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Nexa Bridge+
4 years ago*
Köpvarning! Buy Nexa not bridge or bridge + when there are better systems for less money, nexa not interested in maintaining their product! If you do not have an iOS device as the product is useless, it is the Android app does not remove devices, the app crashes constantly, graphs are not, the settings disappear unexpectedly, loses the connection to the remote server very often, can not adapt images room, working not add more buttons on a remote mm Unit codes or signals sometimes seems to be corrupt after a while, not working to control a specific device, I program if it goes again.
*Edited 4 years
Google Nexus 6P 32GB
5 years ago*
Troubled good, not mass Bloatware ™ and "features" that no one needs just to have more to write on paper. Here you get Google's vision of Android, for all the rest is a fine thing called the Play Store. Positive is: + Build quality. + Software and updates from Google. + Battery capacity. + Speakers. + Like even the rap little vibrator better than others when writing. + Does a bell with Android Auto, Android Wear mM no hassles with other manufacturers. The negative is: - The mobile phone is slippery without skin, but really neat. - The colors in the screen is excessively strong, can, however, convert to sRGB in the developer options. - Hard to find (good / smart) shell in the stores, just to order from online.
*Edited 5 years
Motorola Moto 360 Leather
6 years ago*
Modern design and premium quality on the outside but was more an irritant stocked with all other errors. Updated directly to the lollipop so do not know anything about the previous software but it was very crashar for me during my time with the clock. The battery was down to 30% after 9 hours at work and then I had barely touched it, I would get a little more announcements I can imagine that the battery only last just over one working day. This with Ambient screen off. Voice control is not working properly, you can imagine that once succeed in getting an "a" in the phrase "Send a text to" then the name that follows is matched to that is the largest in the phone book but some wanted to name the absolute not recognize. Worth mentioning is that the menus and voice control is on swenglish. Menu system hung up sometimes and heart rate monitor, I got only work 1 out of 10 times, even though I keep still and the band has quite tense. Waiting anxiously for a model with better battery and Android wear with support for Swedish.
*Edited 6 years
HP ZR22w
10 years ago*
Have not had an IPS screen before but have to say I am very pleased with this, do not know how it compares to the others but I have nothing to complain about. Love the colors and darkness, can compare with my point netbook screen, projector and iPhone4 and it beats them all. The ability to raise and lower, and pivot is perfect, it becomes a screen for as soon as your wallet allows. Was going to buy an iMac for my hobby photographing but now it will be two like this to my pc ist.
*Edited 10 years
Multibrackets M Universal Projector Ceilingmount I
13 years ago*
A thread that was a little loose, hard to get projjen to end up in exactly the right place and then stay there, but once it's done and you control it with the remote so it perfect. Maybe not the hottest but it fulfills its function. And for the low price it fits me perfectly
*Edited 13 years
Nokia N95
13 years ago*
Right now there is no other phone on the market that I want to live with, this has it all and then some. And is it something that it has not, it is possible to fix =)
*Edited 13 years
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