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  • Very good
    Good service.
    3 months ago ( Updated: 2 months ago )
  • Excellent
    No problems, great product, great service
    2 months ago
  • Perfect
    Excellent service.
    3 months ago
  • Perfect
    I was a bit reluctant purchasing from this company as I've read some bad reviews, but never had any issues. I paid extra for next day delivery and received it exactly when it was supposed to arrive. Would happily purchase from them again
    3 months ago
  • Terrible
    Ordered a fridge I needed urgently so paid 50 quid for next day delivery. The shipping company (Panther) showed they received it that evening. The next day came and went, nothing. I emailed Appliances Direct and Panther....nothing. The next day I rang Panther, they said no excuse I would receive it in 2 more days, I said it was unacceptable and they agreed next day. I said I wanted it today, they said 'Impossible'.
    Appliances Direct sent an email (no reply allowed) saying they were refunding me 10 quid.
    Fridge duly arrived on the 3rd day. No more replies to many more of my emails, no apology from either of them.
    A disgrace to online shopping. I hope they both crash and burn.
    3 months ago
  • Terrible
    This company give very poor service with abysmal communication, ordered camera from website then the details changed to a much lower spec camera, no one could tell me which I would actually be delivered, as it was nothing ever arrived, 2 months is not an acceptable delivery window

    Avoid this company if you require any form of service at all
    5 months ago
  • Terrible
    We ordered a cooker hood from appliances direct but the box wasn't opened until two weeks later when the builder was ready to do the work. When he opened the box he found the item to be manufactured incorrectly where the front and side weren't aligned properly.
    Phoned appliance direct who refused to replace it as it was passed the 5 days return policy.
    I don't see why that should make any difference as the item was clearly faulty and hadn't got worse being by us keeping it boxed for the extra few days. very very poor customer service. Won't ever be using them again and wouldn't recommend them to anyone else either.
    10 months ago
  • Perfect
    Ordered a Dehumidifier from Appliances direct on standard delivery that arrived the next day.
    11 months ago
  • 2016-01-20 - One year ago. User reviews before this time are not included in the rating.

  • Poor
    Beware of the competitive prices listed on this site. There are hidden charges, which are only raised after registration and at the final point of payment. After offering a '£20 discount voucher code', I also went through a further registration procedure with Which too. So after around 20 minutes of registration and attempting to purchase my item, I'm confronted with a 1.5% surcharge for using a credit card - it's even more if you want to use Amex! So with hidden surcharges and delivery costs, my £20 discount voucher amounted to a paltry £9. Hardly worth the effort. The conspicuous lack of transparency is what rankles; as many operations offer free delivery, and highlight additional charges up front. They certainly don't hijack you at the last hurdle with surcharges due to your method of payment. Would not use again as a consequence of thier blatant subterfuge.
    1 year ago

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