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Withings Scanwatch 42mm
5 months ago
If you do not want to leave your mobile at home but want a smart watch to decide if you should pick up the phone out of your pocket or if there is something that can wait, then strike. Have tried most smart watches from i.a. Samsung and LG but in the end I still used them just to see notices and tired of the screen being constantly off when you want to look at the time and turn on when it disturbs in the dark (distract children when laying or disturb in the cozy evening with the wife on the couch ). And the perpetual charge every other day means that you prefer to do it overnight and then you miss a lot of fun statistics about sleep. Scanwatch looks good, battery life that makes you have time to forget where you put the charger. Good app for training and sleep statistics that syncs with most other services (Google Fit, Samsung, Sträva and others). It feels solid and the screen can adapt the light to the surroundings when it is lit. The only thing that makes me consider holding back a star is the uncertainty about how the waterproofness of 5ATM lasts in the long run, would like to track my swimming but does not really dare to do it regularly. My last watch that I always returned to after various detours was a Nokia (Withings) Steel HR, the only thing that made me switch to this was that the screen on Steel is made of ice cream and was too scratchy, now with this in sapphire I hope be able to have it for several years to come!
Samsung RB36R872PSR (Stainless Steel)
a year ago*
What a shit, ordered by Samsung themselves and got to start with a product with damaged side panel. The cabinet itself lacks advertised features such as sliding shelf and gray interior. Rather, the door closing function that will push the last bit again keeps the cabinet open and often grins. The wine rack is clumsy and takes up more space than competitors. The temperature setting buttons are "spongy" and do not always respond. Plastic "quality" and poor fit, Elektrolux / Husqvarna in the same class gives much more for the money. In addition, the manual is unclear and does not cover all functions. Samsung support is also not easy to deal with and they have not in over a month managed to get the sliding shelf that was missing, once I got a shelf it did not fit the cabinet and their service partner could not see that it was a spare part to the cabinet.
*Edited a year
OnePlus 7T 128GB
a year ago*
Good screen and performance standard but when I consider that the camera is such an important part of a phone today it pulls down the phone low. The flow in a 90Hz screen is an advantage but about as fast as I used to, I also get used to not having it. But there is more flow in the picture during fast movements. The camera software (with the latest update at the time of writing) is cash, it is a shutter lag that makes it impossible to capture an image, it certainly works for still objects but if you have friends or children in motion it is impossible. Portrait blur blurs the edges of objects to be in focus. Sometimes even smudges the faces unintentionally (beauty mode off). Multiple images cannot be printed in quick succession, 0.3-0.5 sec is required between each image. (Serial shooting, however, is by holding the button) If you test GCam (a ported version of Pixel's camera app) the camera will be brilliant, but then you have to live with bugs in the current situation and miss some features. My Pixel 1 is easier to take a good picture with, once you have become accustomed to good "computational photogaphy" it is difficult to go back. But if you only play games or take in the media, the phone is absolutely brilliant!
*Edited a year
Logitech Harmony Hub
3 years ago*
The top, after some fix, we can now also check the TV / stereo with the voice, introverted with the Google home. "Ok Google, turn on the TV" or "Ok Google, turn up the stereo". A plus for the quality of the remote, lies well in your hand.
*Edited 3 years
Google Home
3 years ago*
Nothing but happy with my Google Home, quite a lot of noise from such a small speaker and voice control works the top in English, although sometimes it's a bit ridiculous.
*Edited 3 years
Sony WH-1000XM2
3 years ago*
Tried after a while with these I have to say that NC is the best I've heard. The sound is okay, what makes me choose these is the "cheap" base, it's a bit too oprecis in my opinion, the design is probably nothing they win prices for either a bit too big and smooth in shape, looks a bit out like a pair of ear cups. But if it's the best NC you want (iof of those I've tried) if you travel a lot and the sound quality is not the first one then they're great!
*Edited 3 years
Samsung Galaxy S8 SM-G950F 64GB
3 years ago*
Meh, good screen but there ends funny and it's easy to crush and expensive to change. When you get there and need something fast (eg Samsung Pay in a box), fingerprints do not work, iris unlocking fails. Once you enter, menus go well with the card in the Pay app, you often try several times before it works (keeping the cellphone about 1 cm away from the magnetic reader) and trouble the staff, easier to bring just a card.
*Edited 3 years
Audio Technica ATH-ANC33iS
4 years ago*
Just as Ivanus I wanted noise reduction, and got just that, it takes away a lot of noise in the lower frequencies, such as fans and motors but transmit less persistent sound like speech (which is not the noise). Sure, they are not as insulating as the Bose-over ear for 3 000kr, I have tested but (for me) oppressive feeling that I got with Bose I can not empathize with them. The quality of the sound is really good, much better than my Sony in-ear for 300kr, not comparable with my ATH-M50 but similar sound, clear sound with force in the low register, almost a little too much bass .. but only almost. The ear cups for comfort and do not wander out of the way my Sony headphones only thing that bothers me is the location out of the battery pack, a little more cable up to the snails had facilitated but for 600kr, it is a really good headphone with nice sound that then there nc only makes it better!
*Edited 3 years
Nexa Bridge
4 years ago*
Köpvarning! Buy Nexa not bridge or bridge + when there are better systems for less money, nexa not interested in maintaining their product! If you do not have an iOS device as the product is useless, it is the Android app does not remove devices, the app crashes constantly, graphs are not, the settings disappear unexpectedly, loses the connection to the remote server very often, can not adapt images room, working not add more buttons on a remote mm Unit codes or signals sometimes seems to be corrupt after a while, not working to control a specific device, I program if it goes again.
*Edited 4 years
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