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Logitech MX Master 3
a year ago
The bell-shaped product, a must for every Caddare.
Logitech MX Keys (Nordic)
a year ago
Very nice keyboard! the illumination is completely automatic, it is enough to have your hand against the keyboard and it starts to glow. Very good battery life in terms of energy saving function.
Dell Performance Dock WD19DC
a year ago*
Unfortunately, this docking station is not working, very common that you do not get in touch with the usb-c cables. Dell has no solution to the problem at this time. But they continue to sell a product that does not work.
*Edited a year
Bose On-Ear Wireless
a year ago
Very good headphones / headset, very good battery life.
Zeiss C Biogon T* 35/2.8 ZM for Leica M
8 years ago*
The picture does not match the product. Zeiss BIOGON T * 35/2, 8 ZM The sharpest loophole I driven, Used it on a NEX-7. 3d-pop in the image, and extremely good colors and sharpness. Recommended! Photographed almost exclusively at F2.8 sharpness is so good fully open. No image processing is needed.
*Edited 8 years
Bose OE2 for Apple Devices
9 years ago*
+ Sits well on head + Turns out sound (not electronically) + Very good sound quality, Smooth Manifold with all that was on mediamarkt and only Bose QC3 had better sound. (Double the price) + Not hot + Detachable cable + Cable only connected to one nap. - The cable breaks at the connection to the earpiece!, Cable No. 2 about to go off.
*Edited 8 years
Panasonic AF 20/1.7 G Lumix ASPH
9 years ago*
Incredibly sharp and great lens. very small.
*Edited 9 years
Canon EF 35/1.4 L USM
9 years ago*
very good lens (image quality, build quality). however clumsily. Use my 50D.
*Edited 9 years
Sony MDR-XB300
9 years ago*
Incredibly good headphones for the price. Spent every day on the job for 2 years. Flawlessly.
*Edited 9 years