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Sony Bravia KD-65XF9005
a year ago
Best bang for the buck still? Maybe, just watch out for the full raises before Black Friday that has already happened, it should be at 13k regular since way back.
Vileda Steam Mop
a year ago
Have had it for just over 2 years and actively used it all the time. Will never go back to a regular mop again, the microfiber cloths are expensive but can be found in almost any store and can be washed / reused so does not matter. Starts fast and cleans very well, you don't even come close without steam, which says some about how clean a home really is after cleaning.
HyperX Cloud Alpha
2 years ago
As previous owners of Qpad QH-85, Kingston Cloud I and II that are very good, they are much better on all fronts. The sound is very similar to Cloud II if you drive the leather hoods, the mic is much better. Building quality feels better, it has been a bit shaky on the Cloud series earlier, usually wrong where the cable started to flip and the left nap does not work, it should be eliminated with removable cable. For 699kr this is the best purchase right now. At first, the naps felt a bit stiff, but it decreases after a week or two. Plus, the Cloud II ears are suitable if you want to drive fabric instead of leather.
Deepcool Gamer Storm Captain 240 EX (2x120mm)
3 years ago*
Have had it for about 5-6 months now, the pump is at maximum speed, almost cluttered, so think mallig7 might have got one where there are air bubbles in the system or have a defective pump. Drive a Ryzen 1600 and in stock, you can drive the fans almost silent to keep the CPU in sensible temperatures, when overclocking, just adjust the fan curve slightly. Easily the most affordable 240 AIO right now, Asetek's gadgets are basically so similar to other AIOs from different brands. If you drive the fans to the max, they will make it clear, but most modern motherboards are in control of this, otherwise investing in a fan controller is worth investing.
*Edited 3 years
Fractal Design Focus G (Red/Black/Transparent)
3 years ago*
Quite ok for the price you got it for on black friday but ... No matter how cheap it is, you do not miss some things like: - Good threads for motherboard distances, the screw holes are plated with powder coating and almost impossible to even start screwing by hand, having a 5mm key available ... - Missed 6 screws for the distances, had a whole pile of other unusable screws with. - 4 distances were missing for the motherboard (full-size ATX), for my part, minor problems, but someone building for the first time makes it difficult to install without distances or just a few. - Bad fan filter, even if it comes with it, the "filter", which is actually a grid, is too big to keep dust away.
*Edited 3 years
Kärcher SE 4002
3 years ago*
Awesome machine but ... The instructions provided are incredibly cork written, one can flip back and forth between the pictures on the first pages and the Swedish or English section, which contains many pages to see what all features are. However, the installation is quite simple, the hose for the water is a bit dumbly constructed and folded sometimes, which means that the water does not come out. Some things to keep in mind: - Sounds more than any other vacuum cleaner I heard, much higher than a regular vacuum cleaner. Threw on an old blanket when I drove, gets warmer but run a shorter passport with it and then it works. - The handle must be positioned correctly so that the lid does not leak, the instructions show a mistake, pull it over the cover all the way, the lid loosely loosens and grinds out water ... - The vacuum cleaner does not have to be on when to apply the detergent, just pressing the dedicated button for it, it has its own engine. - The opening is big. - You do not want to sit on someone else's couch / bed after you see how much dirt it took from your own.
*Edited 3 years
Roccat Juke 7.1
3 years ago*
For 129kr as it cost, it's a huge sound card. Clear sound and no disturbances, which is expected, virtual surround I will not even test. Also works for PS4 without any problems, which was the reason for my purchase. Logitech's supplied USB dongle gave reverse stereo on the PS4, this fixed the problem with the same headset. (G430).
*Edited 3 years
Destiny 2 (PS4)
3 years ago*
Leffel1t down here with "Taking everything that's good at 1an and doing better" is cycling. This is basically a DLC for Destiny 1, but without 3 years of DLC. Everything is stripped from the original, choices are no longer available and they are turned to worse than Destiny 1 where it was released. The game is pretty nice, the gameplay is there but so much else missing from the game and PvP is downhill and claustrophobic little lanes, no positive change there either. And so, it is supposed to run peer two peer for connectivity, even though the physics and any AI are handled by their own servers, which are not available in Europe. 10-12 hours may sound quite right for someone, but it's 10-12 hours of very repetitive tasks.
*Edited 3 years
MSI Optix G27C
3 years ago*
Many who speculated that this has the same panel as C27FG70FQU, this is not the case. When Samsungen was not in stock, I decided to try MSI's "counterpart". Sick bad default settings, light intensity set at 90 which equals about 5 solar, completely unusable. If you lower the brightness, you will see that the colors are completely corked and you may have to sit for an evening or 2 to set up the screen. However, I do not think so when the light leakage is too big to live with it. At night, the screen shines like a lamp with a black image on the screen. Will return it asap, too bad because the screen in general has good building quality and is more stylish than eg. ASUS / ACER gaming screens with massive LEDs and scary colors.
*Edited 3 years
Remington MB6550 Vacuum
4 years ago*
For the price, it is very good at the time of writing <350kr. The comb is a bit too narrow and too long distance between the blades and the comb, horizontally then, can be very difficult to access everywhere. And when the comb is not as wide as the blades, the beard can sometimes get stuck from the side of the comb and it feels like it's shaking in the beard ... The vacuum cleaner collects about 90%, probably due to the above-mentioned items. Very easy to empty, just pull out with 2 fingers, turn the container upside down and tap the container against something hard (or trimmer), all falls out. + The price + Collection container - Plastic - Comb too narrow - Sounds like a jet plane
*Edited 4 years
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