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OnePlus Nord N100
2 months ago
Is unfortunately not worth the money, lousy performance and lousy hardware, yes it is cheap but still not worth it. If you want an OK budget phone with a reasonably good camera, e.g. Motorola Macro One a better option. Everything has really been saved here.
Samsung Galaxy A40 SM-A405FN/DS
3 months ago
We have several of these as budget models at work. The screens burst by themselves, probably too much tension at the edges, the batteries die after <1 year. Are there better budget models, e.g. optional Motorola from 2019-2020 for <SEK 1500.
Fnatic Gear Rush Cherry MX Red (Nordic)
7 months ago
Feels a little more compact than all the other 100 full-size keyboards you tested, took a few days to get used to. Bought the version with MX Silent from Amazon as Swedish stores only had MX Red, you avoid some "hollow" sound when driving silent. Otherwise nice keyboard without a lot of lull lull.
QPAD MK-40 (Nordic)
7 months ago
Incredibly bad keyboard. The only mechanical thing in this keyboard is the spring that makes an incredibly loud clicking sound, otherwise the keys are ordinary spongy diaphragm keys, apparently this applies to most Qpad keyboards. It's the loudest click I've ever heard and then I ran old Keytronics for reference. In other words, fake-mechanical, the stores list it as mechanical. The wrist rest is screwed on with 4 screws but is still very bad and the angle on it is strange compared to basically any other keyboard. The flaps you raise the keyboard with angles it far too much so you have to choose between completely flat or breaking the wrists. Was returned after 5 minutes of use.
a year ago
Bought on Black Friday for 1999kr, easily worth it, however, the price it has now is in the same league as better screens. But on sale it is probably the most screen for money no matter what you do with the screen.
Anthem (PS4)
a year ago
Not sure I can even recommend the game now that it costs 39kr ... It's a good idea but the implementation is abysmal, nothing promised is in the game and it gets incredibly tedious after just a few hours. After 10 hours there is nothing you have not seen in the game, what you gates for later in 50-100 hours are cosmetic gadgets.
Asus Radeon RX 5700 XT TUF Gaming X3 OC HDMI 3xDP 8GB
a year ago
Do not buy this card, it is defective from the factory, memories go above the specified maximum temperature and break after a while. Lacking full memory cooling, both this and the Strix card should be avoided.
Gigabyte Radeon RX 5700 XT Gaming OC HDMI 3xDP 8GB
a year ago*
Shares space with Sapphire Nitro + when it comes to cooling / sound level but combs it home with much lower price. Best AIB 5700 XT on the market, most others suffer from huge heat / noise level problems. Edit: Prices have risen in part, probably due to cash cards from other AIBs. Incidentally, the Power Color Red Devil has received excellent reviews, draws a few watts more but nothing noticeable.
*Edited a year
Asus Radeon RX 5700 XT ROG Strix Gaming OC HDMI 3xDP 8GB
a year ago
Asus's solution to the VRM cooling error is a BIOS that reduces consumption and loses boos (this does not solve the problem but only hides it). They have, of course, not offered me to exchange anything. The card thus overheats and causes throttling and lowering of frequencies = poor performance. There are several better alternatives where you do not have substandard coolers such as Gigabyte's Windforce and Sapphire Nitro cards.
Logitech G MX518
2 years ago*
Now that it reats out I change the grade, the fit everyone knows who had an MX518, magical. The scroll wheel is by default the worst thing that can be found on a mouse, had forgotten how bad it was after I drove the G400S for a while which also has no fantastic ones but 100x better than this one. The scroll has zero resistance and barely recognizes when changing steps. Do I notice any difference compared to the G400S which has optical sensor? Nope.
*Edited a year
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