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5 years ago*
This is in relation to a specific problem: Zavvi advertised a ps4 for £180 and I purchased it, then two days later I checked on the order's progress using their website and it had been cancelled. They had not notified me of this and provided no explanation. I then proceeded to try and extract even the smallest amount of information from their 'customer service' team. The only way of doing this is through an online form which you then get a reply from a 'do not reply' email address. There's no way to have a conversation with an actual person, and each message comes completely separately so you have to explain the situation each time. There is also a character limit on the correspondence box, so you can't possibly fit all the relevant information into your complaint. It turns out my order was cancelled because I did not 'meet with their security requirements." I have asked on two separate occasions for clarification of what that meant. I personally suspect that they had incorrectly priced the item and were using this as an excuse to cancel the order (The second time I checked it was up to £240). They asked me to provide a proof of address in order to be able to make an order - I don't know if anyone has ever been asked to do this before buying an item on the internet before, but I certainly haven't. It all smells a bit fishy to me. The thing that possibly made my blood boil the most was that they completely ignored things that I said in correspondence with them. An example is: "This is the fourth time I have had to contact you about my order 87485752. You are not answering my direct questions. I am uploading proof of address 'for future orders', but this does not explain why my current order, referenced above, has not been processed. Please explain. Also please contact me in a way I can reply directly or at least prove you are reading my full message by giving a reason why you cannot do this." Reply: "Hello Ben , Thank you for getting in touch about order 87485752. Thank you very much for providing the requested document. We can confirm that you can now place the order again if you wish to receive the products. If there is anything else that we can do, then please do not hesitate to get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to help. Kind regards," There is something else you can do Zavvi: You can read my email and answer my questions. I really wouldn't advise anyone to do business with Zavvi. In the case something goes wrong, as it did with me through no fault of my own, dealing with it would be far more hassle than its worth. It will also make you so mad at them that you write an incredibly long rant onto a review board - something you have never contemplated doing before - as a form of therapy.
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