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Fiskars Brasserie Casserole 24cm 4.5L
8 months ago
Very happy! Real pot that will last for many, many years if you take care of it properly
Apple iPhone 11 64GB
a year ago
Upgraded from a 7; a Oh what a lift! Was a little scared that I would think it would feel big, clumsy and that I would miss the home button, but not! Iphone 7 feels rather small now. I don't miss the home button either, faceid is wonderful! Battery life is pretty good in comparison, with normal use you can charge every other day without major problems The camera is also great! The night mode impresses. The wide-angle lens is a really nice addition that is very useful in many situations! Unfortunately, the image quality is not quite in line with the normal lens. Many people on the screen complain that it is not bad and certainly it would be nice but nothing I think about. You can certainly get an even better tech-spec android mobile for the same money but then you should remember that you do not get iOS which is very valuable in my eyes. Hopes on iphone 12: Oled Remove the "flare" on the screen 128gb by default
Audio Pro Addon T3
3 years ago
Have had this few months now, have been very well used! Great to have your kitchen when you cook, in the bathroom when you take a bath or take it out while lying in the hammock! The sound is terrific, especially if you compare to the competitors' more plastic variants in the same price range. eg jbl, ultimate ears go to the nearest elgigant and compare so you hear what I mean! This is so much nicer! Your main drawbacks: - BT The range is sucking, just getting away with the cellphone to the room next to where the speaker is standing, the sound starts to sound, but as long as the phone is in the same room, it's never hurried. - May lack wifi and built-in Spotify connect, The new Addon c3 has this, however, is significantly more expensive
Samsung 850 EVO Series MZ-75E250B 250GB
3 years ago*
Uh-oh! Put in this in a Mac mini from 2011 today Like night and day in difference. The first thing to notice is that it now starts on type 7 seconds! Of course, you still notice that it's a 7 year old computer if you load it, but with the old disk it was basically useless, took ages to just open a regular jpg file. With this disk I can edit raw files in Affinity without major issues!
*Edited 3 years
Bosch MFQ3010
3 years ago*
Go quietly, do it without problems, and for $ 199! Excellent!
*Edited 3 years
Apple iPhone SE 16GB
4 years ago*
Just had it a few days, but so far, very pleased, switch me from an Iphone 5 that I was very pleased with but it was falling apart after 3 years so I had to buy a new one. Certainly, most are identical, size, appearance, operating system. But this is several snaps faster and the camera is in a completely different division, then the rose gold color is very nice! Glad Apple did not scratch this screen size which, according to me, is perfect. One thing I think, however, is really stubborn by Apple is that can not start with 32GB on that phone! 16gb is very handsome in 2016 So consider the 64GB version, especially if you know you're going to shoot a lot! Update after about 10 months of use: The mobile has worked perfectly perfectly! Fast, smooth format, Superstable iOS! Now Apple has scrapped the 16gb version and 32gb is the smallest, good! Easily the best mobile phone I have ever owned. All I really miss is IP67 rating.
*Edited 4 years
NAD D 1050
4 years ago*
Bought it used for 1500kr, at least one find! Awesome build, googla images on the circuit board so you see. Run it with chromecast audio and macbook aiff files, awesome audio! Just missing a distance!
*Edited 4 years
Chord Electronics Mojo
4 years ago*
Okay after a few days of testing, what a magic little black box for headphones! Have had a dragonfly 1.2 before I bought this, thought the dragonfly sounded good, but with that the music really comes alive! Difficult to explain, listen and you understand :) The volume regulation is also very wonderful, very nice steps and not the slightest hint of imbalance! There is plenty of power too! Now to my minus! 1. Have tested it with my stereo home via line out mode (keep all buttons in place at the same time as you start it) and do not think it will be particularly good results with my Naim amplifier, the bass will be very powerful and I think everything sounds a bit spicy. Maybe just a bad match? But my conclusion is that this should be used with what it is made for: headphones. 2. The battery seems to be emptied faster than promised and it will break a beautiful day, hope no change will be costly. 3. Feels clumsy to use "on the go" rather than on a longer train trip or picking up in the hotel room, for example. Conclusion: Do you own any expensive hearing aid amplifier + dac there at home. Listen to this, it may be the only thing you will need in the future for your headphones. :)
*Edited 4 years
Google Chromecast Audio
4 years ago*
Use this with Spotify to my stereo amplifier and after 1 week cruelly satisfied! Currents from my iPhone SE and everything has worked great! Easy to install. The sound is also very good if you turn on the setting FDR mentioned earlier (important) The format is really good, hid it behind the amplifier so you do not even see that it's there. Also believe it should be possible to stream music from a NAS through this with such PLEX, however, has not been tested yet. Very affordable! The disadvantage is well that you can not escape what you want if you're running iOS, you are locked into certain apps such as Spotify are supported (however, you must have premium) but with android will be easier, I think.
*Edited 4 years
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