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Sennheiser PXC 550-II
2 months ago
Bought on black friday 2020 for SEK 1890 Very nice headphones with good sound. I think the noise canceling function is really good, it is clearly approved. The only downside is that the touch function on the right handset is sensitive, it is easy to end a call by mistake when you just need to adjust the volume. Very affordable tricks, will use for a long time
Samsung S27R350
3 months ago*
Perfect screen for my purposes (office work, studies). Works well for gaming as well. You should know that the screen is not adjustable in height. Very affordable
*Edited 3 months
Samsung QLED QE75Q70T
4 months ago
This was bought on black friday 2020 for SEK 14,990 Fantastic TV for that price, there is nothing to complain about imo. Fast on the menus, stylish. Powerful with 75 "it becomes a real cinema feeling!
Huawei AM61
a year ago
Very affordable. The idea was to use these at the gym and at running, but the handsets are so nice and flexible that they have competed out my Sennheizer which is in the 2000 SEK class, I use them for everyday now. The sound is more than approved for this price level I think. Disadvantages? Well, holding down the button for four seconds to turn off the headphones is unnecessarily long. And maybe there are some high intervals between the levels of the volume. But these are details that do not really affect either the use or the statement above. However, the handsets are not suitable for taking calls, the call quality is lousy according to the opposite party. Bad microphone simply. But by the way, a very good buy!
Logitech G603
2 years ago*
Excellent in every way, best pointing device I owned.
*Edited 2 years
Mass Effect: Andromeda (PS4)
2 years ago
A disappointment! Andromeda is just a fan of the forefront of the series. - Large, empty spaces that are just awkward and boring to get through. - The action is cruel and does not feel credible. "The whole game experience is bad unfortunately.
Samsung UE55MU7005
3 years ago*
Bought October 2017 for 11,790 kr Really awesome TV. Cinematic Look! I run it with an Onkyo amplifier and floor speaker Dynavoice challenger M-65. Can really recommend this TV, especially if it should fall in price in the future.
*Edited 3 years
Carinthia Tropen (185cm)
4 years ago*
Has searched for "Sovsäck 2000" from my time in the Armed Forces, until a colleague pointed out that it is Carinthia that supplies FM's sleeping bags and that the Trop corresponds to sleeping bag 2000. Has now got it home with the mail from the Field Store. Remember that I was sleeping in the sleeping bag even at the lodge because it was so nice. A perfect sleeping bag for those who do not like the so-called The "mummy design" that is on most sleeping bags today. I need more room to move on when I sleep, and the carinthia tropics are perfect in that regard. Most of my outdoor equipment is lightweight, but this sleeping bag is worth an exception. It's really nice to sleep in. It's going to end up on adventure for years to come.
*Edited 4 years