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Jabra Elite 65t
9 months ago
My first wireless in-ear headphones. Great for dropping cables. You do not buy these for cruel sound quality, you buy them for freedom. The sound quality is equivalent to a couple of simple threaded handsets for SEK 200-300. Suitable for podcasts and music for jogging or cycling. Phone calls work well, people hear what I say even though I sometimes sit on the bike and ride while I talk. Have used them daily for about 6 months and cannot live without them now. Got filed for repair recently (see below) and it was two horrible weeks without my kids. Very good battery life. So much so that I forget to charge the case and when both the handsets and cases are empty you have to wait a good while before it is full again. Some stuff I stumbled upon: 1) The charging case is exceptionally slippery. I've lost mine several times and the handsets fly out when the case hits the ground. If this happens in an inappropriate location, the headphones will be difficult to find. Would have liked to see that the case had a rubberized surface with more friction, although it would also make it harder to pick up from the pocket. After I dropped the case this way ten times for about 6 months, the left handset stopped working (no contact with the phone). Got new handsets when I submitted for repair. 2) Sometimes the sound + app loses contact with the handsets, even though the handsets can still play sound and work well otherwise. In this case, I have to restart my entire phone for the app to work again. The app is only used for settings so I can live with this as I rarely pill with settings now that I have found a good setup. 3) The charging case can sometimes be a little tricky to get up. Demands that you take the right mkt and the right way. One mistake that I myself did not come across but which seems common to this product is that the charging case stops charging the left handset, which causes it to appear defective quite soon. See the reddit thread about this:
Thule Pack 'n Pedal Commuter
a year ago
*Edited 9 months
Overall good backpack. I have been using it daily for bike commuting now for about 1 month. The main compartment is completely waterproof, not a drop of water despite rainfall. The other compartments are only water repellent but if you want to protect them you can also pull on the rain cover (included, stored in special compartment at the bottom of the bag). Disruptive that it cannot stand up itself. The main compartment has a little odd shape, quite wide but not so "high", so things tend to wedge halfway down. Also liked to see that the hard side compartment had a key hanger instead of the compartment on the front. Now I have to take off my backpack to access the keys, instead of just swinging around on one side which I can do to access the wallet and other things I normally have in the hard side pocket. Awesome with the "cargo net" that is really there to hold your helmet, but which I use to carry all sorts of crap. For example, if you have downloaded a package on the mail. Stretchable mesh mesh that sticks to the gear so it sits fairly securely when cycling. Sits nice on the back, but now after a couple of weeks the hard back has started to soften a bit and bends in time and unawares against the back. I preferred when it was completely stiff, but assume that all backpacks will form after a while. Would have liked that the pack volume was slightly larger, but since it is a everyday bag is really the problem that I have too much stuff with me. I can get this in my bag: - 1 change (t-shirt + calligraphy + socks + pants) - Laptop 14 " - System camera + 1 lens in separate camera case - Notebook - Rain trousers and rain jacket - Bicycle repair (hose, various tools, drying cloth) - Keys, wallet, mobile, etc. - 2x food boxes If I pack all this I can close the bag but the main compartment's roll top can hardly be rolled, which affects the waterproofing. They recommend rolling at least two turns for good sealing. I usually throw on the rain cover instead. This works well, but a little disruptive that you can no longer easily access the side compartments. It would have been better if the whole bag was waterproof with sealed zippers, which is NOT the case. Anyway, good bag for cycling and especially at a reasonable price. Update 2019-07-20. Have been using the backpack for a couple of months now. Partly for bike commuting but also for shorter trips (2-3 days). Some things I bother with: - Again, I wish the pack volume was 5-10L larger. This is a so-called everyday carry and is not intended for longer journeys, but it would have liked to expand outward so you can pack it to the breaking point. As the bag is designed now you can either max the main compartment OR the smaller compartments on the front, but not both at the same time. - The hard pocket side pocket. The only pocket that can be reached without removing the backpack. In other words, a very valuable place. I think it's a shame they chose to dedicate it to sunglasses. Because if you have ordinary glasses, you have them on. The compartment is also slightly too small for a 6 "mobile, which is the standard nowadays. Due to the hard shell it is also not possible to stretch the pocket. In other words, the most valuable place for a pocket has been wasted on a useless function. Very bad. - The laptop compartment is certainly suspended ("suspended") so that your computer will not hit the ground if you put the bag hard on the ground, BUT after a few months of use, all the fabric has softened a bit and the suspension has also dropped slightly. Would have liked to see it moved up another cm inside the bag. This is also related to the bag's inability to stand up on its own. One can argue that since the bag cannot stand on its own, it should always hang, and then no need to hang the laptop. Would have liked to see that the bag could stand on its own with a stiff bottom and that the suspension was about 1 cm higher. Above, I lower my rating from 4 to a very strong 3rd. Update 2019-12-26: Has been using the backpack daily for over half a year and was thinking about commenting on material. It still looks very good. Dirt does not stick to the fabric and is easy to wipe off. Still perfect density against water. Bikes in any bus weather without the worry of my computer or camera getting damp. The only thing I can notice when it comes to materials is the mesh pocket on the laptop case inside the main compartment. This has become completely frayed and worn as everything in the bag lies against the mesh. Too bad you can't upload pictures in their review. Really no big deal, but looks a bit boring if you later use the laptop case for yourself, as I sometimes do at work.
Amazfit Pace
3 years ago
*Edited 2 years
This watch can be bought cheap online now as the model starts to get a little old (launch 2016). I got my for about 900 kr incl shipping. The watch is of good construction quality, the belt is comfortable on the wrist. The bracelet is interchangeable and standard size, so it's very easy to choose. Excellent battery life when compared to other smart clocks I tested (eg Samsung Gear Sport). For example, I have 43% battery left after 2½ days of use, when I used both heart rate monitor, GPS, phone notifications, etc. The screen is okay, but I can complain that the swear is bad. You can see a difference with, for example, a watch with a nice Super AMOLED display, but on the other hand, this time again, with its battery life. The screen is always on and adjusts its brightness automatically depending on the surroundings, and it can also be set to a fixed brightness. This watch has no opportunity for 3rd party third-party apps or apps, but the clock has a pretty cool range of stuff from the beginning. You can control the music player on your phone all play music right from the clock. There are compasses, exercise logs, weather, heart rate monitor, stop watch and everything you expect. You can also choose which applications on your phone can send notifications to the clock via Bluetooth. The clock is not based on Android Wear, but runs underneath the hood a regular Android. On the XDA Developers forum you can find custom ROMs that you can download after unlocking your boot charger (however, you'll get the warranty). Some have even managed to add their own apps, but it requires more technical know-how. Update September 2018: Has now run the clock for almost a year and is still satisfied. It still gets updates and they've fixed some small things I've submitted bug reports about, which feels fun! Unfortunately, they seem to have removed the feature "Find my phone" from the clock, a feature that lets your phone beep on demand when the time is nearby. Or they have moved the function to any obscure menu I can not find :) The bracelet that came with has gone off, so little cash quality but bought a new one for about 40 kr in metal that works better. Feeling that the heart rate monitor is a bit odd in the last update, sometime it showed 150 in pulse when I walked! Also noticed that the four charging points on the underside of the clock where the charging station's pin is connected regularly needs to be cleaned from the type of skin removal. Easily done with a little toothpick but a little disturbing! Wireless charging would have been better here. Decreases my rating from 8 to 7 out of 10.
Motorola Moto X4 Dual 64GB
2 years ago
I was looking for a cool replacement for my old Nexus 5 and it fell on a Moto x4. With a price below 3000 (and apparently going to get a lot cheaper than that), I think you get a lot of phone. advantages: - absolutely ok performance. No monster but big step up from my Nexus 5. - Good battery life. Surprised by how stubborn it is in standby above all. It also sometimes uses as a bicycle computer with the screen on all the time and it takes many hours. - durable! I accidentally exposed it to drizzle one day and that was no problem. Have also lost it several times and no harm. (Full disclaimer: My son has even thrown it in the floor a few times) Cons: - Speaker sound quality. I feel that the sound is under standard. It sounds choppy, cliffs and "sings" a bit. This affects both music and call quality. - turbopower To get fast charging (such as Motorola turbopower charge) a Motorola charger is required. I have bought some different other chargers but get different speeds of charging each time even though chargers can handle many amps (4A). However, get a "quick charge" on most modern chargers, allowing a charging time of less than one hour to 100%. In addition to sound quality, I think this is an excellent phone in the intermediate segment. This review is based on approximately 7 months of use.
Samsung Gear Sport
3 years ago
I have now had the watch for about 5 days and have decided to return it. Pros: - Good screen, sharp and nice colors. With high (and adjustable brightness) it also works in sunlight (although I only tested it in Swedish autumn weather). - Bezel navigation. Skitbra to be able to navigate menus by turning the clock and using only touch display to confirm choices. Works when you are wet / wet on your fingers, with gloves, etc. - Customizable. You can turn on all possible settings, add new apps, customize watchface, add widgets, and so on. - Nice looking and bracelets can be changed to get the right look. Cons: - Battery life. A showstopper for me. Even though it has div. Settings to shut down functions will last no more than 2 days in standby. The only way to get acceptable battery life is to go down to power save mode, which means that only black and white display and all features except phone notifications are running. But then, on the other hand, the clock becomes quite meaningless. - Phone support. I had to install 3 (!) Apps from Samsung's ecosystem to get started connecting to the phone. If you also want to fully use the watch's exercise features, you need Samsung Health (S Health), then a total of 4 apps. You also need an account with Samsung, which is equivalent to a Google Account. Hit the clock, and the apps tweak all your data, and chart your personality. These apps have completely destroyed the battery life of my phone as they get started and do things in the background and send disturbing notifications. You can safely trim this, but the whole thing about the clock is so tight to the phone feeling a bit "bloaty". Even though the clock can run spotify (offline, without phone), you need to have all these apps and connectivity with Spotify on your phone to Spotify to start. You can of course drive the clock completely without a telephone, since it has wifi for own connection, but then you also reduce the functionality considerably. - App ecosystem. Tizen has a pretty poor range of apps. For example, I wanted to use the exercise app Strava to log my exercise because I used it a long time ago. Strava is not supported, like many other similar systems, on Tizen. Samsung Health supports downloading data to other services (type Strava) via the cloud later, but this worked poorly and you can not, for example, real-time stream data to Strava, which is possible on other platforms. - S Voice and microphone. The clock has a microphone that you can use to enter text in the clock. For example, if you want to create a reminder, write a message or just "ask the clock" something, then use S Voice. I did not function this function, it did not understand a single thing I said and misunderstood every word. It was sometimes a bit of comic results, but it stops being fun after the first few minutes. NOTE! This is any handicapped version of Sami's real "voice steering" Bixby. Maybe their watches will get Bixby in the future, but at the moment, S Voice is completely useless.
SteelSeries Ikari Optical
9 years ago
Like some others, I have also started to have problems with the buttons, double-click in season and out. The mouse is only one month old, which is very disappointing. Luckily I only use it at work! Otherwise acceptable mouse.
D-Link DHP-301
10 years ago
Speed ??in my apartment about 2 Mbps. Expect ping times of about 120 ms on average, with spikes up to 400 ms (and at best, 1 ms). This is not good enough for gaming or streaming of any high quality. Should work OK for stray surf and the like.
ASRock Nettop ION 330
11 years ago
Spot machine; Used for playback of HD content to my 40 "tv. Run Ubuntu with XBMC and everything works perfectly, about 15% cpu-load 1080p" killer samples ". The only thing that prevents me from putting a 10, is that it is completely passively cooled; fan sitting in sturgeon bit. I run optical audio out, but a friend wanted to run 6-channel analog out, and it fixes NOT this.
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