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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus SM-N975F/DS 512GB
a year ago*
So far happy with it .... and in addition android 10 comes around year end which will make it even better. The screen is really good. The camera is superb. The battery lasts very well for 1-2 days easily. 512gb storage is enough for most people but it has room for an additional 1tb memory card should this be needed. I have put on a screen protector (whitestone dome ice cream) And a shell (the spike) This along with the aura glow color becomes really nice.
*Edited a year
Apple AirPods Pro
a year ago
Good sound but unfortunately did not get a good fit plus they rubbed in the ears. Of course test all plugs. Sold them and went back to regular airpods. Must also add that strangely enough I get better sound and bass in the regular airpods.
2 years ago
Really good soundbar! ... I have during a week's time tested 4 different soundbars that I did not think kept the measure among big brother lg sk10y but none of these were anything for me until I got home this! This one was also cheaper than the others ( 4500 :-) Really good sound to movie but also music sounds surprisingly good :) Think it is very nice too ...: so I'm really happy :-)
Sony HT-XF9000
2 years ago
Not what I expected unfortunately .... this has as many other soundbars problems with dialogues when there is a lot else happening around .... (type of action scenes) it also has big problems with lipsync with my samsung tv despite the newest firmware. This goes back to the store.
2 years ago
Big problems with the center "drown" in the sound of the other speakers in action scenes and that wifi never wanted to work.
JBL Bar 5.1
2 years ago
Good pressure in the base but hardly any middle register / mid base .... the treble is also sharp to some music especially at higher volume Will be a return.
Anker Soundcore Liberty Air
2 years ago
The worst plastigest shit you can buy ..... terribly bad sound and it hacks to have it. Buy the real stuff you earn! These go in the box and then there will be another purchase. Strongly discourages buying.
Tristar BQ-2816
2 years ago
Not worth its price ... the teflon (their so-called non stick surface) came loose after 2 grills.
Samsung Galaxy S10 SM-G973F/DS 128GB
2 years ago*
Got my 10th yesterday and packed it down today unfortunately. I had note 9 before and thought this would have less "samsunglag" but not! I did 3 restores without success. It became warm like satan without me pushing it any bigger. Now that we get the exynos version, the nitlotte really pulled this time. And the fingerprint reader is terribly bad despite the fact that several prints are added with the same finger, so the pressure hardens etc. Now I buy something else that works. I'm neither apple nor android fanboy .... just want a mobile that works GOOD when the price is 10,000 and up.
*Edited 2 years
Sudio Tolv
2 years ago
Extremely good headphones with perfect fit and sound are wonderful. The battery life must be among the best in class! 7 hours per charge! I keep these clear.
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