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Leatherman Crunch
a day ago*
Agree with! TL; DR: Wonderful tool to take with you as an "extra". However, the IMO is beginning to feel that the tool has not been updated for a long time. The inserts in the pliers have non-replaceable carbide inserts. Missing scissors. + Leatherman quality right through. I generally have a hard time with fanboi-ism, and I may not have enough experience in the rest of the market (wore a Victorinox Cybertool for ~ 10 years), but think that this quality is far above average in the segment. - Lacks scissors, and thinks it has too many slotted screwdrivers. Scissors are probably the tool I personally use most in service, unfortunately. But still have a Charge TTI + on me when a knife is allowed in place, and a Knifeless Rebar otherwise. Therefore sees this as a _complement_ to EDC tools, mostly due to locking pliers. Will try to modify this, will return. - Also lacks any kind of bit driver. The built-in shares space with the adjustment mechanism for the pliers, which must therefore be unscrewed completely when using bits ... And you do not want to get rid of it! Due to the locking mechanism, it can also not be used as a bit driver with a 90-degree handle.
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Ryobi RJS850-K
10 days ago*
Initial review, may return. for longer use. Paid 699 SEK at Christmas. - Most of the construction feels cheap, tough buttons without real detents. - The trigger feels quite cheap, gives no speed control, it only happens with the wheel - Slightly high minimum speed. - Stop / Edge guide was not included! Maybe mine was a Monday copy, should ask Jula ... (Update: Jula says it does not come with the saw ...) + Three year warranty. (According to packaging).
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Corsair USB 3.0 Flash Survivor Stealth V2 128GB
15 days ago*
(Work in progress) TL; DR: Some form of write cache / thermal throttle! Write starts at 155 MB / s, but plunges to 35 MB / s after a few seconds. (Sometimes fluctuates between ~ 11 MB / s and ~ 90MB / s at Write.) Takes an hour to fill 128 GB. Reads, however, occur at 224 MB / s Does not appear in ATA / SMART in AIDA64. ****************************** Test finished without errors. You can now delete the test files * .h2w or verify them again. Writing speed: 31.4 MByte / s Reading speed: 224 MByte / s H2testw v1.4 ****************************** DISKPART> detail partition Partition 1 Type: 0C Hidden: No Active: No Offset in Bytes: 305004544
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DJI Mavic Mini Fly More Combo RTF
a year ago*
Update 2020-11-09: Barely a year after purchase, starting to get a little difficult to charge the batteries, starting to think that the "intelligent" battery monitoring has some real parasitic load on them as they seem to self-discharge much faster than my "unattended" drone batteries. Has gone so far that two of the batteries no longer respond to the charger. So ... is it supposed to buy battery packs every year? The battery pack for my second drone (Custom, 2 kg AUW, 4S1P: 14.4V 8000 mAh) still holds ~ 80% of the original capacity, as it is kept cool and charged to 50% state-of-charge when not in use ... Is this even possible with "intelligent" batteries? PSA: If you plan to buy "DJI Care", this should be done within 48 hours of activation. (If it has taken longer, however, there is a method on DJI's website.) PSA: Check current and future legislation before purchasing, and please fly respectfully and educate the public about what is allowed. There are so many misconceptions out there. ***************** Update 2020-01-13: Has not directly been flying weather lately. Can recommend the free version of the Android app "UAV Forecast", shows on a screen if it is "good to go", with personally configurable parameters. (No affiliation, was just happy with the discovery.) Landing points can be a few centimeters too short for take-off in grass, 3D-printed a couple of these: (Not tested yet due to weather.) (Tested these, works well, no significant impact on flight time) Also bought a small LED strobe of just over 10 grams, as the quad is a little difficult to see and follow after about 100 m. Not tested yet, weather * n, will return. ;) Read a lot about flyaways on Mavic Pilots (, the main common denominator seems to be underestimated wind speed at higher altitudes. Comments about compass calibration and GPS locks also occur, but wind speed seems to be a bigger problem, claim some who seem to have experience in analyzing device logs. (Can not speak louder than that, but if we succeed in preventing a flyaway, I'm happy.) *********************************************** Original review: Runs with Galaxy S9 +, 128 GB uSDXC. ( Previous experience: Real> 2 kg AUW QuadCopter with several analog video links and telemetry, built for heavy duty. ~ 100h flight time (+ 300h in simulator) (Master of Engineering). +++ Absolutely wonderful flight time, gets out a bit over 25 minutes on full batteries, mixed flight style and speed, C / P / S, in winter temperatures around 1-2 Celsius. + Overall really nice quality of unit, gimbal, motors, TX / transmitter. The chassis is relatively solid and stable for being of such a thin material. + Very well-proven batteries. Samsung INR18650-25R5 (Green). - Possibly lacks a slightly better sorting system in the bag, the accompanying containers of paper are not rugged or transparent. 3D-printed other containers from Thingiverse. Togglebar lighting would have been nice, e.g. bright 0604 LEDs had not added significant weight, could have cut a few grams by installing a heatsink instead of heatspreader on the CPU. - The machine does NOT appear as a memory card reader (MSD) if it is connected directly to a computer. Charging only. - Somewhat low "ground clearance", probably weight saving. There are higher racks for 3D printing. - The DJI app seems to log quite huge amounts of data, likes the data itself, but some of this seems to be uploaded even if you are opted-out from their tracking in the app. (- Extra batteries are relatively expensive at the time of writing, ~ @ 400 SEK per battery) (- USB micro-B, not USB-C) ****************************************** Geekiness: Teardown: ~ Wondering if it would be possible to "unlock" the effect if you have a radio license ... At first glance, it is the same model that is sold in both the EU and the US, but the effect is limited per software in our model. (Update: Other hardware) The included charger seems to be optimized for size, not for the fastest possible charging time. Charges at ~ 0.66C, for a charge time of around 90 minutes per battery. According to DJI's specifications, however, they should be able to be charged in 24W, corresponding to ~ 1.39C, and means a full charge of ~ 43 minutes. Which the battery manufacturer Samsung's specifications agree with. (2.5Ah @ 4A ~ 37.5 min) ~ A battery capacity of 17.28 Wh (62 kJ), together with a battery life of> 25 minutes gives an average power of around 41 W. Weight of 250g then gives an efficiency of 6g / Watt. (Compare with larger quads that reach 10-15 g / W) Rumor has it that the quadrant hovering RPM is around 9500. Cell: Samsung INR18650-25R5 (Green), SDI, 6 JL1T Max. continuous discharge current: 22A Safe pulse discharge ratings: 95A <0.5 sec, 65A <1 sec, 40A <5 sec, 30A <6 sec Nominal capacity: 2500 mAh Nominal voltage: 3.6 V Discharge end voltage: 2.5 V Charging voltage: 4.20 +/- 0.05 V Standard charging current: 1.25 A Rapid charge: 4A (37.5 min) Length: 65.85 mm Diameter: 18.33 mm Weight: 45.0 g Datasheet: ~ Nice compact bag that comes with Fly More Combo, however, should look for a hardcase with space for locks.
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LaCie Rugged USB-C 4TB
24 days ago*
Update 2020-11-06: After full formatting. (Diskpart Clean -> Create Partition Primary -> Format FS = NTFS (NOT QUICK)) and the disk works at full speed again. This took ~ 9h to complete. h2testw reports ~ 117 MB / s Write, 129 MB / s Read. Original review below: SMR! Writes down to at least around 12-25 MB / s at shingled write with 98% drive active time. -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- CrystalDiskMark 7.0.0 x64 (C) 2007-2019 hiyohiyo Crystal Dew World: -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- * MB / s = 1,000,000 bytes / s [SATA / 600 = 600,000,000 bytes / s] * KB = 1000 bytes, KiB = 1024 bytes [Read] Sequential 1MiB (Q = 8, T = 1): 135.475 MB / s [129.2 IOPS] <61457.02 us> Sequential 1MiB (Q = 1, T = 1): 132,746 MB / s [126.6 IOPS] <7887.53 us> Random 4KiB (Q = 32, T = 16): 1,137 MB / s [277.6 IOPS] <545776.09 us> Random 4KiB (Q = 1, T = 1): 0.465 MB / s [113.5 IOPS] <8794.39 us> [Write] Sequential 1MiB (Q = 8, T = 1): 50.540 MB / s [48.2 IOPS] <163260.19 us> Sequential 1MiB (Q = 1, T = 1): 24.116 MB / s [23.0 IOPS] <43460.77 us> Random 4KiB (Q = 32, T = 16): 3,092 MB / s [754.9 IOPS] <332025.24 us> Random 4KiB (Q = 1, T = 1): 0.186 MB / s [45.4 IOPS] <21869.59 us> Profile: Default Test: 1 GiB (x4) [Interval: 5 sec] Date: 2020/11/01 20:10:03 OS: Windows 10 [10.0 Build 17763] (x64) ****************************** AIDA64 Disk Benchmark (Block size Auto, the selected 1 MB) Linear Read (Start): 125 MB / s Linear Read (Middle): 111 MB / s Linear Read (End): 62 MB / s Random Read: 90 MB / s Buffered Read (2 MB): 235 MB / s Average Read Access: 24 ms ****** AIDA64 Storage \ ATA: ****** Field Value ATA Device Properties Active UDMA Transfer Mode UDMA 6 Device Type SATA-III UAS @ Oxford Form Factor 2.5 " LBA Sectors 7814037168 Max. MWDMA Transfer Mode MWDMA 2 Max. PIO Transfer Mode PIO 4 Max. UDMA Transfer Mode UDMA 6 Model ID ST4000LM024-2AN17V Multiple Sectors 1 Parameters 7752021 cylinders, 16 heads, 63 sectors per track, 512 bytes per sector Physical / Logical Sector Size 4 KB / 512 bytes Revision 0001 Rotational Speed 5526 RPM Serial Number * Unformatted Capacity 3726 GB World Wide Name * ATA Device Features 48-bit LBA Supported, Enabled Automatic Acoustic Management (AAM) Not Supported Device Configuration Overlay (DCO) Supported, Enabled DMA Setup Auto-Activate Supported, Disabled Free-Fall Control Not Supported General Purpose Logging (GPL) Supported, Enabled Hardware Feature Control Not Supported Host Protected Area (HPA) Supported, Enabled HPA Security Extensions Supported, Disabled Hybrid Information Feature Not Supported In-Order Data Delivery Not Supported Native Command Queuing (NCQ) Supported NCQ Autosense Supported NCQ Priority Information Not Supported NCQ Queue Management Command Not Supported NCQ Streaming Not Supported Phy Event Counters Supported Read Look-Ahead Supported, Enabled Release Interrupt Not Supported Security Mode Supported, Disabled Sense Data Reporting (SDR) Supported, Disabled Service Interrupt Not Supported SMART Supported, Enabled SMART Error Logging Supported, Enabled SMART Self-Test Supported, Enabled Software Settings Preservation (SSP) Supported, Enabled Streaming Not Supported Tagged Command Queuing (TCQ) Not Supported Write Cache Supported, Disabled Write-Read-Verify Not Supported SSD Features Data Set Management Not Supported Deterministic Read After TRIM Not Supported TRIM Command Not Supported Power Management Features Advanced Power Management Supported, Disabled Automatic Partial to Slumber Transitions (APST) Disabled Device Initiated Interface Power Management (DIPM) Supported, Disabled Device Sleep (DEVSLP) Not Supported Extended Power Conditions (EPC) Not Supported Host Initiated Interface Power Management (HIPM) Not Supported IDLE IMMEDIATE With UNLOAD FEATURE Not Supported Link Power State Device Sleep Not Supported Power Management Supported, Enabled Power-Up In Standby (PUIS) Supported, Disabled ATA Commands DEVICE RESET Not Supported DOWNLOAD MICROCODE Supported, Enabled FLUSH CACHE Supported, Enabled FLUSH CACHE EXT Supported, Enabled NOP Not Supported READ BUFFER Supported, Enabled WRITE BUFFER Supported, Enabled Disk Device Physical Info Average Rotational Latency 5.6 ms Average Seek 14 ms Buffer Size 128 MB Buffer-to-Host Data Rate 600 MB / s Form Factor 2.5 " Formatted Capacity 4 TB Hard Disk Name Barracuda SATA 2.5 SATA-III interface Manufacturer Seagate Max. Internal Data Rate 1120 Mbit / s Max. Weight 190 g Physical Dimensions 100.35 x 69.85 x 15 mm Rotational Speed 5400 RPM Spin-Up Time 7.5 sec Device Manufacturer Company Name Seagate Technology LLC Driver Update Product Information
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CreatBot D600 Dual Extruder
a year ago*
Update 2019-11-16: We still have a lot of problems with this, extruder gear slips on the filaments, if this happens often for a short time then feed errors occur with failed print as a result. Will see if we can replace the extruder system with 1.75mm when we have time, possibly with BondTech or direct drive. Would also be nice to switch hot-end to E3D V6 Full ... Installed a Supermicro FAN-0147L4 40mm as part cooling fan, powered from 12V with Noctua's PWM controller. Can be regulated steplessly between overkill cooling for awesome bridging and surface quality all the way down to a more normal party cooling fan sound level. Original review: Have this at work, have only just over 150h experience with it so far. To clarify, we have the older model shown in the picture above, with black chassis, not the newer one with white chassis. --- Firmware is not published, even though it is based on Marlin and uses its license. - Is it just me, or does neither the build nor the print quality correspond to the price? PSA: Had massive problems with this until I discovered that it had been placed on a heat-insulating and cold-blocked surface. This causes the stepper motor drivers to overheat and the machine to skip steps. The machine contains a power supply of 1000 W for the heated bed, and this gives off the right amount of heat during use. Due to the product's weight and installation, we have not been able to move it, so we have to drive without a heated bed, then it works.
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Bosch IXO V (1x1.5Ah)
2 years ago*
Update 2020-10-12: Moderately used, however, already feels like at least one tooth in the gearbox has started to slip at higher loads. Metal gears do not seem to be on the market, I may print and sinter my own, but you should not have to expect that in this price range. The cutting accessory "derailed" during heavier use and needed to be repaired. Original review: Purchased basically entirely due to the angle adapter and the cutting accessory. Made a teardown, like a good little nerd. --- Large deduction for nylon gears in the gearbox. There are gears to 3D print on Thingiverse (search for "IXO"), by several people ... So people are obviously not alone in the problem. However, the engine runs pinion of metal. The bevel gear and IXO Cutter (not included with this SKU), however, have bevel gears in metal. + Seems to be perfectly OK quality for Bosch's green series. The chassis is in ABS + SEBS. Many details in PA (x) GF30. + Nice grip. + Absolutely OK speed and torque in terms of type. + USB charging! Nice when you can no longer find some other chargers. + Included box in white plastic of better quality, however, could have had a little more space for accessories. (- Lacks variable speed and torque setting, although has "real" tools for this, but would have been nice. Have a hard time believing that a simpler torque setting would not fit?) Sees this as a very light-duty tool, lacks many features and capabilities available on other tools: - USB connector not protected. - The LED does not light up when you release the shutter button, common among tools that the LED stays on for a few seconds. It is possible to set the gear unit to "neutral" and only activate the LED, but not the overlapping area of use. - No speed control. BOLTR (AvE <3): * Engine: 1 607 022 656, Chengfang Engine, A06-3PT1003, 3.6 VDC 182692 * Battery: Sanyo UR18650W2 - 3.7 V, 1.5 Ah, 15 A (Of which 54 Watt in specs) * PCB: 1809, E206420 NE5000. PD 2018. HW version 1v03 (Made in Hungary)
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Asus ROG Chakram
4 months ago*
Update 2020-10-07: Absolutely agree with foxday that a mouse in this price range should have spotless software! Have not had problems with Chinese installation, but have had stability problems with Armory Crate. Pulls off a star for the software. Original review: Purchased from Inet for 1400 SEK, which is in the absolute upper limit of what I can imagine spending for a mouse in this class. Actually more productivity-oriented nowadays, but was really eager to test how the joystick on this can be set up for use in CAD. Coming from Logitech MX Master 1. Run via 2.4 GHz on WS (TR1950X, 2080Ti, 2x 4KHDR + QHD144Hz), Bluetooth on laptop. ++ Really like the idea of being able to replace the switches, right to repair is important for the product's lifetime, resale value, upcycling etc. + Quite OK quality, However, the Master felt more solid. + Very light, not used to this, but feels good after long periods of use. + Fast charging, both via cable and Qi (tested on Samsung EP-P5200). + Tracks _very_ well. - Missing freescroll. - Missing tilt scroll. - It would have been nice to be able to switch between Digital and Analog on the joystick with a dedicated / programmable button. This is possible (currently) only by changing Profile, which is done via two-button combo (DPI + Fwd / Back / Mouse3) - Probably wanted a button or two extra in this price range. - However, the battery (1250 mAh Li-Ion) is not accessible. - Tri-wing screws. - The biggest problem is actually in software, Armory Crate ~ Really like RGB (or well, the ability to bind system info such as temps / load / power to specific LEDs), actually run AIDA64 and iCUE for this, and here I must say that Armory Crate is looooong behind both solutions, both in terms of refinement and feature . ~ The joystick is a bit too far forward and too sluggish for my taste, runs claw grip with slightly larger hands than average. Switched to the longer lever lever, but discovered that the joystick only moves in the 2D plane, not the pivot. Should try to script / confa unit better in GlovePIE, AHK or JoyToKey, will see what works best.
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Asus RT-AC86U
2 months ago*
Has worked perfectly for approx. three weeks, but today the wired part crashed quite hard, sitting temporarily (due to relocation, not able to build up and confa about the 10 GbE part of the network yet.) against an Aquantia 10G-NIC on board ASUS Zenith Extreme, but Aquantian interpreted it as that the network cable was not even connected. However, both 2.4 and 5 GHz worked without further ado for another five minutes, after which DHCP also became unstable. Restart solved all problems. After restarting, the device with the correct username and password could not be logged in for the first five minutes. When the crash happened, the device was not under any further high load, but will keep an eye on it in the future. Will be back for news. Have been really happy so far though. :) Run latest stock FW: Optional firmware is available and will probably test this.
*Edited 2 months
Samsung C27JG50
4 months ago*
Update 2020-09-21: Replaced display port cable to one of good quality (DP1.4, 8K60: item no. DP8K-1030) and the sleep problem disappeared. Update 2020-08-05: Had a little problem: The screen does not go into sleep, but repeatedly tries to find the signal even when the computer is turned off, will see if this works better with another cable. Therefore turned off the screen with the power button yesterday, today it did not start with the power button, but had to be switched off and on again at the wall socket. Feel free to let us know if you have similar problems, or if this is a "Monday copy" ... (This also seems to have been mentioned by other users on the product page at Samsung and LTT, I asked the user on LTT, will come back if they do :) Original rating: Have installed High Refresh Rate screens with others, but wanted to wait until they (and the transfer) got a little better ... Uses this as a secondary together with two 4K screens, this replaces a SwedX 28 "VA 4K Freesync with really shabby view angles . + Fine quality, like the image quality, some seem to complain about this on Amazon, but wonder if there are no editions with different panels, this calibrated without further ado. No IPS / OLED, no, but the only view angles make it difficult for me to go back to TN. Really good view angles also compared to other VA panels, IMO. + External power supply, likes this most from a right-to-repair perspective, if it stops working you can get a new one sent to you without having to disassemble and send the entire screen back to the manufacturer. + Matte screen surface (taste, but likes to have a little different). + Really like the joystick menu, do not understand why it is so difficult for manufacturers to fix sensible menus to their screens. Here you do not have to chase 4-5 buttons in the dark, and that if you are lucky enough to have physical buttons at all. + Supplied HDMI cable is of good quality. DP cable not included. ~ Does not affect the grade. Not entirely convinced of a curved panel, would probably like it much more as a primary, where it seems interesting, but as a secondary you end up a bit away from the optimal angle sometimes, view angles are perfectly OK, but on the other hand there will be some geometric distortion. Not that dangerous, and probably a habit. ~ Work in progress: Gets skipped frames on this with UFOs test (AMD 1950X, ASUS Zenith Extreme, 2080Ti), does not seem to be marked in use, but should troubleshoot with this as the only screen. - Something thick for a modern screen, did not think about this at all until I mounted it on the VESA arm and it protrudes a few centimeters. - Lacks Freesync / GSync at this price.
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