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Game of the Month – Dark Picture Anthology: House of Ashes

House of Ashes is an interactive cinematic horror video game. Make quick decisions, and fight your way through the underworld before the creatures that live down there finish off your group. How many can you save before the game ends?

The fourth game in the Dark Pictures Anthology-series is here. Just as in the previous games, House of Ashes is a stand-alone title with an underlying horror theme and a cinematic feel where you as the player have to make the important decisions.

The story is simple. A US special forces unit, led by the CIA agent Rachel King, is investigating a chemical weapons facility in Iraq.

Before they reach their goal, they are attacked by a local patrol led by Salim Othman. While the battle between the two groups take place, a hole in the ground is created due to an earthquake. Everyone falls down and end up in a cave system far below the desert sand. 

And they’re not alone. Evil creatures move about in the dark and the both groups have to bury the hatchet to collaborate. It’s here that you play a part, and help them to take good (or really bad) decisions. 

A small warning for those of you who’ve never played a Dark Pictures Anthology game

The steering in The Dark Pictures Anthology series can feel a bit clumsy or difficult to use, just so you are aware this, and that it can take some time to get use to how the characters move. But don’t let this put you off, give it some time to get used to, it’s worth your time.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Triple Pack

The four games in the series are all independent, but share the same style of play and the layout where you switch between the characters and steer them towards their fates. 

Since they’re independent of each other you can choose freely which game you want to start with without losing any story-telling. But since every new game in the series has had technical improvements, we recommend that you start with Until Dawn and play your way forwards in the series.

Until Dawn is only available for Playstation consoles, but can also be streamed to a PC if you use Playstation Now. 

If you prefer to start from the second game that is also available for Xbox, you can buy it loose or get the The Dark Pictures Anthology: Triple Pack game package which contains the last three games in the series (unfortunately not Until Dawn).

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Triple Pack is available for both Xbox and Playstation.

Daniel Haaf

25 October 2021

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