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Personal data

We store personal data so we can analyse it and personalise your experience. If you want to choose exactly which data you want to share, please use the form below. Read more in our cookies and privacy policy.
This data is necessary for our services to function correctly, and therefor not optional. Information stored in these cookies include information about the current browser session, login information, and assigned A/B test variants.
We constantly strive to build a better service for you as a user. To do so, we need to understand how you and other users interact with PriceSpy. By consolidating data from all our users, we can analyse large traffic flows rather than individuals.
We want you to see more relevant content on PriceSpy, for example recommended products that we think you are interested in. To make this possible, we need to understand which products you have viewed before on PriceSpy.
This functionality can provide surveys with user patterns and behaviours. All results are saved anonymously.
We want to make our marketing on other sites more relevant to you. Therefor, we need to understand what you are interested in. By using data like viewing history, geographical position and demographic profile, we can create more relevant ads. We share the information with ad networks such as Facebook, Google, Bing and Criteo. Processing personal data also makes it possible to measure how well our marketing works.