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Fitbit Versa 2
4 months ago*
Had mine for 9 months. Looked around among smart watches and more training-oriented, and realized that if you want a smart watch, you have to iron out the battery life. Wanted a watch that can track training, show notices so I do not have to pick up the phone all the time. It does its job well! the battery life is around 6 days, the display is sharp and good, good response in the touch. The app is informative and good, easy to find. The rubber bracelet is really nice, fits really well! A big disadvantage is that if you want to get all the information, you have to pay, I think it should be included. Missing gps Missing the google assistant
*Edited 4 months
Google Home
5 months ago*
After a week of testing, I am satisfied. It perceives the voice well, even from a longer distance (tested and stood in another room without problems) The sound is perfectly ok for the price, also for music (paid 599 :-) Clearly better sound than from home and nest mini. Used in the hall for podcasts and music.
*Edited 5 months
9 months ago*
Very clean and good sound from the chimney, works incredibly well for both film and music. Good detail and good balance in sound. No more pressure in the subwoofer, so for those who want more there this is not the right choice. Easy to install, easy with the google home app, and you can change the sound / settings with LG's app. Coming from JBL 3.1, where the chimney didn't have much to give, but the sub made everything rattle in the room. Hard to find the perfect balance in the sound of a sound limp, but for SEK 4990 as this goes for sale every now and then, it is a really good buy for those who want a fully reasonable compromise, and do not want to mess with several speakers and cables. Will probably buy to the rear speakers soon, and will probably be fully satisfied then, despite the lack of pressure in the base
*Edited 9 months
Xiaomi Mi 9 SE 64GB
a year ago
Been on the phone for 5 months now, great affordable mobile! Battery life is better than expected with the 3000mAh battery, easily gets out a day in heavy use. Rap mobile, very good camera, there is not much to complain about! + Price! + camera + Fast in all systems / menus + MIUI (Xiamomi's own Android interface) + Battery time in terms of battery capacity -No 3.5mm headphone port -The camera behind it stuck out pretty much
JBL Bar 3.1
2 years ago
Enjoyed mine for almost 2 weeks, tested a little back and forth with different movies and music .. Very small midrange in the limpan, when you start the unplayed first time, the limpan sounds like a cheaper mp3 speaker, but this gets better when it has got a bit of recording, recommends running both movies and music in the "sports" mode Movie: Provides a very clear dialogue, very good details in the sound, the 10 "base gives the effects extra everything, the clock! (Best of the loops I tested, LG SJ6, Harman Kardon SB35 and Samsung M560) Music: If you listen to "Normal" music then it gives a completely ok sound, good details, the base can make everything rattle if you want a lot of pressure. BUT! If you listen to me as a bit heavier, and faster music with a lot of double pedals, then the base does not work, becomes a constant noise without details in the sound only, where this is the clearly worst I tested. Summa sumarum: will probably search for another loaf soon, which can handle both movie and my type of music :)