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Electrolux ECS52IW
3 years ago*
Same look as previous Classic Silence. A stable construction that works well. This model rolls much easier than the previous generation. Strange that there has been poor friction between telescopic tube and hose, so that the accessories come loose. That was not the previous generation. Good with such a long cord. Lift the machine as you walk around, otherwise the hose will go off after a while.
*Edited 6 months
Garmin Vívosmart 4
7 months ago*
Really nice acquaintance that gives good health control. Heart rate, sleep, stress, step, oxygen measurement. Has many features and a very well made app. However, the clock sometimes bugs out: synchronization refuses to work, weather display stops working, clock says you sleep even though you are awake and more. Despite the mistakes, still a good and smooth product. Often, solving the problems when you stop the clock in the battery charger.
*Edited 7 months
Haglöfs Corker Medium
a year ago*
Good backpack for bike commuting and very practical by opening on the side and thereby accessing everything in the bag easily. Steady shape that is kept regardless of content. Good with a compartment on the top that can expand inwards. Good with the possibility of clamping garments on the outside of the bag, but if they are not to disappear, you should use clothespins that are fastened to the straps and garments. 15 "laptop can fit in the bag. Would have liked to see more reflections on it as well as device to attach the bicycle taillight.
*Edited a year
Lenovo Tab 4 10 Plus ZA2M 32GB
2 years ago*
Doesn't like the screen setting too dark with the automatic lighting and the brightness varies a little randomly, so it's really useless. Fortunately, it goes off. No good black on the screen either. No possibility of night mode, weird. Emergency solutions for it are available. Otherwise, a plate that works okay and works to run some games, good finger pressure sensor. Solid feeling. Camera doing its job but no more. Easy to get started if you have a Google Account before.
*Edited a year
Logitech Z333
4 years ago*
Cons: * On short cables (150 cm), making placement difficult * There will be lots of cords (2 satellites, 1 swivel, 1 audio out, 1 power) * The settings of the controls cannot be seen without strong lighting (applies to both volume control and subwoofer) * Some copies cannot handle low volume: Noises, cracks and horrible noise at low volume * Quality? On my copies, the headphone jacks do not work properly. advantages: * Excellent with rotary knobs: Steady and comfortable rotary control that continuously handles volume, on / off and headphones (which, however, never worked on my copy). The base can be adjusted with a rotary knob (which unfortunately sits on the back of the subwoofer). * Good quality of sound, good bass. Works great for listening to music from your computer. * Stylish design, nice finish, heavy speakers with solid feel * Front-facing subwoofer instead of downward-facing * The package is small, no air at all, easy installation * Two different types of contacts are allowed as input, flexible!
*Edited a year
Mousetrapper Prime
a year ago*
Installation and configuration requires a special cord that is easily dropped. The configuration program is not clear and slightly buggy. Scrolling is done by dragging your finger in the right edge of the touchpad. This only works sometimes; inferior to a scroll wheel. Controlling the mouse pointer with precision is difficult compared to e.g. scroll bar or touchpad. The horizontal range of the trackpad is too short, so you don't even get into the screen edges with the mouse pointer if you run a high resolution. After giving the product a chance for a few weeks, I gave up.
*Edited a year
Logitech K280e (Nordic)
a year ago
Gives a stable and clearly more luxurious feel than cheaper keyboards. Very nice to write on. Too bad that the numeric part can't be removed, gives poor ergonomics along with mouse.
LEGO Star Wars 75192 Millennium Falcon
2 years ago*
Huge wow factor on this massive piece! Very cumbersome and unsuitable for play. Extremely difficult to move. Needless to say, but solution for this is unfortunately not included. Available in plexiglass solution for a thousand fold or googla on "Efferman 75192 stand".
*Edited 2 years
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