Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930F 32GB

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  • Excellent
    9 months ago
    Bardzo fajny
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  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Updated: 2 months ago
    Good phone, very satisfied.
    Never again Apple, but will test other Android phones such as Asus Zenfone.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Updated: 7 months ago
    Chose between 7 and iPhone this. It was this. Now it's been two months and oh how happy I am for my choice. It is the best phone I have owned, and although it sounds cliché, I must say it in your hand feels like a part of me, a feeling I have not felt since I bought my iphone 4s 6 years ago.

    The monitor, camera (oh how good it is!), Quick charging, performance, memory cards etc. might just sound like reheated försälningsargument but it really makes a big difference to the appearance and in everyday use. Nowadays, Samsung has also come up with the software. It flows nicely and is incredibly user friendly.

    Sure, the speaker does not sound great. And few unnecessary bloatware is still present in the software. But otherwise, I find nothing to fault.

    Many reviewers have said that this also the s7 edge (which is a bit too big for my taste) is this year's best phones. It does not surprise me at all.
  • Acceptable
    1 year ago
    Updated: 9 months ago
    Went from Sony Z3 Compact to Samsung S7, this is what I think about S7:

    + Camera: Fast auto focus, good pictures in the dark
    + Responsive UI
    + Bright and high resolution amoled display
    + Good sound in phone calls
    + Fast charge
    + Waterproof to some extent (ip68)

    - TouchWiz is still bad and inconvenient. Recommend to install Nova Launcher!
    - The fingerprint reader can be difficult to use.
    - Poor battery life! Max 2 days. Is used with 3-4 days with the Sony Z3 Compact.
    - Missing running small programs in foreground (eg calculator, etc.).
    - No charging barrier to increase battery life, as Sony has. The battery should stay between 20-80% for maximum life.

    * Update after 1 year of use:
    Battery life lasts a maximum of 1 day, even after keeping the battery continuously within 20-80%.
    + The phone is still very responsive.
    + Android 7 has improved the phone on many fronts.
  • Perfect
    10 months ago
    Updated: 10 months ago
    Perfect Product! Beautiful screen, graphics and processor speed! Recommended for both personal and work use.
  • Good
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Went from an LG G4 to this, really just to get a good stabilization when shooting.
    I wanted to be able to film without the "jello" effect of stabilization.
    The camera is what I value the most by a mobile. But Samsung and its S7 would be the king of the mobile cameras are the least exaggerated.
    It will take "good" pictures in dark conditions and focuses quickly, but where does the worship ended. In good lighting conditions, that is, a normal day, so the pictures are from LG G4 significantly better. When viewing images on a computer and zooms in a bit, the difference becomes even more evident. Where the Tactile G4 had an incredible details and depth nuanced colors, so reminiscent images from S7an more of a gritty pastel painting.
    If you photographed with 12 megapixels and then to crop the picture from 4: 3 to be nicer 16: 9 format that is not enough resolution to, because the image when zoomed in slightly, and the picture becomes even worse. Harsh words, but true.

    Otherwise then? Well, the battery life Nougat 7.0 is ok, and the screen is very good and bright. The cell phone is water-resistant. Some more obvious plus points that distinguish the cell phone, I do not. Certainly a good phone if you use the camera to take pictures of their lunch and posting on Facebook, and like a completely glassed phone with a battery that is not replaceable.
  • Good
    1 year ago
    Good buzz, however, pulled the rating down because of all samsung apps can not be uninstalled. Pulling the battery unnecessarily
  • Very Poor
    1 year ago
    Nothing wrong with the phone really except that I dropped it after it took a few days. My other Samsung have managed to not do this. The glass was shattered both front and back (had cover on). Now after 8 months of the accident arrived back also this time with the cover on. Now extinct, however, the screen also. Tele2 takes 1200kr just to check on it and Samsung takes 3100kr to cook only the glass front also back. So has my mobile dropped in value from 7200kr to almost nothing at 8 months. Worst purchase I ever made. You can take out insurance (which they forgot to ask me). Svindyr a mobile with an even svindyrare insurance. If you are not rock sure hand and a thick mobile protection, so it is almost guaranteed at least one punching in life.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Very satisfied
  • Barely acceptable
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Then I get so tired. You buy an Android for it not to be as limited as an iPhone. But what is it, yes just fucking route and limited as an iPhone.

    Bought a 128GB memory. Photo album starts not because I have run out of memory to burst shots are saved to the phone and not the memory card. Same with apps. Most apps can not be installed on the memory card. WTF? What was the purpose a new memory card then ??

    Should transfer files to Mac. I thought that Android always appeared as a plug and play hard drive. But not ... There must be something rotten shit program that is completely useless for transferring files.

    You can not delete the Facebook app. WTF!?! ??!?! Have you hired people from apple or what the hell is this about Samsung?

    Hypersensitive display "drop" and go into things when you scroll. I do not know riktgt what could be better but this phone is just as bad as an iPhone.

    It loads quickly and has a good camera. But do not believe the advertising that you get the best shots there in bad light ...
  • Decent
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    I belong to the very few (about 1%) who always preferred Windows Phone before Android and iOS. But when my three year old Lumia 640 was forced to upgrade to Windows 10, I noticed a deterioration on many points. I then took the opportunity to procure me this super hyped Galaxy S7 in shiny silver and thus the transition to Android. This review will therefore be a comparison between these two handsets. Lumia 640 will cost approximately 1400 dollars and Galaxy S7 about 5400 SEK. The latter is 4000 SEK better?

    --------------------------- Galaxy S7 ---- ---- vs Lumia 640 ---------- ----------------

    Camera ----------------- +++++ ------------------ +++
    Camera selfie --------- ++ +++ -----------------------
    Screen ------------------- ------------------- ++++ ++
    Battery ----------------------- ------------------- ++ ++
    Speakers --------------- +++ --------------------- +++
    Call sound ------------- --------------------- +++ ++++.
    Reception -------------- ++++ ------------------- ++++
    Fingerprint ----------- +++++ ----------------- missing
    Design -------------------- -------------------- +++ ++.
    Always on display ------ +++ -------------------- +++
    Speed ​​----------------- ------------------ ++++ ++.
    Build quality -------------- ++++ ------------------ +++
    Charging -------------- ++++ ------------------ +++
    Weight -------------------------- ------------------ ++++ + ++++

    Not unexpectedly wins the S7 easy. Then it's up to each one of you think that it is 4000 SEK better. Here are things I dislike the S7:

    I'm not much for the design. Glass around makes my silvery specimen looks like shiny metal ... Matt silver metal around had been soo much better looking and above all hållbarare..Nu's edge around the mat but the rest blank. How did Samsung's designers there? It is also slippery as soap.

    A physical home button like this have felt ancient.

    Most of it sits oddly placed in my opinion. Is the phone for left ??? I'm like most right-handed and then become mostly a little crazy on the S7. Selfiekameran sitting on the right side and then want it like to be fingers on the photo ... The volume buttons on the left side ... hmmm ... strange! The headphone jack on the bottom .... a matter of taste but does not fit my taste.

    ALWAYS ON should be standard on all mobiles. Soon, just like Apple did not realize it. Here, however, Samsung made a giant board in m o, for example, not email, and Kik Whats up mm is visible in this position. Only text messages and missed calls. Low! There are other brands have to work for almost ten years nu..Fixar Nougat to this?

    As the old Windows phone users lack I also double taps on the screen to unlock. But with that fingerprint technology works so well, I can do without this.

    The battery is not fancy. Yes almost surprisingly poor.

    Selfies are blurred. Mirror can only be set after taking the photo.

    The best thing about the phone:


    Good size and weight

    Fingerprint technology works smoothly

    The camera (except selfien)

    The bottom line: Pretty good phone, but far from perfect.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    I have had the S7 a month and are really pleased with it. Fast, smooth and sits perfectly in the hand. Nothing to complain about. The phone is a little smaller than my previous handset and I was worried that it would be difficult to work effectively in the program where you want to be able to see large surface simultaneously. The high resolution, excellent contrast and precision of the touch screen function makes it work flawlessly.

    Heat development has not been a problem, even though I played resource-intensive games on it.

    I do not give it 10/10 because I would have preferred a removable battery so that I can have the phone for several years, and replace the battery after which (with an external power bank may, however, keep the phone running even when the internal battery is getting tired).

    I recommend this phone.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Really good phone but I do not think it's such a big difference to the considerably cheaper phones anymore. Think that they could be supplied with the wireless charger from scratch for the price.

    As usual, you most wish for better battery life (regardless of the phone). In addition, I miss nothing directly. Good design.Skön keeping. Handsome. (Never use shells and the like) Swaps Always launcher to Google Now when I'm not fond of Samsung's own.
  • Decent
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    UPDATE: Due to the miserable front camera as distorting the face and makes you look like Quasimodo so I put down the character of "medium". I still recommend the phone if you do not take as many selfies, but the front camera is a lousy joke. It does not help with good image quality when it distorts the subject. This is absolutely disgusting bad for a top model.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    A terrific mobile in most areas. Fast and responsive. The camera is lightning fast. Like very much that the screen takes up so much of the front of the phone, so it's a relatively small phone in relation to screen size.

    The only problem is that it seems like the screen and home button lightly nicked / scratched. After a few days there was a small notch in the show, and several small scratches on the button. I've used the cover of "wallet" type and did not subjected phone for something special. I expect better of a top model, so it does not get full score for this reason.

    I'm not necessarily redeeming love TouchWiz either. And that back icon is on the right side is in a way quite illogical, but on the other hand, one might use it more often than the second icon so for right-handers it is the easier accessible.

    To about 5000 - I would say "run and buy." It is not certain that it goes so far down in price after the S8 comes out either. It took according to the outline on've ca. four months of the S7 was launched for one could get S6 to about 4000, and S7 is a much better phone than S6 (which had major weaknesses S7 corrected).
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Very good phone, hard to be disappointed with the camera and the screen and battery life quite ok even without starting to tweak.

    Minus (there are always like that, especially when the phone is expensive)
    -Not Replaceable battery
    Speaker powered may not have been so loud and why 17 they can not place the speaker forward?
    -Some Websites (at least Expressen and SVD) can sometimes hang the phone, forcing the restart, but this is done crisply.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Great screen
    fantastic camera
    Fairly neat
    Sitting comfortably in your hand, pretty good quality feel, somewhat slippery possibly
    SD card space again!

    Samsung insists bloatware, although it improved slightly
    The battery could have been slightly larger
    The price starts to be a bit generous. Something more affordable than the iPhone, but still.

    Regarding battery life: If disables unnecessary sync and other general battery-wasting appbeteende it will actually battery life Fairly good. And with good, I mean in this case that it survives a day of normal use. But! I compare with my iPhone 6S you can handle a similar day course slightly better battery wise. So, Samsung had probably been right to sacrifice a little more space and weight and run on an even larger battery.

    Either way it is a very nice phone!
  • Excellent
    2 years ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    .. Some argue that this is just the mobile that S6an would have been - better, faster, bigger battery, memory card support - and I understand that it is perhaps the closest description for the uninitiated bidder. But .. let's forget for a moment all the specs, arguments about EDGE and other fluff. For it is rare to come across something that manages to create a genuine feeling of the (awe). A feeling that almost disappeared since the golden era when Nokia and Ericsson were kings - As the technology was simple to manage, design sharp and everything worked regardless of snow, sun or spilled beer .. After 3 months of daily use can say that it is exactly that feeling that stops the left after the end of the day - a complete mobile is more than just its parts. It took Samsung 7 generations for all the pieces to fall into place, and for me to find back home. 9/10
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Giant nöjd.Hade s5 earlier.
    S7 is much better battery and a faster processor!
  • Very good
    2 years ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Finally replaced the 3 year old faithful Sony Xperia Z.

    Lets start by saying that it is very slippery and with small rounded edges difficult to hold firmly, without touching the screen. Has now, however, a wallet cases so now it's no problem. But the first week without a case, it was just over and risky.

    And then I have done all the negative aspects :)

    Very good camera! Dark / semi-shady biler was impossible with Xperian Now you can barely see whether the light is lit or not. Tested in the pitch-black bedroom but with the flash so it was almost like daylight in the picture. Even backlit mm. it seems to manage fine.
    However, the ability to make all the images a little too bright. No more danger but hard to catch "mysstämmning".

    Do not use the phone a lot so do not know the performance but it teaches supposed to be good.
    Battery life is very good. But moderate surfing (about 1 hr / day) it goes for about 40% per day only. So loading sometimes only every second night. And fast laddnignen works well.

    If the camera is gone to get into a cheaper model so maybe I chose it instead. It's quite expensive. But then you have the peaking phone that can withstand water and has memory for all images, etc. :)
  • Poor
    1 year ago
    Technically, I think the phone is good and have nothing to complain about.
    But the skin on the back does not seem to sustain anything. After 3 weeks after the new purchases, I discovered a crack in the upper right corner (from side to top of about 2 cm long). The crack may have been from the beginning, or also emerged that when I put the phone down on a glass table in the corner first. That's what I remember as might have accomplished it.
    Now it turns out that Samsung does not provide any guarantee on this type of damage, even though the damage may have been from the beginning. You must pay the full cost yourself. And although a slight bump against the table edge accomplished this guarantee should apply. A product that does not hold for everyday normal use will not have a good score how technically perfect it is.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    To all of you who complained about the battery life, there is a bug with Samsung's own background app (Samung Gear) after a specific update. This makes the phone consumes battery power faster than usual and get warm.

    This can be fixed by disabling the app. Go to Settings, Applications, Application. Tap More at the top, select "View system software." scroll down to "Samung Gear" and press it. Since the "Disable" button at the top.

    Then restart your handset to take effect.

    You can read more about the issue here:
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Best phone I've ever had shame that everybody just cares about the iPhone then this is as good mobile.

    + screen
    + camera
    + performance
    + Memory card reader
    + Wireless charging

    - Expensive but not much more

    This is the best phone on the market and even buy all iPhone and do not care to even have this kind and say why do not you buy the iPhone 7. Too bad, I think then this is much better what people see in the iPhone that's better than this. Check I have the new iPhone 7 will be all right, you have I have to check all the running to those who have it and it attracts the attention of those. Check I have galaxy s7 aja fun for you no one cares as these here over hyped iPhone case for almost everyone. Everyone just thinks of iPhones shame as this is so good mobile and deserve much more.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Good will live long ... do not think that the price will slow during 5000 because of how good it is :)
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Now I've had the Samsung Galaxy S7 in two months. I am extremely satisfied! Good battery life, great screen and by far the best mobile camera! The phone comes with a good pre-installed software. The features are advanced and stable. Furthermore, the waterproof!

    The phone has 4GB of RAM, 32 gigs of rum and a damn good graphics processor. 3D software floating on perfect.
    I have edited a 20-minute movie on the phone in 720p and it worked very smoothly. Samsung Galaxy S7 is a monster! I recommend it highly.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Fantastic camera starting from sleep in no time by double peep at home button. The screen is absolutely king. The phone is fast and straightforward to use.
    Only to draw on is that the sound from the headphone jack is not in hifi class as my HTC One. But most people will find it more than good enough anyway, me included. The speaker plays loud and clear voice.
  • Acceptable
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    I and many others feel that the battery pull out faster than it should when the phone is not in use. Android OS and Android System shown that large energy villains that will not let the phone sleeping her beauty sleep. Factory reset will not help and have tried a lot of other things too that inactivation of the time. Some cope with the problem without doing anything. Should you have an S7, you take a chance.

    Many users have probably the problem but do not know about it. We say that Aftonbladet: How do you know if you are suffering!
    Have you "Android OS" and "Android System" among the top three in your battery so users are probably slightly crazy. Go to Settings-Battery-Battery use and find out if you are suffering!
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Does everything I want to do mobile!
    Super Screen! Would actually rekkomendera this over the edge when I think it's a more comfortable size and there with more user friendly!

    - Have had a little trouble with it is warm and then also slowed down. These problems were, however, largely with a cache clearance.

  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Had a HTC One M8 dual sim before I found a dual SIM Samsung Galaxy S7 on a Swedish website which surprised me when it should not be sold in Sweden. When the phone arrived on set to Chinese, and it took a while to find where to place on the languages. The change of mobile due to HTC took longer and longer to fully charge.

    This phone is called Samsung Galaxy S7 SM G930FD

    It is worse than the HTC One M8 dual sim in, you could have two SIM cards and a memory card while the Samsung Galaxy S7 can either have two SIM card or a SIM card and a memory card. Now the Samsung Galaxy S7 twice as much memory 32 GB to 16 GB HTC so memory is not as necessary.

    Samsung Galaxy S7 is slightly smaller than the HTC One M8 which is a plus.

    Otherwise, the HTC One M8 dual sim and Samsung Galaxy S7 dual sim very similar phones so the new is not a major step.

    It should be said that I am not the normale mobile user. I surf a little, take few short films almost never and rarely send SMS. I call the most with your phone and then services around important as well logs and easy to find contacts.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Changed from LG G2 (Black) for Samsung Galaxy S7 (White).

    Here are the advantages:
    + The format is almost the same, which I like.
    + Fingerprint Reader, is very comfortable
    + Fast, oh what a difference
    + Very good display, clear colors and good sharpness
    + Looks a bit better
    + White model gets fewer fingerprints and fewer reflections
    + Always on is a pretty nice feature, although it draws little battery.
    + Good camera I kind never use
    + Not so much bloatware as I thought it would be
    Loading rapidly +
    + The battery lasts a long time

    - No FM radio. Actually used it quite often
    - Physical home button, no thanks!
    - Do not think it is Samsung up there, think they have tried to make an iPhone but slightly uglier (it's still nice)
    - Feels brittle, but it was also LGn. Hopefully crack is not the first case (have not lost yet)
    - It has been a cut in the power button, do not know how, when I was super careful with it.
    - Power button and volume button on the side is not as comfortable as the back that LG has
    - Bundled headphones are a joke. LG was surprisingly good and good enough even for the more discerning, but Samsung is embarrassingly bad.

    Chose between this and the iPhone 6s (I wanted headphone jack was therefore excluded the iPhone 7), and both are good handsets. In the end, the S7 as it was cheaper and I already had an android earlier so the change is simple. iPhone is not attractive and the operating system is less scratchy (although Android is getting better and better).
  • Decent
    1 year ago
    Skärpeartifikationer that destroys all the pictures.
  • Acceptable
    1 year ago
    For my part, it lands in a so-so rating. The rating was cemented by customer support.


    + Construction Quality
    + Waterproof
    + Screen (but the colors are weird)
    + processor


    - At times, poor customer service
    - Bloatware
    - The battery is worse than my old LG G3 after two years of use
    - Knox warns of malware even though it is sometimes even security terms
    - Waterproof = Can not open and repair cheaply yourself
    - Do not replace the battery (important because it keeps the bad)
    - The fingerprint reader works for me once in four attempts on average. Hang the first 30 seconds, then 5 minutes and so on. Frustrating to wait 30 minutes to call, or use something other than the camera.
    - The camera takes pictures with greatly exaggerated colors. Looks like artificial.
    - Menu button does not work anymore, which means that many programs can not be used anymore because Samsung has not done anything to be backward compatible.
    - Repkänslig
    - The screen near the edge = will easily break
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    True to iPhone users who want to try something new. Many profanity in the beginning but after a couple of weeks things started on things fall off .. is quite different from what you're used to.

    Easy to use.
    Stylish and sleek.
    Good sound.
    Good battery life.
    Crazy good camera.

    Undo not my change of manufacturer at all.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Very pleased. Battery life is very much better than the S6 and the other phones in the same price range. So they 3000mha do their job. The only important thing for me right now. Camera, form factor, etc. are top!

    Simply a good smartphone. Check oxå Huawei if you want to have reached the same quality at half the price.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    From Xperia Z3 + to this phone. Just have to say that this is what I have been waiting for a phone. Have had older Samsung phones and have been very satisfied with the hardware, also the software as long as it has worked.
    After I owned this phone in closer to four months, I have received a very good overall impression! Spot design and a really fast and stable software. A real premium phone that looks extremely affordable. The phone is soft and nice in the hand even though it has edges (design +). The buttons on the phone has a really good feel and has not begun to loose the old Galaxy models did.
    Have not had any software errors that I had on previous Samsung models and newer Sony models. The phone is really as stable as you think that phones should be today.

    + Design (Premium)
    + Sense to keep in
    + Really solid build quality
    + The button Feeling
    + Extremely good screen (4K with awesome color reproduction)
    + Awesome good camera to be on a phone! (4K)
    + Fast camera (opens cruel fort with double tap the home button)
    + Fast, capable of very heavy multitasking
    + Charged really fast (full battery of about 1.5 hours)
    + Never gets uncomfortably warm, have a good working temperature during heavy multitasking sessions. (Sony Z3 + becomes scorching)
    + Good battery, capable quiet a day (Android can drop better power management)
    + Wireless charging (including wireless fast charge)

    - The phone's speaker could have been better
    - Could have been a little colder to heavy use
    - It slips a little out of hand, I solved the glass cover on the back (not a shell)

    I have never been this happy with a phone before, a really well-built and reliable phone. This will not be replaced first. Real good phone that screams premium!
  • Very Poor
    1 year ago
    Having had the cell phone in 2 månadet it is time to warn others.
    It has very poor battery life, to cope with almost 14 hours of normal use.
    Went from a Sony Z2 mini as easily entertained two days.
    This was the last Samsung Mobile, I will buy.

    Very good camera o screen makes it still gets 2 stars.
  • Barely acceptable
    1 year ago
    Went from a Sony Z2 to this but oh what a disappointment!
    Sonyn was easily two days but this must be charged at least once / day for the same use.

    The battery becomes warm almost every day for no reason, sometimes restarts itself, hangs occasionally etc.

    Then main drawback is that it does not feel well built, feels like an old plasticky Samsung s2.

    Will probably be to sell this and buy the new Sony XZ
  • Very Poor
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Unfortunately, the battery of this handset lousy. You will be forced to close down Wifi, Location, applications, programs, updates, the clock on the lock screen, the brightness to minimum etc. + change the theme to the dark background, basic, basic settings, etc. for the battery to live a full day with normal use. I charge it fully at night, it has lost 6-8% in the morning when I wake up. The camera is OK, but not the best.
  • Very Poor
    1 year ago
    First the good ...
    + water
    + Good sound for calls
    + Quite stylish
    + screen

    The bad ...
    -värdelös speaker
    -repkänslig on both sides
    -kass battery life, worse than the iPhone 6s
    -roaming works worse than the iPhone
    camera takes good photos sometimes and some times worse than the much cheaper phones.
    -laggar and out of memory quickly
    reception quite poor

    I own both iPhone 6s and S7 this is what I experience.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Awesome phone! Have had it for 4 months now and am very satisfied.

    + Waterproof
    + Blazing fast charge
    + Wireless Charging
    + Grim battery
    + Android - an OS that allows you to get the phone just as you want it.
    + Great camera
    + Fingerprint scan that works well
    + Ability to Card
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Has now switched from iOS to Android. Short summary:
    + Good design (comfortable to hold, stylish, solid build quality, good color variants)
    + Good screen (good colors and brightness, even if the iPhone is slightly more accurate)
    + Good sound calls (both with and without speaker works very well)
    + Fast fingerprint reader
    + Ability to change the appearance of the software (icons, background, buttons, etc.)
    + Camera / camcorder is very fast and provides good quality
    + Water Resistant (nice not having to worry about the rain or training)
    + Stylish protection to the back (eg

    +/- Battery life (is quite ok, but could always be better)
    +/- Applications and backward button next to the home button is easily accessed by mistake, but you get used enough.

    Previously held most iPhone and a couple of Android and Windows Mobile. It's nice to get rid of addiction to Apple's simple but locked world. To e.g. use the Google Cast instead of Apple TV is really good. Highly recommended!
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    I have previously had a Google Nexus 6P, so here is a comparison / experience compared to the Nexus.

    Benefits of Samsung:
    Battery life, especially with the power save mode enabled.
    The brightness of the screen
    Great listening via Bluetooth, Audio Jack
    Good ljudkvalté phone calls.
    MicroSD place

    Negative things are better on the Nexus:
    Finger Reader, reading often wrong.
    The sound from the speakers, really bad compared to Nexus
    The size of the phone (I prefer a larger phone)
    Bloatware! YUK
    The camera is similar, Nexus is better in low light conditions.
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    Good, fast and solid!
    Switched from a Samsung S4, and it is an infinite difference.
    S7 is so much better at everything and feels really solid.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Went from Z5 to this ...
    + screen
    + Knox
    + Interface is for me personally a bit better
    + Wireless charging
    + Fast charge
    + I'm all for the very most a whole day on the battery, which I seldom done otherwise on previous models and need a little extra cream on it when it becomes frequent use it goes really fast to get it with the original charger!
    + Water and dust resistance is more or less a must for me
    + Fast and have never experienced it to be like that insanely hot as some become

    -have on several occasions written errors in notices and for example messenger than I did on Z5 (do not really know what caused it)
    screen has sometimes gone off when I should touch a chord in the messenger (think, however, the error is software errors in messenger phone behaves as if the proximity sensor is affected by coming near it, but dissolves in the rule of restarting the messenger)
    -Could wished for a speaker to media noise sometimes when you sometimes happen to cover the only available (otherwise let it loud and clear)

    overall I am very satisfied with the phone anyway :)
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Very good mobile that has a lot to offer, the quality feel the lash and quick to use beautiful and a screen that does not really blasts, has had many mobiles but this will probably rate as the best, note 4AN was my previous favorite but this takes first place, can not help but recommend it ....
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    An incredible good phone!
  • Perfect
    1 year ago
    superstylish, super battery super speedy flagship phone of the yer 2016 no doubt.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    The best phone I have owned to date.

    good performance
    grim camera
    grim screen
    Recharged quickly fixed charge

    The only negative things I have responded to is that it can get quite hot under heavy loads and the battery does not hold more than 1 day (however, this does not make too much when it said that loads very quickly fixed charge).

    Would have preferred that it had USB Type-C, but then the man and the other side had to buy a lot of expensive new USB cables.
  • Very good
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Incredibly good camera and screen, as well as a very well-made user interface.

    I have used the first Sony Xperia Z1 and Z3 since a few years, and the change to S7an feels like a real lift from the start that I have not had time to get used to a slightly new interface. Great to avoid bad Sony's camera, half scrubby camera performance, scrubby phone books, lots of Bloatware, difficulties with the installation of wifi certificates etc. With S7an floats mostly on better.

    S7ans camera is the first camera on any Android device I know of that I think is a worthy replacement for compact camera. Something that I think is incredibly fun and good! :) Incredibly talented (though not really;)) by Samsung to choose a sensor (Sony, incidentally) with fewer pixels when the optics and the sensor surface on mobile phones still do not support higher resolution in a good way. The result is the most noise-free images I've seen on a camera phone, and the performance is far superior even Apple's top of the range in terms of low-light performance in general. Strange that not all mobile manufacturers have gone the same way long ago. The optics limits obviously still camera performance and clarity in comparison with a good compact camera, but overall this is the picture quality very good cf. with previous mobile cameras.

    May collect some more impressions come, the only thing that could be better is the battery life, as it leans to the need to charge it every night to safely withstand heavier use, even on day 2. Compared with charging every other night for the Z1 an and Z3an I'm used to. Will also miss the dedicated camera button on the Sony phones.

    Have now had the phone for a month, and would like to issue a small warning:
    The phone can keep up in a way that is hard to fix. Added first in the order of 3-4 hours on trying to fix the hangings (I believe arose in connection with that I used the Samsung's camera), before I finally gave up after that neither the factory reset, or updating the software done so I managed to get up and running Android. Meanwhile, I tried to bring order to the phone, it went so hot that it almost hurt to hold. Then I hit it in fear that it would catch fire during the night. The morning after I hit on it one last time to see if it was possible to bring order to it before I return it on the rope. And just like that, did it to install updates and get running Android, so it seemed to have a break and / or be cool. So now I have managed to get it and it seems so far to be completely stable again. Samsung has also released updates to the camera app, which seems to have been that which has caused instability. So with a little luck, this does not happen again!

    + Awesome AMOLED screen in terms of black, color, contrast, brightness
    + What I know the market's best camera phone, even outperforms many compact digital cameras then blah compression of the images are quite modest (large pictures, good quality)
    + Good user interface with less bloatware than expected
    + Fairly large internal
    + Weatherproof
    + Memory Card Support
    + Seamlessly with wireless charging

    - Many people, now including me, have had problems with the phone becomes unstable: It crashes and locked and could not be re-booted at all. Which of course is a very serious error when the phone can put one in various awkward situations when spontankrashar without warning and then does not restart. Have had problems on several occasions the last two days. Now, however, Samsung released an updated camera app as they claim to fix the instability problems. However, for 7000 kr will not have this type of misconduct is on delivery.

    - Clueless wireless charger (EP PG920I) when it is on and flashing when charging. Seriously! Have been taping of disco lights to use the charger in the bedroom.
    - No dedicated camera key (although a smooth shortcut by double-clicking the Home button and you can take pictures with the volume-down button if you want)
    - Pulls off bursts with photos if you hold down the photo button normally (as you do when you take a photo with a real camera)
    - Battery life could have been a little better, but there is ample margin for a day of intensive use

    Had received a nine without instability problems it had on delivery, and a ten on the battery life been better and if the camera had had a dedicated camera key on the right index finger.
  • Excellent
    1 year ago
    Updated: 1 year ago
    Has always been "LG" man, until a few days ago, when I did not g5-ball was so impressive, and bought this. I do not regret!

    The quality of this phone is incredible. Although the glass may not be the best as they attract fingerprints, it feels very premium design.
    The glass is also slightly arched at the back, so that you get a better grip on the phone.
    I would still recommend a shell, and to get a better grip, and also for protection, for if you lose your phone, there is a "double" risk to burst, then there is glass on both sides.

    The battery is fairly large, 3000 mAh. I have not had time to test the battery life than when I sat with the phone almost constant for 2 days;) But p.g.a Quick Charge 2.0, load it very quickly, useful if you have some time to download.

    Here I was also very impressed. Samsung is really one of the best when comes to cameras, and it shows.
    The camera has autofocus extremely quickly, and also focus properly.
    There are also a variety of functions, ranging from balancing the colors to shoot in 4K and slow-motion.
    The only thing that is a little less with the camera is that it "only" has 12mp, they noticed, however, only if you zoom in properly.

    Samsung continues to impress, with a super AMOLED display, which is one of the best, if not the best, the display now. The resolution is 1440x2560, so it is very sharp. The colors are very clear and fine, blackness is also impressive.
    The only thing that may be a small minus is that the colors are sometimes "too much" for some.

    There is little to be desired. Touchwiz has improved a lot in recent years, and they are a nice skin, with some useful features, but larger teams.
    However, there are little things that destroy some of the user experience. The settings look a little childish, a little too much color.
    There are also some bloatware, although they declined. There are eg two email apps, two internet apps, two gallery apps, two messaging apps, and two calendars. There is also an app called "galaxy apps" which is a bit like bloatware, though it can be useful sometimes.

    There is not much to be desired. The phone is very quick to open apps, tjoff, the app is up there.
    It is also a good flow of apps, especially games that work very well.
    One thing that works great sometimes is multitasking, which is strange, since the cell phone has the full 4GB of RAM. Sometimes it needs to reload the app when going from app to app, which can disturb a bit at times.

    Samsung phones are always filled with features, necessary or not.
    Here, however, there are some useful and cool features, such as Always-On Display, which is always on, and shows the time, date, etc. It's a little disappointing that it does not show third-party apps, but they might come in an update.
    There is also a theme-store, so you can change the phone so it looks different, theme-store is actually good, there are many themes, although some are rubbish, so are most good ..

    I have had the phone for 2 days, update soon about battery life.
  • Good
    1 year ago
    Coming from a 3 year old S4 and it's fun to see how raw fast this is. In addition, screen cam o most things so much better. I've also got a fingerprint reader that also works well in contrast to high-tech stuff that pupil control never worked on s4'an. It is not better, it comes with at least as much bloatware. The black that I have become too ugly on the back of fingerprints very quickly. But worst of all is that the sound quality with headphones is even worse than the s4'an already it sounded softly crap. Now I have no idea how LG's high-fidelity sound module, but it is obvious that LG is at least aware of the problem.