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Google Nest Protect Smoke + CO Alarm S3000BW (2nd Generation)
a year ago
Build quality and features are better than any other fire alarm I have tested. Unfortunately, a software bug (?) Makes it unusable. After a firmware update, the battery life is between one and two months, if you use the recommended (really expensive) batteries from Energizer, and even shorter (days) if you use regular alkaline batteries. The problems have been widespread and persisted for over half a year, but Google seems to be completely out of hand, and can't solve the problem. The fact that such a bad firmware has gone through all the tests and QA processes of a unit whose task is to save lives does not immediately give any confidence. I have currently returned to a regular fire alarm for SEK 99 instead.
Electrolux Pure i9 PI91-5
3 years ago*
Plus: Normally never stuck. Smooth - takes care of most furniture. Compared to the competitors, it is good to get up on rugs and over thresholds. Affordable (when you could get it for 6500). After updating it navigates well. Minus: Short battery life. Having trouble with some thick and uneven carpets, as it should really do quite easily. Unable to delimit the staging area via the app or other accessories. Like many others, my copy had trouble finding it back to the charging station when the battery started to run out, which, in combination with the relatively short battery life, often made it home to a semi-detached home and a robot standing in the middle of the floor Battery. But after an update last week (15/3), all of these problems have disappeared completely. Has not run it more than three times since then, but has always found it back to the charging station, first to load, and then when it's ready. So in each case 6 times out of 6, it has found back after the update. Additionally, the update provided that the app now displays stub reports with a map showing where the robot has been, how long it has been on and the like. Another improvement with the update is that it seems easier to get over thresholds and carpets that it had problems with before.
*Edited 3 years
Sanyo PLV-Z700
12 years ago*
So far very happy with this projector. For 11900 - (as it cost when I bought it), it is probably not going to find anything better. The blackness is probably slightly worse than in some more expensive fullhd projectors, but for me it was not an option to pay 5000: - more for a little better blacks. Handles 1080p24 without any problems, and the experience from a 95 "canvas beats whatever TVs units. The image from SD sources is also surprisingly good (Digital TV from Boxer).
*Edited 12 years
Logitech Desktop MX5500 Revolution (SE/FI)
13 years ago*
The mouse is very comfortable to use and fits perfectly in your hand. If the receiver / transmitter is placed into a USB port on the back of the computer, it happens, however, that it begins to sometimes. This disappears completely if I put the receiver / transmitter into a USB port in the front. One option would be to get an extension cable if you miss port on the front. Keyboard works excellent and the feel of the keys is good.
*Edited 13 years
13 years ago*
Have no avail trying to get this card to work under a 64bit OS (XP x64). Drivers also seems to be for Vista64. Have been in contact with ZyXEL support that confirmed this but could not provide any answer to if drivers are to be expected or not. Under XP 32bit card functions reasonably okay on a Linksys WRT54G router. I may, however, significantly worse signal strength than with the laptop that has built-in. Have not been able to test the card for long enough to comment on stability, also do not know how it performs against a draft-N router.
*Edited 13 years
Sharp Aquos LC-37GE1E
15 years ago*
So far very satisfied with this TV. 1:1 pixelmappat in 1080p via HDMI makes an incredibly good and razor sharp image. Even DVD via component was a very pleasant surprise, almost mistaken for HD. SDTV looks quite OK, even if the channels with lower quality of sändingarna looks rather coarse out during movement.
*Edited 15 years