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Products in this category are also called Laundry Machine and Washer.

Questions and answers about washing machines

A good washing machine should last up to 10-12 years. Sometimes up to 20 years depending on the manufacturer and model. Bear in mind that it may need to be repaired or serviced before the end of its life as internal parts wear out.

You have to think about whether you need a front-loading or top-loading model, how much washing capacity you need, and whether it has the right washing programs for your needs. You also need to check the energy consumption, how it’s installed, guarantees and the width of the washing machine. How easy is it to use the washing machine and how long do the different programs take to run? It’s also important that it actually fits where you plan to put it. Read reviews and check out the washing machine in a shop before making a purchase.

Dose the detergent according to instructions and avoid overdosing. The washing machine must stand completely flat in order not to risk damage to the floor or the machine itself. Make sure there are no objects left in the clothes that could fall out, and clean the washing machine properly at regular intervals. Don't forget to check the lint filter that collects coins and other things from the washing machine.

If the washing machine makes a loud noise with a loud knocking or whining sound, the bearing may be worn out. Often, it’s shown by the clothes getting stains that look like oil or rust. If the shock absorbers are worn, it can cause your washing machine to vibrate or make more noise than normal, it can also cause the bearings to break much faster. Both bearings and dampers can normally be changed, but it’s time-consuming and can cost a lot. Don't forget to change the bearing seal at the same time.

Pick off all loose parts that can be cleaned. Wash them with a mild detergent and make sure all detergent residue is gone. Wipe down the rubber bellows as thoroughly as possible, all the mouldings and the drum. Open the water pump filter cover and remove the filter. Clean thoroughly and make sure to pick out any small things stuck there. Assemble everything and run a cleaning program if the washing machine has one. If not, you can insert a special cleaning tablet and set to the highest temperature with a normal washing program.

Both liquid detergent and powder give a good result when you dose according to the instructions. The advantage of liquid detergent is that it dissolves more easily and you avoid lumps. The advantage of powder detergent is that white laundry gets cleaner and can be more environmentally friendly, depending on which one you use. Do you usually have really dirty clothes? Choose powder over liquid.

You can save a lot of money if you buy your washing machine during Black Week / Black Friday. 1 in 5 washing machines became cheaper during the 2021 sales period with an average reduction of as much as 23 per cent. Even the Boxing Day Sales often offer big discounts with an average reduction of 24 per cent.

As long as you have a drain, water supply and an approved electrical outlet, installing a washing machine is normally not a problem. Make sure that it’s placed flat, stable and without it being able to hit anything around it. Don't forget to remove the stabilisers if fitted. Connect the drain hose and water supply. When you connect the electricity, it must be to an outlet that has a protective ground fault circuit breaker. Are you unsure? Get help from a service technician or fitter.

Check that you have all the washing programs needed for your particular clothes and that you can set a delayed start (perfect when you want to wash at the lowest possible electricity prices). Automatic dosing is an excellent function for perfect washing results every time, and you also reduce the risk of overdosing. A special cleaning program is also practical. If you have a smart home, you might want a WiFi-connected washing machine that displays information in your mobile app.