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Puori D3 D-vitamin 2500 IE 120 kapslar
6 months ago
Vettefan if it does so much but can be good if you are not so active outside during the sunny times then during the darker months. Like Pouri, usually buy their Magnesium which has good content if you now need that.
Arozzi Vernazza
4 years ago*
Update: The chair worked well but the metal shell around the levers came off in two parts! I fell backwards straight into the floor in the middle of the night, the neighbors thought it was an earthquake. Broken within the warranty so I got the lower part replaced without any problems. 6-7 months after the warranty, the replaced part that you attach to the chair itself gave way, got new without fuss in pure goodwill as it totally messed up. So a few weeks after I changed the whole lower part, ie the cushion and down, it starts to bother ... can not lean me back without the chair going at the bottom .... 1/5 quality 5/5 customer service Update 2: Ordered a new gas lift a few months ago .... it has already started to crash by sinking look no matter how you sit .... Gets a minus in grades and never again an Arozzi chair. Update 3: Thought for a long time to buy something else, Noble chair or Secret Labs but heard from me to Arozzi with the bad lift (this lift described in up 2 which has now been used for a few months) and it was no problem to get new on the warranty, got a different lift than the original and now the chair works flawlessly and then it has had to work really hard as I am not 100 ++ but 100 ++++, have had the chair for a couple of years and it is in very good condition, has replace some parts such as the chassis with the levers and the gas lift so the chair looks and feels quite good after a few tough years with my ass in it. With this, I choose to raise the rating, the next chair will not be an Arozzi but their customer service will have a gold star. THEN: For SEK 2190 I could not have been happier, easy to put together, no flaws, no strange sounds. Perfect if you are a little bigger, 190long and 100kg ++ perfect for the length and there is plenty of space sideways for me.
*Edited 8 months
AKG K702
8 months ago*
Am pleasantly surprised after a few days of listening. Be a little adjustment to my Fidelio X2. Sits nicer than X2 even though they were very comfortable and the weight, differs a bit but feels like the weight has been halved on the skull. The feeling of quality is ... feels very plastic and cheap in places, but there is quality plastic here too. Very open, more open than the X2s which give a great sound picture, do not think the bass is gone, tested and listen to some trance and it sounds good. Works very well for film and gaming!
*Edited 8 months
Krups Grcic FDK4
9 months ago*
Can't really find anything bad to write about this, the price is high for a mackerel grill but it feels solid except for the lock to the lid which has two positions so you don't have to squeeze too much, fits in as it does not make so much fuss in terms of shape , run double square bread, easy to clean. Well invested money in my opinion.
*Edited 9 months
Corsair RM650X V2 650W
a year ago
Very good netgag for the money. Clarifying late RM650X is not the same as RM650 non X, the differences are not large but small changes inside as well as a worse fan thereof not X cheaper price.
WD Blue SN550 M.2 2280 1TB
a year ago
Got my cheap so can't complain, totally okay buy even at regular price (about 1600 SEK).
NZXT Kraken G12
a year ago*
Officially no support for the RTX2070 so I tried (MSI Armor) and it worked fine with the AMD mounts and a Corsair H55. + lower sound level + better watches - becomes more clumsy to don with, for example, has cut away the small angled part with the NZXT logo otherwise you lose a few cm if you would like to install the water cooler at the back or possibly the roof of the chassis.
*Edited a year
Noctua NH-U12A
a year ago*
+ Quality of everything, from packaging to fit and finish to things. + Probably the easiest magic cooler to install. + Significantly smaller than the Noctua D15 and Be-Quiet Dark rock pro4 so it should fit in virtually all motherboards (can be found on Noctua's website) - Should be the price, competitors cost about as much. Costs to be on top. This vs Be-Quiet Dark rock pro4 is night and day, the BQ cooler loses color and the fins are slightly bent, the fan in the middle has to be pushed in as they put an idiotic plate on the top, with Noctuan fitting everything with surgical precision. In terms of performance it is kind of the same but Noctuan has much faster fans so it performs better but at the expense of sound level.
*Edited a year
Noctua NF-A12x25 PWM 120mm
2 years ago*
Updates previous text when the can is filled with these, at PWM they are around 1200-1300rpm as max which is optimal if you want the most skins without it being too loud, sounds a lot at 1700-2000rpm (1500rpm is the pain limit for me) Works best on radiator and runs two on the water cooler that cools the graphics card, a small gpu PWM adapter for 70-80kr, you control everything in MSI Afterburner as usual, very smooth. Costs a lot, however, you get a lot of product, good guarantees and the box is filled with accessories that do not have to worry about splitters, extenders, etc. if you have a larger chassis, everything is included.
*Edited a year
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