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Assassin's Creed: Odyssey (PS4)
2 months ago
Pretty neat and entertaining, but usually avoids ubisoft in general, Since most games are programmed so that you more or less need to buy theirs "Helix" currency, currency you buy on ps-store to be able to shop in the game, upgrade mtrl etc. Prefers games where I know what it costs o not have to run around o farm so long that you have time to get tired Several times, if you do not buy ingame currency, which I suspect is their whole business concept If you do not buy gold edition, deluxe edition etc., which is much more expensive, but you will find buy ingame options there as well As it sounds so beautiful, but like I said, it's not forced, it's voluntary? Otherwise, they make right ok games, but yes e no fan of their business idea
Astro C40 TR PC/PS4
5 months ago
Of all the controls I have owned, I can say that this one beats everyone with horse lengths. Has about 4 original controls that are in a box due to knitting operation Owned a razer raiju control, 2 months broken, latest nacon pro revolution has yes for me it was called, r1 button paja after about 6months. (Check Youtube) owned this about 6 months now, the cannon is in your hand, nice and easy way to map the buttons, If knitting operation occurs, you have a button during the control that you press and hold 2 times, Then everything works as it should again, since astro is in fact logitech, was a positive surprise for me, Then they have a good reputation in computer components. But to justify the price of 2100th difficult, half of what a console costs. Most expensive check, but also the best in my experience. 3 stars due to the price, otherwise it would have received a full pot.
9 months ago
Read some reviews here, owned the previous model, absolutely fantastic picture, but someone mentioned TV gaming. Do not play games where you have a fixed image in the game Tex destiny, where you have your "special abilities" in the bottom left corner. I got my screen burned in after 5 months. Sure plays a lot, but LG also stood at e3's game fair and talked about how fantastic had to play on "destiny on the screens" is on Youtube after 2 years of fuss, with the electric guitar o lg, yes finally got the purchase canceled. The screens have certainly gotten better over the years, but as I said, keep in mind, It's a tv screen and not a gaming screen, even if it's possible to play on it, so I would take care with an oled screen, Good site to get independent info on is sweclockers
2 years ago
Tips for anyone looking for oled tv. Doing a lot of research, definitely about burning problems with the screen, O check what the warranty covers, got a burned screen after 5 months, and did not use the tv in the wrong way O do not expect the warranty to be valid all the time, yes, have a new screen, but it depends on the number of calls to the store, since the Consumer Agency If yes, did not accept that this happened, ended up! The picture is amazing absolutely, Did not actually think incineration problems existed when yes bought the tv That said, worth o check before purchase!
Klipsch Reference R6 Neckband
2 years ago
After about 1 month of use, they get a little better than approved, then I have 2a klipsch cheats o compare with, Otherwise, most of the time, the market is sounding on the market! Smart construction with a bracket may seem uncomfortable, but hardly noticeable, the sound is good compared to my clippers r6 overall ear (which does not want to be left in your ears) You may have something clearer, slightly higher sound image on them, better balance between bass, treble o middle register, but these tricks sound good, Easy-running, you can play higher than what is considered healthy, even at the highest, they keep the same soundtrack without the treble, for example! Is more suitable for people who like bass, close the ear with their oval eartips and the angle that makes the handset come in properly in the ear canal, If you have a narrow ear canal, maybe the outer part of the handset may feel a little big, there is another model, with very little naps, however, costs The double, the sound should be better, know not have not tried. Recommend these cheats, at the price they have today at around 1200: -
Shadow of the Tomb Raider (PS4)
3 years ago
Now, do not read the whole last post, absolutely the game looks like a 4k oled. But especially captivating, yes, would not say that it is, Relatively sad, thought the tomb raids 25 yrs edition, be much better empty the predecessor to it!
Dishonored 2 (PS4)
4 years ago*
Ready with the game, played the female character, Really good o captivating game, better than 1an according to me. Recommended
*Edited 4 years
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands - Gold Edition (PS4)
4 years ago*
Update, after button v. As said when you get into the game, live up to the character, as well as your team, Unlocking weapons etc. May I say pretty funny fps games! So do you miss now games o like open world, So why not, Oh, on the other hand, you're so bad, so 800: you're not worth it, do not think any game is. Ugly with ubisoft e that, so incredibly so buy in game, can be really expensive, Then the gold edition chose to "drop" all the buy-in, which drove me to crazy before! See if you become more ubisoft games after this! Then you have 800: why not otherwise wait!
*Edited 4 years
Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 - Season Pass Edition (PS4)
4 years ago*
A really good game, which only gets 1 star because it's not clear! Love the environments story, mission! Unfortunately, you crash about 1-2 times today = restart, at 48% Restart all data deleted, restart, Come to 60% all weapons unlocked, all collectables collected! And everything erased again, keep in touch with the company in Poland, questioned how to release a game Who is not ready for full price, answer "next patch on it's way"? So yes, so bought a game at full price that did not finish! However, bought a service-oriented business where we solved the problem, But in about 2 months maybe if the game works as it should, Then I will buy d again, like d sharply. But at the moment you will only have fun with 26 MAY 2a yeah yeah, have the game, say you have a gun recipe, the one who cooks the food is both blind and lacks taste buds. The result is that it tastes crazy, So would like to describe this game. Earlier mentioned, like the whole concept, but when over 60% of the computer is erased o you may start over, you get a little sour, happened 2 times. The game should be patched according to the manufacturer, not correct, still, "wrong" may occur. Oh you have to restart, every ggn worries that everything should be deleted again! But like yesterday, mistakes occurred during mission, restart, same mission again, the enemy you were shooting was not there, but just a mark, Where he should stand. This is important to get on, do the same mission 3-4gg, go for fun. When it started to stare like that, dare not drive on, just continued, shut down! Today, D, just became dazzling, but continued. After 2 hours today, yes ended up in a "blind spot" Could not take me anywhere, restart! Fun game, but terribly frustrating, do not know if, when you crash again! This is my experience forever, chat with a guy from Finland, 1 month ago about, said the same thing. Crashes all the time, Perhaps, maybe, something better!
*Edited 4 years
Sniper Elite 4 (PS4)
4 years ago*
Well, goodbye! Match this to the predecessor sniper 3 ultimate edition, so be 3an better! Very short campaign! Does sniper 3 think ghostwarrior e much better, Obviously, be patched now according to their website, Which, according to me, is very entertaining, Until yes, all data was deleted 2 times. As I said, it should be fixed now, I will still see
*Edited 4 years
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