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Gigabyte B450 Aorus Elite
2 years ago
*Edited a month
Very nice with LED lighting but the LED control software is a nuisance, RGB Fusion. I hope they fix the shit it's barely useful. VRM is horrible, can not get my Ryzen 2600 to 4ghz without it crashing. Definitely do not buy if you are going to overclock or if you are going to get the ryzen 3rd gen.
Razer Viper Mini
a month ago
I bought the mouse for SEK 589 about 5 months ago. I only play Rainbow Six Siege and I'm very happy. It is very small but is still comfortable yet my big hands are good. On my former mouse (Razer Basilisk 1.0) the sensor for the left mouse button died when I had to solder a new one when it worked again (A little more in detail: https://classic.prisjakt.nu/produkt.php?o=4472280) I think the same thing will happen with this mouse unfortunately, as it may last from 2-4 years before the buttons die. However, it is easy to replace and now that the mouse is still working, it is perfect. + Easily + Good cable + Small and comfortable + Hard plastic -The sensors will probably die after a few years when you have to replace them
Razer Basilisk
2 years ago
*Edited 7 months
I don't understand why people complain so much about the light bleeding, it doesn't and everything is very comfortable with it. The only problem I have had is the software but it was easy to fix. Update: have had the mouse for over two years now and the left mouse button cannot be used. Got to screw up the mouse and fix it to make it usable. But it still does not feel the slightest button press which is very boring. I have been very happy with the mouse so far. Will probably not buy more Razer products and I would only recommend them to anyone who has the budget to buy new accessories every two years. Update on update: Got to release the mouse button and solder a new one. Works perfectly now! Should not happen a mouse for 800 should last for 5 years, at least.
Thrustmaster T300 RS GT Edition (PS3/PS4)
9 months ago
Bought for 3000 SEK at Proshop, green monday. I am very happy with it and have spent about 10 hours with it in Dirt Rally (1) and plan to get Asetto Corsa. Positively: + Powerful force feedback that easily throws around you in the game and reality + Feels very sturdy, hard plastic and metal + The pedal mode is perfect for rallying + Interchangeable steering wheel, pedal and one can buy for gearbox + enclosed coupling + Price negatively - NOTE, the force feedback engine is very powerful and many have complained that it has given up after a while because it has become overheated. The recommendation is to buy a USB fan that draws air into the engine to help the internal fan. - Unfortunately, as far as I know, you cannot adjust the brake pedal mode in the software. - gear lever not included +/- it is important to adjust the force feedback to get the best feeling and realism, do not put everything at 100% but look online for guides or experiment yourself.
Cooler Master MasterBox MB511 RGB (Black/Transparent)
10 months ago
A damn good chassis for the money! Stylish fans in front of the chassis with included controls (built computer with old motherboard, no rgb header available). However, the chassis is a bit large, it is built for water cooling which I will not do. Would have been nice if they had made a more compact version. + Three RGB fans and one without included + Mesh front with exquisite airflow. + Supplied RGB controls + You can also connect the fan lighting directly to the motherboard. + Easy to build in, lots of space and good cable holes. + Power supply cover + Many fan sites + Price + Supplied cable ties - Far too big if you don't water cool - The RGB fans power cable goes into a three-way molex splitter and you can not adjust the speed (I will buy a splitter that can be controlled with the motherboard for just over 100 SEK. - You can only change color with the supplied control (no RGB puke😭). But it's about having an RGB header on the motherboard. For between 800 and 900 SEK it is a fantastic chassis, especially if you are interested in water cooling.
FIFA 20 (PS4)
a year ago
Be Quiet! Pure Wings 2 High-speed PWM 140mm
a year ago
Damn good fan for the price! High quality and very quiet under high load. Have nothing to complain about.
Crucial Ballistix Sport AT DDR4 3000MHz 2x8GB (BLS2C8G4D30CESTK)
2 years ago
*Edited a year
Very nice heatsinks. Has overclocked to 3200mhz and lowered on timings. Performs damn good!
a year ago
I've had it for just over 4 months now. Very happy with it! +32 inches + Va panel + 144hz + G-sync works fine! + Very nice with thin edges + Bright screen with vibrant colors + Vesa bracket - + Curved screen -No height adjustable -Ghosting is noticeable
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