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Could Slow Shopping Help Break Negative Spending Habits?

Our Super Saver Laura is a freelance writer and blogger specialising in personal finance. Laura is the founder of Thrifty Londoner, a personal finance website where she uses her extensive knowledge to provide ideas and techniques on how to manage your money.

Slow shopping is exactly what you think it is- spending time considering, debating, and then finally purchasing an item. Slow shopping is the opposite of impulse shopping. The idea behind slow shopping is that you are not drawn in by flash discount codes, a ticking clock on a website, or pop up boxes informing you that an item is selling quickly. It takes away any urgency around shopping, particularly when it comes to shopping online. 

What is slow shopping?

Slow shopping is all about knowing what you want, and buying the item at the best price. Whether the item is for you, your household, or a gift for someone else. Slow shopping is designed to make shopping an enjoyable experience, instead of stressful or impulsive. 

How can slow shopping help break negative spending habits?

Negative spending habits might be habits such as always spending using flash discount codes, using credit cards unnecessarily, spending emotionally or spending out of boredom. So how can slow shopping help break negative spending habits? The idea of slow shopping can counteract this because it embodies the idea of slowing down, enforcing a time delay, waiting to buy, and making sure that you’re only buying something that you really want, at the best price.

How can PriceSpy help?

Using tools such as the shopping list feature on PriceSpy can help you to think about and identify purchases that you really want. You can add products to your ‘favourites’ list, where you can also keep track of the prices of the items. You can also share your favourites list with your friends and family when it comes to Christmas and birthday gift ideas. The next time you want to buy something, you can add it to your favourites list, wait a while to make sure you really want it, and then buy it when the price drops. 

You can also set alerts with PriceSpy to help make sure that you get the best prices on your purchases. You can set alerts to notify you when a product comes back into stock, or when the price of a product drops below a certain price range. You can opt in to receive alerts through the app or through email. This feature works particularly well during the Christmas period, so that you know you are getting the best deal possible without being overwhelmed by flash sales throughout December. 

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Laura Dempster

1st November 2021

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What is Slow Shopping?

At PriceSpy we wanted to help remind people that it’s a good thing to slow your shopping down. Think about what products you would like to buy and make sure you are getting them at the best possible cost. PriceSpy is here to help you save during Black Friday & Christmas. Slowing down your Shopping can help decrease the risk of bad bargains and it can lead to a more sustainable way of life.

So, we launched Slow Shopping. An initiative to help lower stress levels and create the right conditions for well-balanced shopping decisions.

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I actually find Black Friday a bit too much. The urgency to buy everything RIGHT NOW usually means you end up with a load of stuff you don’t need bought with money you didn’t need to spend. I try not to get caught up in the hype and use it as a genuine way to make savings, not an excuse to splurge. Here’s a few ways I prep for the Black Friday onslaught and stay sane.

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