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Dynaudio Contour S1.4
4 years ago
*Edited 2 years
Sounds very good and stands deep Deep 170w Everything sounds good on them. you do not need big speakers to get bass // but now I get masa crap again .. who has had both Contour S1.4 vs Contour 1.3SE Looks right inside but SE is more quality, it looks clear Dual tweeters double filters in wolves. more tough base in 1.4 and more airy in 1.3 1.4 12 kg only weighs more for the black below. 1.3 SE weighs 10.1kg The airy tear base I get of 1.3 SE I do not get from S 1.4. I like more air and torture a fast bass that sounds more fun. unfortunately ..... otherwise. you get more quality more filters more voice voice soft dome in the tweeter but with a little less bass .... you hear it ... so do you listen to jazz voices go on 1.3se ... but The other one only costs 2500kr more. ... I've owned both of them..I like both 2 as much .. but Jazz then is seen 1.3 SE all times See it like this 42 vs 52 Which base do I take 52 because it's Lucky bass 42 tight bass 10w more on s1.4 Everything else is the same of that point
Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
4 years ago
*Edited 3 years
Canon 5D Mark IV It is today the most purchased camera in the world You can shoot birds with it so well it is. 8-9 out of 10 is sharp where Inserts should be right on youtube ... You have a great camera for Modeler a print and white balance is prefect at once and it's fastest of all to find the sharpness settings to make the image good without editing Camera Strength 3 Finish 1Treshold? Contrast everything - believe me all the way down. measured -1 down. you can edit later. important that you have it from the beginning so you can edit it in LR PH exp, how do you snow snow 1-2, otherwise the snow will be blue, but not with this cam it will fix it LR-FH ready to live for a customer max 700 in size Canon! At last you are here with a new modern sensory design. I have been waiting for this camera for many years and I say thank you to Canon and lucky I was waiting for it for a long time yet? For me, nothing matters with 4K. is a bit worse. I'm not interested in 4K as I said in my bring Mk III. I got right but I understand you who want to film buy a 4k movie camera then. I want a camera without movies. More about it, a fantastic camera with over 30 pixels That's because I can use my computer and not buy a pig animal for all layers cannon well, plus it does not take up so much on my hard drives! And I do not need more Pixlar, so it's only. I've had it for a while now and will try to describe what I think about it. when I got it in hand for the first time and started to use it, I was sold bums, that power quiet and powerful chambers with all walks of life and image quality with an even more powerful work horse like a 240 volvo where ... 4K is not the best but good enough if you get ready at 30.00p, and some body or 720p in 120fps OK I think, Big step forward for the same as on-chip analog-to-digital conversion (ADC) that 1DX Mk II has, I can not record that much. It's limited. You have a lot of settings on it, and many think it's expensive, Canon has problems with it and I understand that, because when you shoot with it you will not understand. Are you like i need a battery grip then fit your old batteries The camera is worth every penny it's my opinion and when the updates come, it will be warmer than now, would unte want to replace them with nikon or sony NEVER because I bought them and tried them ... it's like when you press the menu it's like in the 70's. .. it goes slowly quality where is it and why are all my Canon chambers so long .. 7d, 7d2, over 150t photo easy 450d 100t photo easy mkt and 3 150t photo easy and now the new one I've never had to leave my Canon cameras, It never happened to me ... A The little thing that has got is that you can use so many settings
Hegel H80
4 years ago
*Edited 3 years
The amplifier has a lazy feeling so I can not have it so it went back after a day I can not revert to the one I'm running today and it's an AUDIO ANALOGUE Just because you bought it, it's so good hahaha Do not buy it if you have Dynaudio then you bet
Rotel RA-820AX
3 years ago
For that price and with the right cables and speakers it sounds really good in my opinion Had it for almost 8 years today
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