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Professional Secrets Termometer
6 days ago
Clockless thermometer for cooking. Extremely fast, you see how the temperature changes close in real time as you pass the needle through the piece of meat.
Crucial MX500 2.5" 7mm 500GB
13 days ago
For about SEK 650, it is nothing more than a full pot! As fast as you can expect, simply do what it is supposed to.
Pokémon Shield (Switch)
16 days ago
The thirteen-year-old loves it and likes to catch as many pokemons as possible. Personally, I say no ... Too slow. Sega dialogues etc. Luckily it was not bought for myself. :)
Arms (Switch)
16 days ago
Nice fighting game but I prefer more classic fighting than this.
Nintendo Switch Pro Controller (Switch) (Original)
2 years ago*
Very good hand control and an excellent complement to your Switch. But it's a hundred too expensive ... Besides, it's almost never sold. 4/5 is maybe a bit nice ... It has good battery life, but it lacks analog triggers. And it's expensive.
*Edited 3 months
Tile Sticker (2020) 2-pack
3 months ago
Works as promised. If the battery also lasts for two years, it is 3/5 ... For higher grades, I want to be able to change the battery myself.
Apple TV 4K 64GB
3 months ago
It's a really good product for streaming even if you do not have any other Apple products. But it's awful to get started with when you're not running anything else from Apple. Just such a thing as how lousy the on-screen keyboards are designed ... Then we come to the distance - a little disgusting thing that causes cramps ... Luckily I can control it with my Logitech Harmony via BT so now everything works. (Controlling via IR is lousy, tough and laggy,)
Deltaco ARM-510
3 months ago
Easy to assemble. Could have been easier in the adjustment but the bracket is typically one you set up, adjust and then never fiddle with again. Then they can remove the built-in spirit level - it is completely useless.
Hyrule Warriors - Age of Calamity (Switch)
3 months ago
I think it's a bit monotonous but it's fun to see the story where events that preceded Zelda: BOTW are explained.
Gevalia Tassimo Latte Macchiato 8 (capsules)
4 months ago
This kind of thing should not be called "Latte Macchiato". Terrible.
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