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Jabra Elite 75t
10 months ago
I was given this product to review as part of the Jabra Reviewer program. I usually only use the standard earbuds that come with products so I jumped at the chance to try the Jabra Elite 75t bluetooth earphones. Now I see what I've been missing out on! Firstly, not having wires is a huge improvement! No more getting caught on things and pulling the buds out of my ears or getting up and dragging my laptop along with me! The earphones were very easy to set up and start using, they worked straight away after pairing with my phone. I had issues getting the Sound+ app working. I got in touch with Jabra support who were very easy to contact (refreshing these days) and responded. It turned out my smartwatch and the earphones seem to clash somehow and my phone doesn't recognise the earbuds in the Sound+ app while my watch is connected. This is a bit of an issue for me although the earphones are perfectly adequate without the app. Sound quality is exceptional, detailed, crisp sound with strong deep bass. Also being proper in-ear buds that fit right in the ear means the volume can be lower as outside noise is blocked out. This helps ensure you don't damage your ears as well as improving the listening experience. I have struggled to get a comfortable fit with this type of earphones in the past but I've used the Elite 75t's for extended periods without any issue. The HearThrough feature is really ingenious. Simply push the left earbud button and microphones play outside noise through the earbuds so you can hear what's going on around you without taking them out. Battery life has been plenty for my needs. I have listened to music while doing something and put them on charge in the case when I've finished. I'm not sure if they'd last long enough for someone who wanted to use them all day for calls while driving or such like. Overall I'm very impressed and a definite convert to wireless earphones! Highly recommended!
Huawei Watch GT 2 46mm Classic Edition
a year ago
I received this product as part of a review program in return for an unbiased review. The Huawei Watch GT2 comes in attractive packaging. On unboxing it struck me as a quality bit of kit. The bevelled glass that curves down to meet the case is very nicely done. It's very easy to get it up and running, simply download the Huawei Health app, connect via bluetooth and away you go. I've been using the watch for a while now, wearing it almost constantly, including in the shower. There are no marks on the face or case and the strap is holding up very well. I was worried the watch would be too big for me as I have quite small wrists. It is bigger than any other watch I've worn previously although it is quite light so doesn't feel as cumbersome as you might expect. I would still prefer it to be slightly smaller but it's perfectly comfortable as it is. I am incredibly impressed with the battery life of this watch. My main issue with other smartwatches I've tried is that you have to take them off every night to charge for the following day. This is inconvenient and also makes things like sleep tracking harder to get any value out of. There is no such worry with this watch! I don't know how they've managed it but I wore it for almost 2 weeks before my first recharge. I find this quite amazing since it's always tracking your heart rate and monitoring steps. Notifications work well although I would like to be able to reply to messages direct from the watch. Taking phone calls on the watch works perfectly. I've always been able to hear the caller easily and nobody has noticed I've not been taking the call on my phone. I've found the weather function useful and the heart rate, activity tracking and sleep tracking have made me pay more attention to trying to be active and sleep better. I don't have an Android phone so can't listen to music and I believe there is slightly more customisation available to Android users but they aren't things I particularly miss. The main feature I would like that's missing is NFC for payments which can be useful although it's not a major omission. I think strictly speaking the Watch GT2 is more of an activity tracker than a full blown smartwatch but for me its more than adequate and better than any other smartwatch I've tried. I'd thoroughly recommend it!
HP Sprocket Plus Photo Printer
3 years ago
The HP Sprocket Plus is a device I've wanted to try for a while. On receiving the Printer it seems well built and looks sleek and stylish. It's a doddle to set up, simply make sure the battery is charged, load the paper & download the app and you're ready to go. The app gives lots of options to edit photos before printing and offers hints and tips for using the printer. Printing itself is very speedy with prints only taking a few seconds. Unfortunately the prints are quite disappointing. The colours generally appear rather washed out compared to the digital versions and there are often lines and blemishes on physical prints. It's an excellent concept and the pictures do make nice little mementos but the image quality really is a let down. I wanted to love the Sprocket Plus but currently I feel let down. If HP can update the firmware or improve the paper to provide better colours I'd be happy with it but for now I can't recommend it. UPDATE I've now learned you can print direct from other apps on your phone. My experience printing direct from Photos on my iPhone seems a bit better than using the Sprocket App.
Kärcher FC 5
3 years ago*
The FC5 is very easy to assemble taking less than 5 minutes out the box. The pictorial instructions are fairly simple and easy to understand for the most part. The build quality is excellent as you'd expect from Karcher. Using the device is very easy, fill up the tank on the front, turn it on and off you go. I found it very good for cleaning large areas, it can also get right up to the edge of floors you are cleaning adjacent to. It would struggle to fit into small gaps but I was able to clean the majority of my floor with it. I do have a few negatives, it leaves dirty marks on skirtings which would need wiping off afterwards and also struggles to clean grouting. I think a traditional mop or steam cleaner wouldn't have these issues although they don't inc;ude the vacuum function. It took me about 10 minutes to do the area in my pictures and it took a further 10 minutes to dry afterwards. I think this is quicker than other methods although the issues I mentioned earlier would probably make the time roughly the same. I think this would be an excellent product for people with all or lots of floor it's suitable for. As I only have one relatively small hard floor I would still need a separate vacuum so it seems like an additional product to add to the clutter!
*Edited 3 years
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 9.7 SM-T820 32GB
3 years ago*
On unboxing my Galaxy Tab S3 I was very impressed with the packaging and first impressions of the device. This is my first tablet and also my first Samsung product in the mobile device arena. The build quality and design appears to be top notch. It does look as though it would be very easy to scratch or damage so I'm a little surprised a case or at least a protection film isn't included. After initially charging the tablet it seems relatively straightforward to set up. I'm sure it would be a breeze for someone that already uses Samsung products but took a little more time and effort for me as I didn't have a Samsung account or any experience with Android. The screen is excellent, very vibrant and crystal sharp. The device is not too heavy but being so thin and all glass it feels a bit precarious at times, I'm sure a case would remedy this. The tablet is excellent for watching films or shows either with headphones or the built in speakers which are surprisingly powerful for such a slim device. The included pen is a useful feature especially for drawing and painting. Having said this I find myself missing a physical keyboard for web browsing and email. I'm not sure how much use the tablet will get as I find myself going back to my laptop and use my smartphone otherwise. I think the Galaxy Tab S3 is a brilliant tablet although I have no experience of others to compare it to. I would definitely recommend it for someone in the market for a tablet.
*Edited 3 years