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Motorola Edge (6GB RAM) 128GB
20 days ago
Fourth Motorola. And the best! Thank goodness they have switched to an OLED screen and 90Hz refresh rate, it's a joy just to look at the screen! Fast processor and fast in menu browsing, fast charging, fast camera that takes good pictures and the edge edges ... I just love them! Gets flashbacks from my Note Edge but Moto Edge is sharper, more modern, more delicious. Sold now for 4990, snopet that I had to pay 1.5k more but I have no regrets. A little slippery to hold in so it is important to be careful. The battery lasts easily for two days with a lot of netflix, youtube and calls.
Asus ZenFone 6 ZS630KL 64GB
5 months ago
*Edited 2 months
I'm just saying: notification light! Which also flashes in different colors depending on whether you have missed calls, emails or text messages. Awesome processor, camera and battery life. Do not understand how to give a rating less than 5 stars. Update July 2020: the device receives regular updates and everything works flawlessly and flows well ultra fast! Looks around a bit and is surprised that some so-called flagships cost 12K +!
Samsung Galaxy A50 SM-A505FN/DS 128GB
a year ago
Bought this in faith and conviction that Samsung now finally has a good nap in the budget class but oh what a disappointment! It felt like I was thrown back a decade as slow as it is! It would be a criminal offense today to make a phone that is super weak! And the camera is crappy, the battery hurts! The only good thing is the screen but it does not justify the purchase of the phone.
Motorola Moto G7 Plus Dual
a year ago
Say camera. Slow in the menus ,. Had such great expectations but oh so disappointed I was. Felt like I was back to my Motorola Razr Maxx from 2014. Although it is a middle class it should still be better. My Nokia 7 plus purchased two years ago beats the G7an in all-with horse lengths!
Nokia 7 Plus Dual 64GB
2 years ago
*Edited a year
4 months I have now had nokia 7 plus. Doesn't feel as big as it is on paper. Good with androidone. Satisfied with everything.Not any "this could have been better" - stuff. Nokia as Nokia - stable and robust in both hardware and software. Reliable polar. Great battery life, naj's camera, super fast in everything. I do not understand how people, ATT people are willing to put 8k.10k on mobiles. Edit July 2019: This is the ONLY phone I have NOT changed after a year of use. Have now had it for a little more than two years and yes, I'm still happy! Absurd good phone.
Motorola Moto X4 Dual 64GB
2 years ago
Bought one for my daughter and shortly afterwards to my old mom. My next will be a Moto X5, next generation. Have had a number of Motorola mobiles over the years and have been pleased with all. Gave away my old X-force to my acquaintance and it still lives a good life, miss it sometimes. The phone thus. Even though Lenovo bought Motorola, they still make good mobiles.
Motorola Moto G5 Plus (3GB RAM) 32GB
3 years ago
After two months of joining with G5 plus, I can not fail to give the maximum rating, and then I think price versus performance. It feels a bit like the old Nokialuras that just work and work ... and also with outstanding battery life!
Meizu Pro 6 Plus 64GB
3 years ago
I have the 128GB version, but it's same-same. Why pay more than twice as much for a branded nap like Samsung or Sony or iPhone that works just as well or better? The absolute first thing I appreciate with my Meizu is the camera and battery life! The front camera is also cruel. The phone has all the standard features that a high-end nap has. In addition, the call quality is outstanding. Ordered via aliexpress, type 3500 sec with shipping, waited about 14 days.
3 years ago
I do not understand what Smajslord bases its judgment on. To me, these headphones are Top Of The Line (for those money). The bass follows smoothly from low to high volume without scratches, the naps have a great fit (for my medium bald head, I always have problems with the fools), the bluetooth is simple, fast, battery life is full enough. One has to keep in mind that you can not expect to listen wireless for a month, they have to be charged! The supplied cord microphone has a clear sound and cordless cord. The hoods keep out of the sound effectively away. Highest rating!
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