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OBH Nordica 6700 Hero
3 years ago
Feels good and well from the very first moment you pick it out of the box. The big cookie is a big plus in our family where we are big consumers of smoothies. It stands firmly on the bench, durable as it is robust in its performance. Feels like a quality machine that you do not have to be ashamed of having. It's big but still easy to handle. It's powerful and has definitely not made us feel disappointed here, because it's got tough from all directions, both warm and cold and soft / hard. 1 extra plus is actually the knives, they are really straight blades so be scared of your fingers! Actually, the only thing that draws down the grade is the noise level and it is difficult to fit into the cabinets. However, this is true of most blenders today. They are both big and olive. But, of course, we have quite well-equipped cabinets, but it takes its small place at least if you compare with other machines in the household. This has resulted in a 24/7 benchmarking machine. Because it is used daily it is not something that does anything.
Tefal Oleoclean Pro Inox & Design FR8040 3.5L
3 years ago*
I have to say that I am really pleased with this machine, it has made it promised with a goodbye. It is easy to maneuver, but perhaps a little bit of instruction, but with some common sense, it went well. Large and good basket which makes it easier to fry a larger amount at once. It's a plus, for example, for Friday Burgers, so you do not have to stand and fry in the rounds that you have had to do before. However, it is a bit big and bumpy to get into the cupboards here when you do not use it, but nothing directly racks the score on it. Smart function with the filtering of the oil, which means that you have fresh oil for the next frying - it is highly appreciated! The machine itself feels both professional and luxurious in general, a solid machine that seems to know what it's doing.
*Edited 3 years