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Asus VivoStick PC TS10-B004D
18 days ago
Understand that people are dissatisfied. It depends on the OS. You must be running the Bodhi Linux operating system. It is painless namely! All applications then work at the same time - and without videos hacking! I run Discord, Opera browser, youtube, soundcloud at the same time and it does not hang.
Grado SR80e
2 years ago
I've found the right one! These sounds just like headphones should sound!
Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus 32GB
2 years ago
The screen is a bit regrettable (it reminds a bit of an older flat screen), but if you have full brightness, it does not notice much. Nothing puts anything in use. Nice camera. But the sound of video recording is bad. There will be some distortion. Superb and great for the money!
Intel Compute Stick STK2M364CC
4 years ago
*Edited 3 years
Bought this to record song / music in a condenser microphone and have it in the same room as the computer. It sounds a bit low at low consumption, that there is no noise at all. (I am an amateur) Run Linux Ubuntu which is the most stable Linux range. However, I can not install programs from "Ubuntu software" but need to install what I want via the terminal. It may be due to the computer stick, do not know.
Philips Brilliance BDM4350UC
3 years ago
Bought it today. What struck when I started it is that it's gigantic! Haha! As in the future, maybe. Excellent!