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nVidia Shield TV 16GB (2017)
4 years ago*
In overall a good product. Androind TV has a bit to go before it feels complete. What pulls down the grade is that it has a bug when you are like me such an advantage that has HDMI 2 and a TV with HDMI 1.4, it causes it so I can not drive 24Hz, this is a bug that ignored from Nvidia's site . Another annoying thing is that one can not change the unsightly background.
*Edited 4 years
Marantz AV7703
4 years ago*
A little messy menus pull down the grade and the app is lousy.
*Edited 4 years
D-Link DIR-657
6 years ago*
Do not buy! Bought it when I got the open fiber to the house, I felt that I needed to have something better then I would have a couple of AP in the house in addition to this router. But I thought wrong. It must be rebooted several times a week, lose the connection and then so it fails over 2MB / s with cable for some reason.
*Edited 6 years
Audio Pro Black Pearl V.3
8 years ago*
Have it as surround speakers, a little too big would igentligen selected black pearl, but it's not the speakers fault that it is so great :)
*Edited 8 years
Yamaha RX-A2010
8 years ago*
Have not had time to test it so much but the little I heard, it's an incredible machine, not to 10p due to missing of Spotify.
*Edited 8 years
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