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Netgear Nighthawk AX12 RAX120
a year ago*
A router that works well and does what it does. I was considering an Asus GT AX11000 but the choice fell on the AX12 solely because of the design. My review lets you include a pinch of salt because I don't have very high demands on a router but bought this one to get Wi-Fi 6 and future-proof. I come from an Asus router in the 1000kr class that couldn't handle the amount of clients I have at home. Earlier router needed to be restarted sometimes and my Nest protect did not work which AX12 solved. Scope and transmission speed I notice no major difference (it fixes 2 wingsplane without problems) - possibly it is a little better signal strength on the 5GHz band. A few minus: * The mains adapter is very large and it is not really successful to have it hanging in an electrical outlet in the wall. * I had hoped that my mechanical hard drives would spin down during inactivity (one a WD and the other Seagate 2TB 2.5 ") but they don't. This is common for routers, though. * The setting options are not on top and the mobile app lacks a lot of settings that are thankfully available through the web interface.
*Edited a year
Allocacoc PowerBar 2-Way 2xUSB 1.5m
3 years ago*
I bought a total of two of these and, purely functional, they work well. The big problem is that you hear a constant high-frequency sound that is very annoying. It is therefore a classic coil whine or "spoltjut" one hears. My first copy was slightly worse than the other but 2/2 sounds so I guess the bad design and not two Monday copies. If you plan to have the PowerBaren connected in a room with normal sound image, it will be guaranteed to be heard. For example, the bedroom is just forgetting. I do not know if you can make the connection to the bad components but personally would pull me to power or charge valuable electronics. In particular, I would be worried to leave this connected and unattended. Additionally, I also have Allocacoc's Powercube with USB sockets and this is cluttered.
*Edited 3 years
Logitech Wireless Keyboard K270 (Nordic)
7 years ago*
Have had the keyboard for a while and am very pleased. It works just as it should. It is nice to type on and has a nano-transmitter so you can pair multiple Logitech devices to the same transmitter. Considering the price, it feels anything but top marks wrong.
*Edited 7 years
Salomon X Max 120 13/14
7 years ago*
I have just about used this boot for two seasons and can admit that I never in my life regretted a purchase as much as I regretted this. Previously I had boots with varying quality and slowly approached me stiffer and better boots. Now that I would upgrade, I let myself be talked about how good Salomon Custom Shell would conform to my feet and how amazing this boot was. Well, after "casting" and a fake smile as dismissal from the vendor at Intersport, I thought I now found a boot that will be with me for many years. Unfortunately, I felt more or less directly to this boot is the most marketing and very little real joy. The boot is horribly uncomfortable to wear. Custom Fit by all means but one boot pinches ate in my case over one ankle. If one tightens the boots in the slightest so I lose quickly numb toes and both feet start to go numb (the consequence is that it freezes your toes due to poor blood circulation). Wiggling your toes now and then you can forget for it does not solve the fundamental problem that they tighten everywhere. Not even when you snap them up completely so they become really loose. Another negative part, but not so great, is that the boots are hard plastic soles and no rubber at all over. It can become very slippery indoor and they wear fairly quickly if you need to go a bit longer distances in them. Have you read all the way down here and think I just sound bitter and maybe you're right. But I had very high expectations for these boots. Sure, it might have a lot to do with my feet and a bit with boots but I've never had problems with either boots or shoes and think I have normal feet. Is there anything positive at all then? Yeah, tell me how, if you can take those skis on top of the hill and take them off the bottom, this is a fantastic boot. But if you must wear them all day so drop anyway, I'm happy to ski very fast and it feels like it might set off how well they can convey power down the slopes and everything else beautiful that you can read in the product description.
*Edited 7 years