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Jabra Elite 75t
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a year ago
I received this product as part of review program in return for an unbiased review. My first impression when I received this product was pretty good.I opened the box, inside it was 2 alien light ear buds with solid green light on makes a very beautiful look of packing and ear buds. I have charged them fully so that I can test the time without needed to charge the case again. Next, I download the Jabra Sound+ app which was pretty straight forward. Make sure your ear buds are close to your smartphone, and you'll see their light change to a rapid, blinking blue. In the app, you'll be able to track your ear buds if they're lost, through Find My Jabra, set sound quality for different environments, like a traveling, noisy environment, and most crucially adjust the different sound levels including bass and treble to create a sound more to your liking. When it comes to wireless ear buds, the fit is everything. The Jabra Elite Active 75t Ear buds felt really good in my ear and they stayed in very well. If I dropped something and bent to pick it up, they felt fine and stayed in place. I went to gym and used there without any issue. It comes with 3 different-sized silicone ends that you can try to better fit your ear. And that definitely helped with the Jabra set. I found they were so comfortable I would forget that I was wearing them. I liked the smaller size, and that they almost disappeared in my ear when I wore them. That's because they seem to go more into the ear when you wear them, and unless you're looking right at the ears, you almost don't notice them. They also live in a carrying case; It's great the case can recharge them. On fully charge it last around 3 hours plus and with charging case it was around 22 hours which is pretty impressive. In terms of noise cancelling, the Jabra Elite Active 75t Ear buds were great. I even found them better at noise cancelling than most headphones I've tried. But when it came to music playback, the sound is not loud enough, they just sounded tinny. I played with the settings on the app, trying to find any settings where the sound came back more full and I couldn't find anything. The Jabra Elite Active 75t Ear buds just didn't produce great quality. I could hear the music, but it sounded more like the kind you get from inexpensive ear buds. And that was a disappointment. In terms of calls, the sound quality was not excellent .One of the draw back was either I can use right side ear bud or both I cannot use only left side ear bud that is something I was really disappointed. Overall rating I would say its average product not a very outstanding and value for money. Pros:  Nice and slim  Long charged time  Easy to fit Cons:  Sound is not high quality  Price is high  Cannot use only left hand ear bud