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Barbecues (BBQs)

Looking to buy a BBQ? Here you will find charcoal grills, gas grills, electric grills and pellet grills from well-known brands such as Weber, Landmann, OBH Nordica, and Muurikka. Use the filter to view BBQs and smokers with a thermometer, side tables, and built-in drawers. There are large outdoor kitchens for the enthusiastic grill masters with big gardens, kamado grills made of ceramic, as well as small, portable tabletop grills, and electric grills for use on balconies. If you only want to view cheap, price-reduced and on-sale BBQs, use the filter to select this option.

Questions and answers about BBQs

Position your barbecue on a flat and stable surface that isn’t flammable. Place it at least one metre away from a combustible wall, caravan or tent. 

Always have a fire extinguisher or plenty of water nearby.

Never leave a hot barbecue unattended. Remember that fire spreads quickly, especially when it is windy.

Use an electric lighter instead of lighter fluid if you have a charcoal barbecue.

If you use a gas barbecue, you must follow the rules for gas bottles and regularly check that there are no leaks from the bottle, valves or hoses. Store the gas bottle in a safe place.

Never use a gas barbecue or charcoal barbecue indoors, or in places without good ventilation.

Never place a disposable barbecue (preferably do not use disposable barbecues at all) directly on grass or other combustible material - the underside will become extremely hot.

According to the Fire Protection Association, the barbecue must be at least 1 metre away from a flammable wall, caravan or tent. Ideally, you should have it significantly further away than that, especially if it's windy and it gives off sparks. Please have a fire extinguisher or plenty of water nearby.

Yes, you can barbecue on your own plot. Make sure you stand on level ground where the barbecue is stable. Avoid standing too close to a building and ideally it shouldn’t smoke so much so that it disturbs the neighbours. You can even barbecue on your own plot when there’s a fire ban, but remember to have a fire extinguisher or plenty of water nearby due to the risk of fire.

Yes, you can barbecue in the evening. Just bear in mind that poor lighting conditions increase the risk of injury when barbecuing. Make sure the place is well lit.

Scrape off any leftover food while the grill is hot (but be careful not to burn yourself). It's easier to do it then, than when everything has solidified on the barbecue.

If you have a gas barbecue, you can close the lid and burn it thoroughly before turning off the gas and letting it cool.

When the barbecue is cool, throw away any residue from charcoal and briquettes, dry it properly and clean the it.

Moisture is the barbecue's nemesis. Make sure the barbecue is dry.

If you barbecue a lot and often, the gas BBQ is the best option. With a gas BBQ, you can start barbecuing faster and it’s easier to get the right temperature.

You don't have to bother with the cleaning up after the charcoal and briquettes (although gas BBQs are of course not maintenance-free).

With a gas BBQ, it smokes less and if you choose a more advanced model, you sometimes get smart features such as built-in lighting, a practical instrument panel and pairing with your mobile phone.

The classic charcoal BBQ is the default choice for many, and it works great in most cases. The price is normally significantly lower than on gas BBQs and you can find coal/briquettes basically everywhere.

The charcoal BBQ is perfect when you don’t barbecue that often, you don't want a large gas BBQ standing in the garden, or don’t want to use gas. Top up with coal, use some lighter fluid or another ignition method and you're good to go!

With a charcoal BBQ, it’s easier to change the position of BBQ, you don't have to think about the safety of gas bottles and you’ll get a traditional BBQ experience that many appreciate.

The electric BBQ is perfect when you aren’t permitted to use a charcoal or gas BBQ, for example on the balcony or a small patio.

With an electric BBQ, you avoid both coal and LPG, all that is required is a free power outlet. Also, you can barbecue basically anything with the right electric BBQ.

In addition, you can use an electric BBQ indoors, which is not possible with either a charcoal or a gas BBQ.