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Detailed information PriceSpy members have rated John Lewis (8.75)
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  • Perfect
    Purchased a Samsung 55" TV from John Lewis. First class service. Their price dropped about a week later in the January sales, and they refund the difference back to you under their never knowingly undersold policy. Highly recommended.
    14 days ago
  • Perfect
    Best TV for the price I hope lg will add extra Hmid port in future 4/6
    4 months ago
  • Perfect
    Superb service
    6 months ago
  • 2016-07-27 - One year ago. User reviews before this time are not included in the rating.

  • Very good
    Very Good, lots of goods normally in stock and the 2 year John Lewis guarantee on lots of their items is well worth it
    1 year ago
  • Perfect
    great shop, great service
    1 year ago
  • Perfect
    I spent OVER TWO HOURS in the Newcastle branch.
    Trying to decide between 2 TVs.
    One costing £1,999.00 and one at £875.
    The gentleman who was helping me finished his shift and another took over.
    Both were knowledgeable, helpfull and NO sign of their interest in helping me to choose a TV waning.
    I bought the Sharp and it is a lovely TV.

    When I returned a few days later for help, they were glad to assist me.
    And don't forget, 5 years warranty.
    This would cost £499 from sharp.
    3 years ago