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Apple iPhone XR 64GB
4 months ago
We use Iphone at work, however, I personally run with Android as I like to be able to modify my phone according to my needs instead of the other way around. Now I have used the XR for about 1 month, and in terms of use it is significantly better than the ones I have had before, most recently a 5S. Finally a slightly larger screen so I can write on the phone without any major worries. I think the screen is good, etc. But, the biggest reason I switched phones from the previous, battery life. The first 2 weeks I was really happy. I basically use the phone only for job cases, call, mess, etc. And now I notice that after a month the battery life is down at least 30%, I don't think Apple can live on as a brand with as poor quality as they actually have. But, sum total, it's a better phone than the iphones I've had before, significantly. But, the same problem as always with Apple, the quality is a joke.
Garmin Vivoactive 4
7 months ago
*Edited 4 months
Has been Fitbit loyal for several years and switched to Garmin from a Fitbit Charge 3 SE. What made me change was that I wanted to access more features, and that I wanted a watch rather than an activity band. I think all tracking functions are better than fitbit, steps, walks, heart rate, stairs, etc. feel more real. If you have not been up and jumped on the toilet you wake up with 0 steps, someone you never did with Fitbit. A big part of why I chose Garmin is PulseOx, because I wanted to keep track of my oxygen uptake ability during sleep, like an apnea check. When spring comes, I look forward to being able to use it as a golf watch. And there are many functions and apps that you can use for everything, back2start gps becomes perfect for mushroom picking in the fall eg. The battery, if you do not use GPS to log any passport, it will charge me about 10% from morning to evening, and then about 10% during a night's sleep with Pulseox, so about 5 days of battery life with those features. I load it a couple of mornings a week while I shower, it is good enough. Satisfied with the purchase, it feels stable and reliable, and a reasonable level of smart watch functions.
Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 5
10 months ago
Great sound, it easily fills my bedroom where I have it standing, however, it is very removable with its large battery, so it works great to move with when you mop around a bit. The only objection I have is that you cannot put it on remotely or app, you have to physically reach for the purse and press it. Well, you can't lie in bed and rob, but you have to move up and move. And then, as others have written, it pays to go to Ullared. Buy this and a pair of Polaroids sunglasses and the trip is paid back and forth from up to 40 km distance to Ullared.
Sudio Tre
2 years ago
May hang on to the user per-automatic regarding other graders on this product, it is the young with one-off top scores and only one review per user, which is a shame because even in my purchases I go a lot on users' ratings. I think that the headphones are middle class. I bought these for 2 reasons, my old gave up too much sweat during training, and that they read out for 499kr, which is half of for example Jaybird I was thinking about, but which I could not find such good reviews about. Sound - The sound is quite OK I think, I use mine mainly for exercise or when I travel. They let through a lot of noise from the outside world, which in practice is something I prefer, I hear when someone comes behind me, when it breaks into the forest, or what. On the journey, however, I want to be quieter and there it is not as appreciated, so both positive and negative there. The sound is not bad in any way, but also not so you fall off the chair. Bluetooth - Bought these after some review that wrote that the Bluetooth power was really good. However, it is as with most headphones I have had, I have the phone in my pocket so the sound is chopping, these must I have in the right pocket to make it transparent. The fit is really good for my ears, but they are a bit cumbersome to get into the ear, but well there they are really good. The negative is that leftovers from the ear are very well visible on the hands, and are not so easy to remove, so it may look a little unhygienic, and I am careful to keep my ears clean, so there is not much need for them to see outrage. Summaumumum, I'm not really happy with the kids, had hoped for better Bluetooth connection especially, but, for 499 I can do well with these for a while until I find some new ones when Bluetooth 5 has become more popular. **** Update, lowers a couple of stars into grades due to bluetooth strength, the sound hacks unbearably a lot sometimes when you have it even in the right pocket. That it should be so difficult to get good stuff for others than Sony. Another tricky thing is that the kids warn about a low battery only when there is 2 minutes of battery left, completely useless.
Tefal Expertise Fry Pan 28cm
2 years ago
Cruel frying pan, think it is absolutely fantastic, nothing gets stuck in it, no wear is visible (than should be said) and it becomes a really good cooking surface compared to other similar frying pans. Have bought Ø24, Ø28 and Ø32cm and have thrown all other frying pans I have. And at that price, it's just a full-scoring one that can be given.
Sony WH-H900N
2 years ago
These are my first NC fools, and I'm pleased with my choice of nap. Have been looking forward to buying NC fools for a while. Bose has never been an option since I think they, like Apple, are terribly overpriced compared to what they get, so I'm glad that Sony is active in this product category. Since I have Sonymobil, it was a natural choice to drive with Sony headphones as well, and with LDAC the sound quality is really good. The app available for Android provides some settings, but I run with the factory settings when I think it sounds the best. The NC part is a small eye opener, it's great to avoid some surround sound, even if it does not remove all the surround sound, it's no problem to vacuum, mix with mixer, etc. without disturbing such sounds, which is highly appreciated. Only negative things, the ears get badly hot and it's easy to sweat under the napkins, and the touch control on one handset is a little too sensitive. But, for 1599 that I bought my order for, they are a terrific find, and the building quality is very good. Update: The wind noise has been absolutely wonderful when walking in the fall, not disturbed when it winds half storm.
Miiego AL3+ Freedom
2 years ago
My workouts gave up after they got too much sweat drops in the electronics. First, I bought a pair of Sudio Tre because of high ratings on price hunting (which were misleading because of false grades), and they did not really live up to my expectations of blue-tailed forces. So, then I got advertising in social flow about Miiego, as I have never heard of before. Read a few about them on their website that they were specialized in training sessions, and after searching, most people seemed satisfied with them. Said, I ordered a pair of AL3 + Freedom. I am happy with the purchase, the sound is good and they have tolerated large amounts of sweat so far. They are bluffy, not as good as Sony, but it's usually not disturbing at least. They sit like the mountain, and they connect the blue switch to the phone in no time, as no other of my other naps does. They are small and smooth, and look really fast, which is positive. In addition, the buttons are responsive and easily accessible. The little negative things are that they squeeze a little too much on my ears ears, maybe something that gets better over time, but so far they will get a little too much after an hour. Interprets sometimes flawed bluetooth signal such that the battery starts to run out.
Apple AirPods
4 years ago
*Edited 2 years
Got a couple of Airpods to the jobmobile, have now used them a few weeks so review can be made. Let me mention that I prefer to use Android and have a variety of wired and wireless headphones over the years to compare. Soundly, they are compared to others in the same and lower price ranges very mediocre. They are able to listen to phone calls, podcasts and smooth music in radio quality, but listening to music in good quality is just a hassle, they sound like a couple of fools for 99kr. The battery time is a big minus, I want to finish my workday for the purpose, but I need to charge each lunch, although they are very small and flexible, I understand that it is not possible to get a lot of cream in them, but with so much Another Apple released, it's unfortunately design in front of practical use that controls. They actually are really good in my ears, which I did not think so that's a plus. Had they cost 500kr it would have been ok, because the price they have now they are not worth buying according to me
Electrolux EUF8GREEN
2 years ago
My 12 year old impotent Electrolyx eventually gave up. And I looked around at what there were alternatives today, and the choice again fell on Electrolux for quality reasons. The suction is almost too good for my floors, driving with the least suction power to not get stuck in my floor, but it still enters rats at a large distance from the nozzle. It is really quiet at a time, and easy and pleasant to maneuver, and relatively compact to fit into the cleaning scrub. One minus for the handle, I got a pain in the palm of my hand after a while vacuuming, but, I pulled on a wrap for an indoor band, so it became more enjoyable to hold in, and then the problem was resolved. So I'm driving an Electrolux-Unihoc number. Quality, it's a 10a, but I'm pulling a pair of stars for the exaggerated suction power, and for the comfort of the handle.
OBH Nordica OptiGrill+ XL GO722DS0
3 years ago
Has the purchase since six months since used it far too little, but when I pick it up it impresses well. Extremely smooth and really good results, though, with another grader here, a little longer cable had hurt.
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