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Logitech G915 Lightspeed Tactile (Nordic)
a year ago
Wanted between clicky & tactile, tactile became the variant after I opened the carton at Inet & felt a little. High quality on the keyboard over the law, nice feel in the keys & good print in the colors. Sounds less than a G613. The space between the G keys to the other keys is a bit narrower to a G613. - for the price, 1500 SEK - feels more reasonable - the color of the macro buttons cannot be changed - difficult to see the characters on the keys unless rgb is on (maybe all rgb tbg applies)
SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless
2 years ago
Does 3490: - seem to be too much money for a pair of headphones but turned on them, as I was extremely pleased with the last couple (siberia 840) who had the same concept (control station with built-in battery charger & bluetooth) + Dual batteries are included + Built-in battery charger in the control station + High quality & finish, no rubbish + Better sound than 840 + Easier to change battery than 840. The cover is set using a magnet, nice solution. + Blåtand, perfect to connect the phone so that you can answer the headphones when sitting & playing & need to hear what's happening in the game. + Works well with glasses -If you have a big head, it may take a while before they get out, the same as 840 for my part. Squeezes some around the ears, but it is manageable. Do not hear any noise from these as I did in 840, but that was not disturbing me. If you want to run optically on your PC then choose ps4 mode, not completely logical.
ZyXEL Armor X1 WAP6806
4 years ago*
Placed it in a corner furthest away in the apartment (typically 60, concrete), which is 120 m2 on 2 levels spread over 80m2 and 40m2 and has good signal throughout apt at 5GHz network. Has about 20 units connected to it and it seems to roll on the good. Have it in the AP mode, the cable connected from the router and the unit dropped POI when changing the password. Switched from the LAN port 1-4 on the device and then jumped the start. Starts to the router, it takes 5-10 minutes before it seems to jump off the ground again.
*Edited 4 years
LG G2 D802 32GB
7 years ago*
Having just had the cell phone in a few hours now but it gets full marks. Bought it for 3490: - sick affordable. Edit: An extreme noise and other disturbances in the headphones (Bose q3) after updating to 4.4.2 Pulls down the score until this is fixed. Update that came yesterday tweaked the sound problem. :) Full marks again then.
*Edited 7 years
Motorola Moto G 16GB
7 years ago*
Great phone for the money. But it is not compatible with certain headsets, for example. Bose Q3. The camera crashed every other time before, but it seems they have sorted out the latest camera update.
*Edited 7 years
Bose QuietComfort 3
7 years ago*
Good battery life, comfortable fit, work well in the office. Not compatible with Motorola Moto G.
*Edited 7 years