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Global SAI-04 Vegetable Knife 19cm
2 years ago*
I have only used it for fresh produce and have taken good care of it. Nevertheless, it has several large notches in the edge and the blade shows signs of corrosion. When delivered, the egg was not very sharp either. This should be premium and it's not.
*Edited 2 years
Fractal Design Meshify C (Black)
2 years ago
Fantastic case. A little crowded to get 2x 140mm + 1x 120mm fans in the front grille, but it goes!
Logitech MX Master
4 years ago*
Have used it for a month and so far it's amazing. I have a bit of a claw grip and it works really well with the support for the thumb.
*Edited 4 years
HP 24es
4 years ago*
Does not matter what fabbeliito has suffered, but this screen works great for its price. In addition, it is stylish and stylish.
*Edited 4 years
Logitech G610 Orion Red (Nordic)
4 years ago*
Good keyboard clean technically, but compared to membrane keyboard, it sounds significantly more and the keyboard is also much higher. I usually rest the wrists on the desk when I write and with this I need to have some cuddle under my wrists to be completely comfortable. What I understand, they have fixed the problem of sound that cuts when the backlight is used by firmware. My ex sounds nothing.
*Edited 4 years
LittleBigPlanet 3 (PS4)
6 years ago*
Mkt worse than its predecessor and shorter playing time. Annoying cut-scenes that you can not skip and long load times. A PS4 games should not have so long load times that this game has, it must be a design error in the game. Otherwise, this is probably a good kids game, but I as an adult must say that the entertainment level was at a minimum in comparison to previous versions.
*Edited 6 years
Samsung SpinPoint F3 HD103SJ 32MB 1TB
7 years ago*
Hard disk broke down suddenly after about 2 years.
*Edited 7 years
Sony Smart MH1C
8 years ago*
These work with the iPhone 4S, but has limited functionality: Audio and microphone works, but the volume control does not. One of the two microphones available on the phone also works simultaneously with headphone microphone which gives an echo.
*Edited 8 years
Google Galaxy Nexus
9 years ago*
Troubled good phone. The only thing that does not stand up to the competition is the camera, but there is nothing to choose another phone. Buy a camera to take great pictures.
*Edited 9 years
Canon Pixma iP4950
9 years ago*
Note, the printer will default to using a USB cable!
*Edited 9 years
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