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FIFA 21 (PS5)
a month ago
same as last, do not buy
FIFA 21 (PS4)
6 months ago*
Buy this if you want to get addicted to casino games, it's the only thing it's good for. The game will try to fool you as best it can to get you to buy as many packs (casino boxes) as possible. Do not buy if you are under 18!
*Edited 3 months
Persona 5 Royal (PS4)
a year ago
Like the original though better in every way
FIFA 20 (PS4)
2 years ago
As bad as ever
Detroit: Become Human (PS4)
2 years ago
Not very wrong here (:
Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 (PS4)
4 years ago*
Story mode: Much better story mode than the other games where you get directly into the story than the other games where you had to go to all story parts instead, you get a menu where you only select which part you want to drive. But the beginning of the story, the cut scenes are just "moving pictures" and those pictures are taken directly from the animen but the other half are really nice cutscenes made by those who made the game. Adventure mode: But the other things you can do feel completely worthless almost there is something called adventure mode where you just walk around fight a bit and do page missons and other people's chores. The Openworld part is just that you teleport to different places and you can not jump or go fast you go very slowly. It is one of the worst "modes" in this game. Online: The online system is one of the worst things I have. It's absolutely fate you never find a match. Their "match match system" works with a person having to make a sessison and waiting for one to search for a match, but every time one finds a person, either they leave one or kick them all the time. If you actually succeed in entering a match and are winning, then the opponent leaves your win and does not leave "lose" so they do not go down to any rank. I just use that to drive with friends. Free play: Like the other not so big differences you can run a regular match against the computer or against someone at your place. You can also run tournaments. Gameplay: The new one is that you can change the guy you compete with in a fight and that's a good new thing you can do. Summary: If you drive it just for the story, I highly recommend it, but if you play for online or for open world, it's not worth it. Recommended for Naruto fans :)
*Edited 4 years