDR support. The screen feels solid and the footrest / foot also. Was very satisfied with the lack of backlight bleed on my copy (just a little glow). However, I unfortunately got two brightly lit pixels that got stuck (red and blue of which the red close to the middle) and several (around 7-8) defective but that barely visible (hence the review right now). If a replacement tomorrow is for the same model, hope for a better turn in the screen lottery. Edit: Screen number two of the same model this time has a bright luminous red pixel that is stuck (also near the center of the screen) and five defective (but hardly visible). Even a little well backlight bleed. Tomorrow the adventure continues with another new one. Edit2: Got open up the third copy in the shop's workshop together with one from the staff, the same pixel error on it. No red but around four brilliant in blue. All three screens come from March. Watch out for that batch. Was a Samsung C27HG70 instead. No problem!
*Edited 2 years
Fractal Design Core 2300 (Black)
2 years ago
Affordable and neat but the distances that come with the chassis were very slow to fasten!
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