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Samsung Multiroom M5
5 years ago*
Where not dumsnål. Add a few hundred dollars and buy something properly. Had my system (two M5, the M3 Link Mate and Hub) in almost half a year. The sound? Njaa, OK. You can listen to, but not great. Gets very tinny at higher volumes. App? Completely useless. Has managed to connect my devices to surround two times. The remaining times you will not speakers. These were supposed to have as a supplement to my "real" system, but has only caused hair loss and frustration. Buy Sonos, or otherwise. Buy a Pringles tube, cut out of your phone and run, it would baskemig be better. Then you get the addition of chips in the bargain.
*Edited 5 years
Samsung PS42Q97HD
11 years ago*
Very good picture, beautiful surroundings with just the TV sound. .. Actually keeps the quality, even though it is now getting on in years. Can get a really nice picture with bluray.
*Edited 11 years
Samsung BD-P1500
12 years ago*
Have not found any faults so far. Sure, it reads a while, but it is absolutely affordable. Great picture, even though my TV is not Full HD.
*Edited 12 years
Microsoft Xbox 360 E 120GB
12 years ago*
120 gig hard drive, DVD playback. Good looking game, all in HD. Perfect. Reasons, two minus to the fan sounds like an airplane engine ..
*Edited 12 years
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