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Bose QuietComfort 35 II
a year ago
Thinking years on these kids. Read many reviews. Compared to Sony's latest. Have owned them two weeks now. Have the old model with a cord that I was happy with. Think this updated model has better deeper bass and generally a little better sound, a bit more vivid. The breath better noise reduction. What I like is: + good app + works well with several units + good clear buttons on the headphones for volume etc + also supports cord + works great as a headset (did not make the previous model) + good battery life + Comfort! + works with both iPhone and Android + works with Google Assistant What I don't like: - No USB C so must have extra cord for charging - SEK 2995 is still very much money
Intel NUC NUC6i5SYH (Silver/Black)
4 years ago
Had a Mac Mini i5 before. Switched to the NUC. Understand that others have had problems with the BIOS, but I might have been lucky so far. I wanted a quiet fast computer to the TV. NUC: one meets this for me. I have not been able to hear the fan yet. Compared with my Mac Mini so it Thu difference when the fan often went off when I eg streaming full HD to your TV from the network. However, the Mac Mini i5 from the middle of 2011, the latter is certainly better. The installation worked fine. One thing to complain about only and there is neither Wifi or Network works before installing the drivers. So we have to have another computer and a USB stick for drivers so you have access to the Internet. After that, it's easy to download it as needed. Intel had to simple tools that scan which drivers are needed, and then loaded them down. Have just tested some simple games such as SC2 and Wow and it runs smoothly in full HD. Also managed to use my key from the MAC (Apple Wireless) without major problems. Drive with 8GB memory and Pattern 2 Samsung EVO 256GB SSD, which also worked directly. Installation was simple with good explanations of how to insert the memory card and M.2. Revontuli. Have not bought to 2.5 "SSD yet which there is room for. Bought a USB DVD that I bootade from to install Windows. Also worked fine. Overall very satisfied, but everyone understands that provides lower rating because of problems with the BIOS. The only problem I had (guess that's BIOS) is that I can lose 5GHz WiFi network sometimes, but 2.4GHz always works and I run the cable so I do not care so much. Therefore, I have deducted a star. Latest update from Intel (BIOS version 0042) to solve the problems, it is said, but I have not installed this yet.
Asus RT-AC68U
4 years ago
Had the company's own broadband wifi router before. It worked ok. Had to reboot occasionally and the speed was limited. What I was looking for was not to be limited by the wifi when I have fiber at 250MBit. I ran several tests with the old router from different places in the apartment and had an average speed of around 50 MBit download at broadband protocols. Since I installed the Asus router and did the same test. I was with my laptop on the 5GHz band 258MBit of funds in all rooms throughout the apartment. So with the laptop works now right now just as I had hoped. It can handle web / ftp / bittorrent mm. We have around 10 devices connected to it. So far I have not had to reboot (after 6 weeks). I have noticed that if you go far away in the apartment with a phone (not laptop) it may lose the connection to the 5GHz band, but however full strength at 2,4Ghz. Unfortunately I have not tested the speed of 2,4Ghz even when I had no reason. So if you go and bother you that your wifi is slower than your broadband as I did and you want a stable, fast wifi router so this may be a good alterntiv. Are sure the routers are better, but I'm fully satisfied with this as it meets all my needs and they are not so complicated.
Marantz PM7003
10 years ago
*Edited 5 years
This should be more popular than eg HK 980, I think. Compared this with the HK 980 and think it is a big difference in the sound. What is noticeable is that Marantzen is much clearer in the midrange and more present. Run with my Monitor Audio RX6 and can say that it sounds very good. Huge capacity, both enough and to spare, while providing a good presence with an airy and spirited sound. Thinking of HK 980, do not hesitate to take a look at this instead. I'm glad I did it anyway. (lowered the rating to 7a after a few years when there are gaps in the selector to the speakers and the remote does not work to adjust the volume.)
Sony Alpha A6000 + 16-50/3.5-5.6 OSS
5 years ago
Have now had this camera for more than a year. One of the main reasons I bought it was to replace the photos from my mobile. It works very well for this. With a few simple clicks you transfer the picture to your mobile where it simpler shared with any social network. A little fun for people take the first not know how to take the best pictures with their mobile. Reason two on the list to buy a new camera was that I wanted to take photos when it was a bit darker. The noise of the camera is low and ISO1600 outstanding results. It will be good even in 3200, which was a big difference for me. I still run with the kit lens and you get pretty far with it. Lacks a little more zoom and sometimes it is not the brightest one can find. Viewfinder is OLED and provides very nice colors. Settings are easy to reach quickly and most can be set so that for example, you quickly reach ISO etc. The different modes, from manual to fully automatic works well. The function of the burst is very cool. Focus hang with good and with 12 frames per second captures often many unique situations. The only drawback is that if you change to a better lens you loose the compactness of the camera with kit lens, but that's really not the camera's fault. I am still very happy after + 1year and feel I can develop more with this camera.
Monitor Audio Silver RX6
11 years ago
*Edited 6 years
Liked this RS6, but thought it was a little too sharp in the treble. Now that they've fixed this in the RX6 was no doubt for me. I was listening to, among other things ELAC and Dynaudio and for me there was no doubt at all. Treble is a clear but balanced, very clear mids without being too prominent and most importantly a very determined and selected base which does not flow out. The sound is then balanced between the elements and provides an in my ears nose perfect mix. At least so perfect you can get for this price. Something else I like is that you do not need high volume to get a good sound out of them. I did not find any other speakers in the price range up to 15000 were nearby. Run them with a Maranz PM 7003 and it sounds sweet. Too bad they will have 2000 extra if you want them in white piano lacquer only. The problem with the speakers is that it's hard to stop listening to music. It sounds so disgusting good.
Pro-Ject DAC Box FL
11 years ago
*Edited 6 years
Before I drove with this so I drove the sound analogous to the amplifier from the computer. My comparison is therefore with analog transmission and CD player. I think this is far superior to both. Of course it should be better than the computer's D / A converter, but it is light years in difference. Think it is very good sound in every way. I have not been able to compare with other separate D / A converter, but find it hard to imagine that they would sound much better. Possibly they may be a little cheaper than this. What I do know is that this gives better sound than my few years old rotel CD player and like I said infinitely better audio computer's D / A. Sound 10/10 Price 8/10
Canon Pixma MG6250
8 years ago
*Edited 6 years
Has had 1 month now. Mainly uses it to scan documents and images. I wanted to access the wireless when I bought this. Just want to say it works very well. Thought mention it, I wondered before I bought. You can set the scanner so it can access wifi. You can log on to the Wifi network via the touch screen on the "printer". All computers in your home can share a folder via Canon's software so you can scan the computer you want. Very smooth and has worked all the time. If instead you want, you can scan to a memory card in the scanner that you put in. This memory card is then distributed in the network. As always, it's pretty much the applications installed by Canon, but in this case it works really well. No problems at all so far. When it comes to photo printing, I can not speak, but there are a lot of reviews online about this. Scanning of many documents into a single PDF works well. Scanning of up to 4 images while automatically separated into their own photos also works flawlessly. I'm about as happy one can be. It is somewhat large and heavy, it can think of. After a year went printer broke down which lowers the grade.
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