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Wilfa WKD-2200S 1.7L
3 months ago
Best kettle I've had until the lid pie and can't be closed, after only 1.5 years. Tried to advertise it with Elon who sends it to Wilfa, so we'll see. The only downside was the high beeping when you put it on the base unit and when it is finished. Adjustable temp and warmth are features that are appreciated and worked well.
Huawei AF15
4 months ago
Affordable. Works really well after a little training
Philips PH805
6 months ago
First impression Philips PH805 ANC Wireless is good. Sound perfectly ok with nice bass. Sits well on your head, but too big to have when lying down. Slightly annoying easy to switch mode when accessing the right handset's touch control. Long battery life. Had never bought them for full price though, as I think upwards of 2000 is too much to put on a couple of kids.
Philips 32PFS6401
4 years ago
*Edited 6 months
After 2 days I am completely satisfied. Getting good in the kitchen. It can do more than you think, but starting with updating the software because it made a big difference to the function. Before, there were some weird things. Googlecast ok. Kodi installed works well. Can handle my usb stick on 2 TB. Remote control via app-ok. SvtPlay works well. Picture and sound better than expected, although the sound can never be top class in a small thin jar. A little tricky to bring in new apps that aren't already proposed (and there were lots of unattractive shit). Many apps that are not compatible with this device, e.g. Canal digital to Go and D-play that I wanted to get into. Don't know if the error is with the app or TV. A little ridiculous with a big Netflix button on the remote, especially if you are not using Netflix. Now I have started using Netflix anyway and it works fine. I usually don't use the ambilight, most annoyingly. There will be regular updates (2017.02), but so far it is ver. 5.1 applicable. Could not get it to pair with my Bluetooth speaker JBL Flip, not because it plays any major role, just wanted to test, but is thinking of acquiring any larger speaker with Bluetooth and then you want it to work. Update 181024: After the latest software update, it is difficult to find the Boxer module at startup. You must either unplug the cord and restart or remove and replace the Boxer module. Sickly annoying when it works so well otherwise. Update 200326: The problem with the Boxer module was solved with a newer module. Problems have arisen with opening SvtPlay, works every 5 times Tv4 play doesn't work at all anymore However, Netflix works clockwise. No updates come anymore which makes it feel old now. They want you to buy new.
Xiaomi Mi Smart Fan
9 months ago
It was smaller than I thought (found no size before ordering). Going very quiet at low speeds, just what I needed in the bedroom, where I just want some movement on the air even in winter time. My old fan went too fast even at the lowest speed. Of course, it does not give the same airflow at max as my old fan which was almost 10 cm larger in diameter, but pants on pretty well without sounding like an airplane as some do. A little plastic, but still with a quality feeling, so hope it lasts. The app works great. Run Mainland China because I have cameras and robot vacuum cleaners there. Bought on Black friday for SEK 690, but it seems to be the regular price going forward. would not pay the ordinary which was 1390.
Crucial BX500 2.5" 7mm 240GB
a year ago
Gave my old hp laptop new life. Feels like new at least for surf etc. I use it for. Before that, it was a huge victory. Maybe not the fastest counter, but I don't think I need that. Affordable for SEK 399, more is not worth putting on an old laptop
Oral-B Pro 2900 CrossAction Duo
a year ago
Have had previous model of Oral B for about 10 years and been satisfied, but now the battery is running out. Then bought this and was pleasantly surprised how well it brushes. Much better speed than the old one. However, it sounds like a cross between a vacuum cleaner and a dental drill. The old chargers and brushes also fit.
Plantronics Voyager Legend
2 years ago
Have been quite happy with this one I have had for 1.5 years, both at work and leisure. Good sound and good mic. However, it has now had the chance to sometimes not start until after a number of attempts, so it has soon done its part. Fits on both ears and sits well, even with glasses, had been desirable with a safety line for my part, has lost it several times at work, but had the luck to find it again. One drawback is that it requires a special magnetic charging adapter that you have to keep track of. However, a charge lasts very long. Unable to update the software used on the computer to update the headset. Receives unknown error.
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