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Microsoft Xbox Series X 1TB
2 months ago
Went from Xbox One X to this one. Super flexible byte! Moved over my external USB 3 disk and made the boot via the Xbox app on Android. You recognize yourself immediately and all saves and games follow. Even though Xbox S / X lacks major launch titles, there are plenty of games to play and more and more people are being optimized for it. Recommends Microsoft Game Pass where you get over 150 titles and most Microsoft games right at launch. Also bought Watch Dogs Legion which looks very good and flows with Ray Tracing, 4k and 60 fps. Personally, I liked the look of the One X more and it was above all more easily placed in the TV bench, but it is of course a matter of taste. I have put my S / X down and it works well. It is also really quiet and can only be heard when reading the disc. I would have liked them to be in a slightly larger HDD in it from the beginning as you will need SSD HDD to play the optimized games. Seagate has released an expansion card that you can put in a port on the back but it is still very expensive (about SEK 2,500 for 1tb) But apart from this, it is a cruel console that will linger for a long time.
Ember Mug 29.5cl
2 months ago
At first glance (and perhaps second), it may seem like an expensive and unnecessary gadget. But give it a try and you will wonder how you managed without it. Ordinary mugs all of a sudden feel outdated and boring. After the first start-up, you set the desired temperature for the coffee / drink and after that it just works. The coffee is always perfect without it tasting burnt. The battery life is perfectly okay and it charges quite quickly. The downside is a buggy app (which you do not need if you do not want to change the temperature) and a high price tag. Still, it is a must for any gadget-loving coffee lover.
Google Nest Audio
3 months ago
Went from a Google Home to this one but was quite disappointed with the sound. Sure, it's better than the first generation Home, but it also has many years on its neck. There is weight in the speaker and it feels well built even if mine was faulty. It was uneven underneath on the rubber plate and stood rocking. With a little better quality control, you might have noticed this ...? But I took the opportunity to try it before it was repurchased. As an assistant, it is really good, but I had hoped that Google had invested more in sound now that the competitors have run around a long time ago. This caused me to return it and add a penny and buy a Harman Kardon Citation One instead. It's a little bigger, has Google Assistant and much better sound. If you do not just want it as an assistant, I recommend this instead. Almost twice as expensive but the sound more like Google Home Max. (Iaf on medium to longer sound levels) There is also a good review of audio and video to read. In total. Nest Audio is an affordable assistant speaker that unfortunately does not quite live up to the expectations regarding the sound. Mine was also faulty and it had to be returned. Hope Google invests in releasing a few more and better models or start selling the ones they already have here in Sweden. We want Google Home Max or Nest Hub Max here too!
Harman Kardon Citation ONE
3 months ago
I have a number of speakers with support for Google assistant in the home and first bought the new Google Nest Audio to replace my old generation a Google Home in the living room. The rubber surface underneath on Nest Audio was uneven so it stood rocking but I took the opportunity to try the sound before I returned it. Unfortunately, I was quite disappointed with the sound. I have a couple of smaller floor-standing speakers and amplifiers when I want to listen to music, but the flexibility with the assistant and Spotify means that I listened to Google Home more often anyway. Especially when you just want to have some low background music. As I said, Nest Audio did not live up to expectations, even though it is affordable as an assistant. I had previously read a bit about this but was a bit skeptical of H&K as I read about all the problems with wifi and connection. But after a listening and good service on Elgiganten, it was this one anyway when I returned Nest on warranty. It is considerably larger than Nest Audio but the sound to music is much better and impressive for such a small speaker. Think the sound sounds better than Sonos and the corresponding Bose as well. It is clear and nice without too much bass or treble. Did not have any problems with the installation either via the Google Home app. It feels well built and I like that the buttons (touch) are clearly excellent on the top. If I want to listen to music, I will still listen to my Dali speakers, but I still suspect that this one will play much more often. Highly recommended for those who want a small speaker with good sound and Google assistant.
Lenovo Smart Clock
7 months ago
Have bought two pieces that blend well into our smart home with our other Google products. The sound is totally okay considering the size (much like the Nest mini). The screen is also very good and just great. You can not get as much information as on the Google Nest Hub but given that it is a clock it is more than enough. It is possible to view images from Google photos as background to the clock as well. The light sensor is also very good and the screen definitely does not disturb even though I want carbon black in the bedroom at night. Highly recommended for anyone who already runs Google's ecosystem. Just wish that Google assistant had been half as good in Swedish as it is in English. Unfortunately, things are going bad with the development.
Philips Hue White BT Filament A60 550lm 2100K E27 7W (Dimmable)
a year ago
Stylish filament lamp that fits perfectly in a fixture where you see the lamp. Before updating the software, the lamp flickered when dimmed as the previous reviewer mentioned. But after an update in the hue app, it resolved. The light is in the warm direction which is what I wanted.
Sony WF-1000XM3
a year ago
Have had the handsets for a week and are very happy so far. Good sound and really good noise reduction. Of course, it depends a lot on how tight the plugs get in the ears. One disadvantage is that the microphones pick up the wind when you are outside and there is noise in the handsets. The only way to get around it is to adjust or turn the noise reduction off. It does not need much wind at all before it becomes very disturbing. Also have a pair of Bose QC25 and although a pair of covering headphones sometimes work better, it is nice to use the Sony handsets which are smaller and agile. If you are looking for a pair of fully wireless handsets then these are probably among the best in terms of sound and if you also want noise reduction then they are basically the only choice. Recommended
Geneva Sound Touring L
a year ago
Old honest FM radio with good sound. We use it as a kitchen radio where it fills up a large kitchen with warm and plentiful sound. Stylish retro design and good build quality. However, Geneva released the text on the front as we removed the plastic film that sat on the front. This did not matter to us as much as it is nice but also it. The only major shortcoming is when you connect aux cord on the back to eg. chromecast, it blocks input choices for radio and Bluetooth. So you can only use aux until you pull out the cord again. Really stupid as we want a chromecast lying behind and be able to switch between the radio and the one with the buttons. Bought it on a campaign on Power and is doubtful that it is worth the full price but if you find it on a campaign, like the design and can stand the "aux problem" then I still recommend it as the sound is still so good.
Marvel's Spider-Man (PS4)
2 years ago
Very fun and entertaining. Like the feeling of swinging through New York. Just addictive. Highly recommended
Marantz SR6012
2 years ago
Replace me from Marantz 5008 to get some more features, 4k with HDR and Atmos support. Got some extra watts of power per channel in the bargain. Is very satisfied and has now expanded my system to 5.1.2 with BiWire (dual cables) to the front speakers. The amplifier plays very well both for film, music and games and the room correction works very well. Can recommend that you buy for the Audyssey MultEQ Editor App to be able to fine-tune the settings and see the curves measured. Although I think it should accompany the amplifier, it is worth the money. However, one must be aware that the amplifier becomes very hot and that it therefore needs good ventilation. Also, as others have already written, the display on the front is in the smallest team. They should have been able to achieve a better compromise between design and function here, but they have looked the same for a very long time. Now the sequel 6013 has come out but I still think that 6012 is a better buy if you can manage without the very latest features.
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