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Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2H
10 days ago
Seems to work perfectly OK, not noticed huge difference in air quality, but we live in a relatively new apartment. However, we bought it to absorb the smell from food, and from our little kitten, and there it works really well! + The fan speed can be regulated in relatively many steps, from "Sleep mode" = really quiet, even though we sleep three meters from it. All the way to the max, as it sounds crazy too much to be able to stay in the same room. - The filters are relatively expensive (~ 400 SEK) and are nominally sufficient for just under six months, however, it should be possible to regenerate / rebuild cheaper. Do not know if it contains any anti-consumer lockout yet, will return when it is closer to the change. - It is required that Xiaomi's app is installed in order to be able to adjust the fan beyond the three steps (day / night / Auto) that are on the device.
Optoma WHD200
11 days ago*
Uses to send from compute server to smartwall. 1080p60 and _portrait_. + Works really well, stable, no major artifacts. (However, smaller compression artifacts!) + No huge latency, was most worried about it, because then you could just as easily have run much cheaper solutions, e.g. MiraCast. - Pigs IMO. Would have liked support for 4K30 (ehh, with compression ofc) at least at this price, but can be a bit too old model for that. - Gets a little warm during use, not directly surprised, as they are rated for 10 Watts. ~ Would be fun to buy receivers separately, so that it was possible to switch between projector and smartwall with remote control. Quite curious about what is in, should probably disassemble, but wanted to be sure that everything works before then, hehe. Oooh, also, @Morn! <3 your username. Ferengi rule of Acquisition # 286. ;)
*Edited 11 days
Netgear Nighthawk SX10 Gaming GS810EMX
18 days ago
Stood and wandered between different 10 GbE solutions for home use. Run a lot of photogrammetry, CAD and computing at home, especially now during corona times, but have the storage a good distance from the workstation. Finally got this when we got an offer from a friend. + Relatively stable, have had it for almost two years and only crashed once, (may have been my fault also considering that we also run some physics experiments with high voltage) + Metal chassis with the right OK heat dissipation, but it gets quite hot, especially under load. Mounted two extra larger passive cooling fins, as this is slightly hidden in the bookshelf ... "Family compatibility" do not ask. xD + Likes that it is correctly configurable, must have something to tinker with and optimize. - The price is slightly too high for the consumer version, as the remaining 10 GbE. Had really needed one more with at least four gates.
Asus RT-AC86U
4 months ago*
Update 2021-01-09: Flashed firmware just over a month ago and has been stable ever since. The only new negative we have noticed so far is that the laser printer (Samsung ML-2165) did not want to be shared over the network no matter how we try to configure. Original rating: Has worked perfectly for approx. three weeks, but today the wired part crashed quite hard, sitting temporarily (due to relocation, not able to build up and confa about the 10 GbE part of the network yet.) against an Aquantia 10G-NIC on board ASUS Zenith Extreme, but Aquantian interpreted it as that the network cable was not even connected. However, both 2.4 and 5 GHz worked without further ado for another five minutes, after which DHCP also became unstable. Restart solved all problems. After restarting, the device with the correct username and password could not be logged in for the first five minutes. When the crash happened, the device was not under any further high load, but will keep an eye on it in the future. Will be back for news. Have been really happy so far though. :) Run latest stock FW: Optional firmware is available and will probably test this.
*Edited 19 days
Neato Robotics XV Signature Pro
5 years ago*
Update 2021-01-09: The batteries started to get a little tough towards 2019, so when we moved we took the opportunity to replace both NiMh packages with new replacement batteries. We now run it 4x / week, with about 10 minutes of maintenance below / month as part of our general cleaning routine and have still not had any major problems. Vacuum manually around the sensor and between the suction fan and filter. Update 2017-03-28: Still no worries beyond what is stated below, maintenance now takes 5-10 minutes every month when you have learned (cleaning the brush drive belt, carefully around the sensor and wiping with a microfiber cloth). Runs 3-5 x / week. The machine has become next to indispensable, notices immediately when it has not been run in a day. Update 2016-08-15: Still works really well, except that sometimes debris enters the brush drive system, resulting in "My brush is stuck". This consists of a motor hidden inside the robot + protruding pinion which in turn drives the brush with a strap. However, the entire system is sufficiently exposed to need to be cleaned (Takes about three minutes) with tweezers ~ every two months, depending on use. Also clean quickly around the sensor with a soft f.d. camera brush, at right angles away from the sensor so that dust is not poked in. All in all, cleaning and maintenance probably takes a maximum of 10-15 minutes every month. Considering that it runs ~ 15x 30 min during the same period, we consider it a very good investment. Noticeably less dust in the air, on surfaces, and inside the computer. ;) The fix for the dust container seems to have held up without further ado. Have not noticed any problems with the battery (yet). Original rating: As pointed out, the sensor for the dust container is under criticism. As the dust container lacks a proper locking mechanism on the front (bumper side), it is only held in place by friction, which leads to the container coming loose with relatively small shocks in height. - After a quick look at the construction, however, this could be remedied by locking the switch / microswitch (the protruding rubber / silicone plug between two small, silver-colored / unpainted screws) for the dust container in the closed position using a suitable piece of plastic. And with a few layers of silver tape on the outside of the dust container to give extra friction against the plastic wall, after this the problem disappeared completely! But it is not _reasonable_ that such "ugly hacks" are needed! Minus that the error exists, and that the company has not come up with a solution, e.g. a self-locking container to remedy it. Otherwise, the robot works really well. Interesting to follow it the first few times to see it navigate, which it does with an interesting combination of LIDAR and drive-in-things, at a fairly low speed. So far, it has not damaged anything. It also runs relatively slowly while it works, but can gain some speed when it gets to / from different places, as well as the charging station, which it also finds its way back to without further ado. Note, however, that it is unavoidable to remove cables and things with low height (eg low bathroom scale) from the room, otherwise it risks climbing up and getting stuck. Since the robot does not have access to _precisely_ everywhere, a traditional vacuuming may also be needed sometimes, but considerably less often, and when you do not have to vacuum the floor, it is much faster. The cleaning ability is also surprisingly good, probably largely helped by the brush, but it is probably a good idea to quickly clean containers and filters after every / every other time to maintain suction power. When you get the "jerk" in, it only takes a few minutes. Other technical: Battery: Ni-MH, 14.4V, 3200-mAh (according to manufacturer) so 46 Wh, 12 cells, maybe Sub-C? Several on Amazon seem to complain that the batteries do not last long. Maybe it should be possible to replace it with four to five cells (13.2-16.5 V, 3500-2800 mAh) LiFePO4 + BMS? If it does not 'confuse' the robot too much. :) "Hidden" USB and power port on the back, depending on when these supply power, maybe you could drive an action camera (Mobius with supercapacitor?), Mounted on top of the sensor, which is only activated when the vacuum cleaner is running? Had hoped that someone fixed custom firmware you could have tinkered with, but apparently not ... yet? ;)
*Edited 19 days
Asus ROG Chakram
6 months ago*
Update 2021-01-06: Still have problems with Armory Crate sometimes (~ 2-4x / month). Among other things, the program crashes intermittently during resume-after-sleep and then takes macro-assignments with it, they are not restored when the program is started, but you have to go into the Chakram tab for them to be restored. This is reminiscent of problems that existed in previous Corsair iCue ... Hope it resolves. Given the amount of threads out there (incl. On SweC) about Armory Crate problems, as well as the Microsoft Store, so I'm hardly alone in thinking that the software is not error free. Freescroll and tilt-scroll is something I still miss, very possible that no one else does, YMMV! But these are features I use to quickly navigate in CAD, just my opinion that it would be nice with this functionality. This also eliminates the (often programmable) extra functions that these constitute, and which are found in cheaper mice. What is less forgiving (again, in my opinion) is that it is mounted with Tri-wing screws and that the battery is not accessible, which goes against my right-to-repair ethos, and can not think that a product is " perfect "if it can not be kept alive. Also loses resale value. Does not feel directly consumer-friendly. This therefore seems to me like a relatively pure gaming mouse without ambitions to be used for professional use. It's OK, it can be. But, it could have served _both_ fields with just a little more thought. Update 2020-10-07: Absolutely agree with foxday that a mouse in this price range should have spotless software! Have not had problems with Chinese installation, but have had stability problems with Armory Crate. Pulls off a star for the software. **************************************** Original review: Purchased from Inet for 1400 SEK, which is in the absolute upper limit of what I can imagine spending for a mouse in this class. Actually more productivity-oriented nowadays, but was really eager to test how the joystick on this can be set up for use in CAD. Coming from Logitech MX Master 1. Run via 2.4 GHz on WS (TR1950X, 2080Ti, 2x 4KHDR + QHD144Hz), Bluetooth on laptop. ++ Really like the idea of being able to replace the switches, right to repair is important for the product's lifetime, resale value, upcycling etc. + Quite OK quality, However, the Master felt more solid. + Very light, not used to this, but feels good after long periods of use. + Fast charging, both via cable and Qi (tested on Samsung EP-P5200). + Tracks _very_ well. - Missing freescroll. - Missing tilt scroll. - It would have been nice to be able to switch between Digital and Analog on the joystick with a dedicated / programmable button. This is possible (currently) only by changing Profile, which is done via two-button combo (DPI + Fwd / Back / Mouse3) - Probably wanted a button or two extra in this price range. - However, the battery (1250 mAh Li-Ion) is not accessible. - Tri-wing screws. - The biggest problem is actually in software, Armory Crate ~ Really like RGB (or well, the ability to bind system info such as temps / load / power to specific LEDs), actually run AIDA64 and iCUE for this, and here I must say that Armory Crate is looooong behind both solutions, both in terms of refinement and feature . ~ The joystick is a bit too far forward and too sluggish for my taste, runs claw grip with slightly larger hands than average. Switched to the longer lever lever, but discovered that the joystick only moves in the 2D plane, not the pivot. Should try to script / confa unit better in GlovePIE, AHK or JoyToKey, will see what works best.
*Edited 21 days
Bosch PushDrive (1x1.5Ah)
23 days ago*
Quite OK for easier jobs, but push-to-start is something too difficult to start. + Good concept with push-to-start, likes that there is a slightly lower risk of cam-out with good pressure. + Completely OK battery indicator. Significantly more difficult to dismantle than IXO. - Not compatible with IXO (why ?!) + The planetary gearbox seems to be made of metal IF this has the same gearbox as the blue version: ~ Had been nice with an extension.
*Edited 23 days
25 days ago*
PSA: "not stable enough to go use on a daily basis" "this got the lowest rating" - ServeTheHome - Also uses TrendNet's own drivers instead of Aquantias, and is updated less frequently.
*Edited 25 days
Leatherman Charge+ TTI
a month ago*
Leatherman's flagship, became this + LM's piece kit 2017 and has never looked back. It is this that is used every day for maintenance, construction, demolition, of both housework and computers, other electronics and fine mechanics. ++ The quality is absolutely fantastic. + The knife of S30V is a really noticeable upgrade over 420HC. - Would have liked the functionality as in Surge, that you can remove the diamond file for use on the tool itself. Would have been a good upgrade for the "+" line. - ... and a bit-driver instead of the fixed screwdriver. - Somewhat high price, however, it is something of a Halo product. ~ Would have liked to change places on scissors and saw. But it's a matter of taste. Can see how difficult it is to modify, but in which case it is almost perfect.
*Edited a month
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