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ZyXEL Armor X1 WAP6806
4 years ago*
Have used it for a month and am satisfied! Uses it as the access point and has placed it centrally in the apartment (84m2, 3 rok), nice coverage on wifi in all rooms. No restart has been required. Also good to access 5 GHz and 802.11ac, my old router missed it, it only has 2.4 GHz. At 2.4 GHz I have about 15 other networks from neighbors who disturb me, sometimes they were even stronger than my own. At 5 GHz, I'm so far alone so no disturbances. I turned off the wifi on my old router. One star in installment when I had some trouble signing in at the beginning. The login was suspended and sometimes I did not get it at all. It worked when I connected it directly to a computer with cable configured with static ip address. Also updated firmware to latest version from Zyxel's website. After that, it worked well without any problems. 2018-06-02 Still working excellent, tough 24/7 and delivering stable wifi. Has continuously updated to the latest firmware as sole measure.
*Edited 2 years
Asus Radeon EAH5450 Silent/DI/1GD3(LP) 1GB
10 years ago*
Note that this card (among others) have PCI-E version 2.1 and can therefore be difficult to work with older computers that have PCI-E version 1.0-1.1. Did not work at all with a Fujitsu-Siemens Scaleo T from 2005, were switched to a card with a PCI-E version 2.0.
*Edited 10 years
Lian Li PC-B25F (Black)
11 years ago*
This chassis has everything one could ask: - Stylish design - Entirely in aluminum - High-quality feel - 5 pcs. fans provided - Good cooling - Tool-less installation of all - Vibration-proof hdd - Vibration-proof fans - Dust - Air is taken in from the sides of the front, as the chassis with doors = silent - Very easy to remove all cover plates - Possible to change CPU coolers in place - Handles 290mm long graphics cards Ladies, I think, highly recommended!
*Edited 11 years
Sony Ericsson S500i
13 years ago*
This phone seems to have a widely varying quality! Make sure to check that everything works as soon as possible, preferably before you leave the store ...! - First phone: my SIM card did not work in the phone, order a new one, wait a week. Later discovered two dead pixels on the display. The talks were broken frequently, every other time or more, despite full coverage. Had to send it into rope. for it had been more than eight days since purchase ... got it back after 10 days. Pixel error was fixed, but still broken conversations and it had been ugly scratches on the display! Leave it back in and wait 10 days. Obtained this time a new. - Other phone: although this did not recognize my (new) SIM card. However, it is from my other phone (a competitor)! In the evening, I noticed four bright spots between keys Dae there shall shine, giant ugly. Just to go back to the store again. Wanted to complain about the purchase this time, but since it was Saturday, it was not. Sony Ericsson does not open then! There had to be a new phone again ... Third phone: this seems to work better, however, has a certain transparency between the buttons. Dryers not bother more now, it's good enough ... :-/
*Edited 13 years