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Braun HC5050
3 years ago
Good hair clipper. Good battery, cut well and easy to clean. Missing a quiet between 3-0.5mm
Microsoft Xbox One S 500GB
3 years ago
The Xbox One sucks. More writing about long installation times and long download times for updates and so is. If you feel like playing a game that has not been played in a couple of weeks, it's not just turning on the xbox and starting to play. I'm sitting on a 10 Mgb fiber and an update to, for example, Tom Clansys Wildlands never takes 2-3 hours. And then nobody else in the family is burdened with the network. I have not found a solution that allows me to play the game without downloading, but it always requires updating before I can start playing. Should you drive Xbox One, you can count on 2-4 hours of advance before you start playing, otherwise you will not.
Garmin Forerunner 920XT HRM-Run
3 years ago
Very good watch that finds the satellites fast and has a good battery life. Also be happy with the old 310 but the disadvantage of it was the battery life.
Tefal Talent Pro Fry Pan 28cm
3 years ago
Very good boiler doing what it's going to be, nothing burns by and it keeps the heat even. Likes that it has high edges so that you can cook larger amounts of food such as meat sauce etc. One minute is the plastic on the handle, would rather have all in metal but nothing that affects the cooking.
Tefal Experience Fry Pan 28cm
3 years ago
I really was in need of a good frying pan and this lived up to all my expectations. Nothing is burned by and it is easy to clean as it is possible to wash in a dishwasher. Good and sturdy handle and love it has a little higher edges.
D-Link DCS-8000LH
3 years ago
Nice look on the camera, but impossible to connect via the bugger. Returned the camera.
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