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Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T 32GB
6 years ago*
It is not good. Works surfing with but is tough in many ways. The keyboard has a good feel to the keys but laggy. Embarrassing for that price.
*Edited 6 years
SanDisk ImageMate USB 3.0 All-in-1 Card Reader SDDR-289
6 years ago*
If you are going to use the CF card is totally useless. Poor fit and too little depth in the hole card reader makes contact pins at the ends of the lines easily bend and end up in the same hole as another stick in the card. Happened several times (bent back stick after I discovered the error) and the card needed to be formatted on each time. Almost all the pictures went to restore (before formatting!) With recovery programs. Have never experienced a similar problem with my previous USB2 card reader. Other cards work fine in the reader think.
*Edited 6 years
Battlefield 4 (PC)
7 years ago*
Although most crasher now seems to be remedied, the game is full of great flaws. A FPS that does not handle the ball hits correctly is a scandal. BF3 is vastly better gameplay! It seems that they believe that the players will be happy with a lousy game if they just squeeze into a little more gadgets, more spam weapons and grenades. > 1000 hours splade in BF3, doubtful whether there will be more than 200 in BF4. First, they need to fix the game, then work on balancing between vehicles etc. .. Hope that EA fails to fuck up Titan Fall as hard.
*Edited 7 years
Mad Catz Cyborg M.M.O. 7
8 years ago*
Very disappointed. The mouse stopped working completely after only a short use. Despite the setting options I found nothing position that suits me. The biggest problem (besides it broke) is that it is far too heavy even without the weights. One must grasp firmly into it to lift it (when you do not want to move the mouse cursor) and it makes it almost ofrånkommligen press any of thumb keys and or right side button. Unsustainable in FPS, might work in games that are less hectic? Thumb keys are placed too far back on the mouse even when you moved them all the way. Bought it mainly to get more buttons, but goes back to Logithech G9 without forgoing MMO7 the slightest.
*Edited 8 years
Samsung Galaxy S II GT-i9100 16GB
9 years ago*
Are extremely pleased with the handset. Had an S1 earlier that I liked a lot but the S2 is even more finely honed. Dual cores makes a big difference to how smoothly everything goes. Battery life, I feel like something better but it is still disturbing that sometimes you have to skimp (the only reason it does not get ten points). On some occasions, the handset has become very hot. In summary superb smartphone!
*Edited 9 years
Nikon Nikkor AF-S 70-200/2.8 G IF-ED VR II
10 years ago*
It does not get better. Sharp from full aperture, fast AF, nice background blur, solid construction. Do nothing bad and then it has to be a ten. The only downside is perhaps that it is a bit cumbersome to carry around but it's a feature you will not get away when it comes to this sort of lens.
*Edited 10 years
Sigma 10-20/4.0-5.6 EX DC HSM for Nikon
11 years ago*
Great value, fun and useful lens. Since I do a lot of interior photo sits this often on camera. The only minus is that it does not work for full frame. Next angle zoom becomes the Sigma 12-24 (which also works on the D700). Seems that the range is very useful and is not disturbed nämvärt that there are more bright. Not good lens properties. Worth every penny!
*Edited 11 years
Nikon D700
11 years ago*
The camera is absolutely fantastic. Incredibly good noise characteristics at high ISO and nice to be able to get to the shallower depth that FF provides. D300 is broadly equivalent to the remainder. Experiencing D700: ans AF that little bit faster and more accurate (but it may have to do with that I also bought a new lens, 24-70, who usually sits on). Compared to the D300, I think it's a shame that the AF points do not cover as much of the image area. Very nice with larger viewfinder image contrast. Distinguished ergonomics as usual with Nikon. Käslan is absolutely right and the controls become intuitive since it has set its functions so that it suits yourself. Can you help but love the D700?
*Edited 11 years
Logitech G9
13 years ago*
I had a MX 518 before that I am very happy with (until the right button started sticking).   This G9 seems to be a better mouse but it takes Kanke some time to get used to. The friction is very low, which feels a little strange but the term certainly is a big plus. The precision feels passable after you fooling around and tried different speeds. G9 is a pretty little mouse which is bad for me personally. I would have preferred one of the MX500 Series size. (Perhaps MX518 feels clumsy after a period omvänjning ...) Something that is really awful of Logitech's writing that you can buy new skins even though it is not produced alternative shell (and if it ever comes, it will probably only be with new colors). Lousy driving with false advertising! When I bought the mouse, I thought I might well change the cover if it was too small but it is thus not possible (both shells provided are small). I'm experiencing thumb keys as little unclear. When Browsing is fine but if you want to use them in fast games, it is easy to miss a keystroke that no one really knows their contours. Trvligt with tilt wheel. Even the mouse wheel (like all other buttons) side presses can bind a little anything (keyboard keystrokes, macros, etc., etc.. In games, I use them in place of the buttons that I miss from the MX518's top and the windows have I use them for sidscrollning. The weights feels superfluous. I think that the mouse weighs enough without a single folded tuck. Quick Scroll with No freed wheel also feels a bit unnecessary. I usually do not have the need to scroll very quickly through hundreds of pages. Maybe I should start using it occasionally if it had been a little less circumstances to change to the usual incremental scrolling (button switch located on the bottom of the mouse). Overall, I'm satisfied with the product, although I would have liked that they retained the position of the buttons on the mouse's top side and a few other minor problems.
*Edited 13 years
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